History of Kurdistan 6

Azad Karimi

First of all, I need to say that it should be noted that praising does not mean worship. Worship is done for the God and praise is for the phenomena of God.


History of Kurdistan 6

Written by Azad Karimi


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First of all, I need to say that it should be noted that praising does not mean worship. Worship is done for the God and praise is for the phenomena of God. I argue I am happy for creation, which is an example of perfection and wisdom, So we praise the creation phenomenon. Therefore we worship God the creator because of the phenomenon of creation. Therefore, worshiping God is based on praising His deeds. His deeds are manifested in creation. So worship is a rational concept. Hence it is relative. The degree of the relativity of the concept of worship is the measure of the power of the individual to know about the surrounding phenomena. How can the worship of God be considered absolute while children and lunatics know nothing about God? Incidentally, the absolutism of the worship of God is exactly in line with the theory of the randomness of creation. This is where faith and unbelief intersect. Wisdom is the tool of cognition. Creation is the result of many factors that together make up this process. Creative space is in an exceptional situation. This position has moderation, balance, symmetry. In the Bible, this place is introduced as the land of the East and the Garden of Eden. This garden is the place where the tree of creation grows. Edin is the Hebrew pronunciation of Andi or Endi. Andy is the garden of creation. This word is also used in Kurdish as Donya and Dina. The cities of Andivar and Dinavar in Syrian Kurdistan and Iranian Kurdistan are among the most ancient cities in Kurdistan. Of course, in the reign of Kashit 3500 years ago, Kings of Kashit called themselves the king of Kardnia. The Kashits were originally from Kardnia, which was considered the scientific, industrial, and cultural center of the ancient world. Andi is also recorded in Gandaash, meaning Dna Gau, Gaadaan, Danga, Dinga, and Gunda. It means the place of creation. The creative force of the cow, the driving force of the cow.

Kaar means workflow, process, effort. Kaar is also known by other names: Ark (carrying on the shoulder), Raqi (white part of eyes), Kur (heartbeat). Aden means also Dna in Kurdish. Dna means the power of motion. And this is a true title because this is where the life cycle started. Dna is manifested in work, which is based on energy in time. It means movement. This Dna is manifested in the serpent of creation. potential energy. But the energy in time, that is, Wara or Ruwa... movement...The snake of life. This means the resurrection serpent.

Andi is located in Apaaktara place. Apaaktara also has other names: Shurupaak (place of sunbeam, horizon line), Surija (place of rider, place of rooster, wheel), Gaawaara (cradle), Khaatwar (place of cow, dome, space of creation), Chra (light), Gullpa (Place of ignition) ...

Apaak means Pan or Kapi, Kafi,Gawa, Gahi, Gre, Kaywa, Kawa, Kawash, Qaawkh, Kawas, Kusha,kasha, kashit, kashti, kushti, Gaah, khur,khul, gardaan, kaarakaasha, kashka, qashqa,yash, taa,yaar

The weight of the cow falling on the knee of his right hand and the nail of his left hand. I said before that it is called Qaap or carpal joint and Qaapen is one of the famous games that they play with a cow's knee bone. This small bone is a symbol of balance and is used in fortune-telling. In the Kurdish language, Qaapen(Balance/Sang) for Zaapen(Imbalance/Laasang) means to be smart in the deal. Zaapen means imbalance because cheating in the game means imbalance. So, the one who cheats has thrown a weight towards the Zaapen and the game is out of balance and Paarsang is a stone that is placed in the light pan of scale so that the pans are in balance again.

The sign of the scales is the wings of Khusruatash or Mar-Taus and the left pan is Kallasher or Parruzar, Pardiwar, Tarushat, Shattarrna, Zarrtir, Zarrpir, PirShirin, Puzursuen and the right pan is Kal, Kl, Kll, Kalakh, Kalkho, Karshukh, Karkhi, Karkhush, Karkuk, Kaarkuk...

Apak tur means the arrow-pan, the scale balance and stable, the amount, the Apak shur or Shurupak is the same as the Apak Tur means the arrow of balance or the land of the scales of justice.

I have already said that the fifteen Sumerian cities are all a model of the Kur Dilmun context. Kur Dilmun is older than Sumer because Sumer was created after the storm and Kur Dilmun before the Great Storm.

The arrow is a symbol of Rakhshan or Arashki Gal and the sword is the symbol of Naaza, Naaze, Enza, Enkha, Nakhita. The Rakhshaan sign is black and the Naakhita sign is yellow.Rakhshan lives underground and Nakhita in the sky. The bright sign is black and the Nakhita sign is yellow. The Rakhshaan guard is the black cat and the Naakhita guard is the yellow lion. The manifestation of their agreement and balance is in the Apak or scales sign. These pans are suspended in the sky and their symbol is Peafowl wings. The Rakhshaan guard is the black cat with yellow spots(combination of blackness and yellowness of Rakhsha and Mercury... Its blackness is from the brilliant wisdom and its yellowness is from Mercury. The combination of this two karma or Akrrma is the force of will or mental concentration. It has other names like Shawak, Shawakh, Shawsu, Shusur, Shirtir,Shurawa, Zarakhsh)and the Naakhita guard is the yellow lion. The name of this cat is Surishma and the name of this lion is Urgulla or Sherkull. Kull Grtn in Kurdish means to ambush. At the present time, they are called Sheru(Surish, Kurish, Kushur) and Sherko(Sherza, Araza, Ashurlla, Ashur, Artakhsher).

The Naaza sword, which is the base of the scales of justice, has its tip facing the ground, and is Dan, Dna, Andi,Sune,Shune, and Andiwar. Its handle is in the sky. This handle is, Lugalbanda(Dllbanda, bllnda). The Mahra's hat golden ball(Khrra)shines on the Dllbanda. The manifestation of the light of Anu's eye, which is manifested in the messenger crow or Kll.

The Karma is the third eye located in the center of the forehead. Zarakhsh combines with Naakhita, which is brilliant, and becomes Zarksh-Naakhita. That is brilliant. Karma is on the handle of the sword and where the arrow is located on it. Karma is the power of the third eye, and the balance scales of the arrow and the sword facing the northern sky. That is, Anu or the forehead of a cow, which is the place of destiny. The third eye is a triangular glass valve.


I said earlier that Chaawa is the cup of Anu and is the manifestation of destiny in the Polaris(Laasiraap, Rrishaalla, Shirrolla), and Sirius star(Gaa-Wshtr, Gushtar, Kushtar, Shaawshtar, HashtarKhaat, Laasiraap, Rrishaalla, Shirrolla, Gaawrlla, Taawrlla, Kaashtliaash, Kosrat, Khoshtar, Khushatara, Huwakhshatara, Khshthrita, Tarasht, TreshtaBaan) and Orion’s belt(the three kings or three sisters) by Azure blue of the sky. Mercury also corresponds to Sirius, Mars to Polaris star, Saturn, and the Moon and Sun to three sisters.

Paanta or Baana is Anu’s wide territory or the wide of sky. Polaris star corresponds to the top of the karma triangle. The other two stars are at the base of this triangle. The manifestation of the light of Anu's mercy is in Sirius. The manifestation of the Anu Cup is in the star of Polaris. The manifestation of Kama or karma is in the three sisters' stars.

1- Shurish(Sirius)...the star of Zoroaster, the golden camel, Kostar, Korish,Rishko, Rashko,Rishka, Kurush, Kuresh, Kresh, Sheruka, Kurka, Kresha. The symbol of Shurish was a golden stick with Shorabi-Parcham  (Willow branches) and a symbol of Enlil or Ashurla lion whose nail is Naakhitaa or Anahita sword.

 2-Khatush Shtar(Polaris),HashtarKhat, Judi,Guti, Aazaadaan, Rhaa,Rahaa,Urhaa,Urfa, Faaraan, Shawashtar,Shushtar, Wshtr, Kawash, Khoshawi. Anu's gold cup symbol was a winged lion(Gozalla). This cup is in the shape of a boar tooth (Shfra or Shofar). This boar is called Warahran and the symbol of Mars is red and it has the spirit of wine, which is flowing in the vine and is a symbol of life.

3- KamaraSyaawa stars(Orion’s Belt) or Se-Khsha, Se-Kasa,Shaksha, Saksa,Khushka, Khumushka, Khubushka, Shushka, Shushki, Shukush, three sisters, three Kings, Balak-Khwaar Shakita, Shakiza, Shkuza,Kashita, Kashtirya, aof Shadows or Three Branches is Shakhsheh, Shakhsheh, Khoshkeh, Khomushkeh, Khoshushkeh, Shushkeh, Shushkeh, Shokush, the three sisters, Bulk Khwarshkeh Siava, Komsiyah, Komitiyeh, Kumukhiyeh, Kashmando, Syaawa, Kamasya, Gamasya,Kamatya,Kumukhya, Kamandu, Wasashata.

The Karma Triangle is made up of three star-units:

The symbol of the scepter or Gochaan, Gozaan(Ezekiel met the angels here).which is the same as kama or kamara, is a golden scepter held by kings, which symbolized the two serpents of creation and resurrection, and were placed around the moon. This moon disk, which is called Sya or Sine,Sune,Nise, Shin, Nishe, Nize, Nuzi, Zun, Zumaan, Zwaan, Zu, Zuwa and Shawa, is a symbol of eternity. In eternity lies the energy of creation, which is called wisdom or stone or balance. The symbol of this wisdom is the shining black stone or the Uli Kumi. The symbol of this energy is the wheel, which is called Cardonia and is manifested in the white rooster, and the symbol of this balance is Sang(stone) and Paarsang(Track ballast stone). These two pans of scale are the cups of a celestial scale that are always in balance. The symbol of this balance is the( Sulaaka, Taja, Taajaan) Saluki or Celestial Dog.

The stars of the sisters or the three kings, because they are located on the hill of the moon, are known as Shushki Nannar, and the name of Saqqez is basically derived from the name of these three stars. We knew in Saqqez that Saqez was founded by three girls who are sisters to each other and this city has four gates. This was one of the stories we were told. I must say that my generation is the last generation of people who grew up with myths, stories, and indigenous culture ... Now the people of Iran are a people without history and without myths.

Even the people of Kurdistan ... Political Islam created a social misery and a cultural tragedy in Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, and other countries. Political Islam was a tragedy created by the Muslim Brotherhood. Khomeini emerged from the heart of this Islamic fascism, and he founded a terrible and dangerous current in Iran that targeted only the cultural foundations and historical heritage of the Middle East.

The theory that everything is the spoils of Islam paved the way for the looting and smuggling of antiquities, and everyone who sold these treasures was proud to have done what Islamic Ghazi-warriors did in the Middle East 1400 years ago. Just think of the destruction of Buddha statues in Afghanistan that the Taliban destroyed with rockets, or look at the city of Assyria around Mosul, which was destroyed by ISIS in 2014. Or the looting of antiquities by the Revolutionary Guards in Iran many years ago. Imagine how these shameless thieves their eyes gleam like hyenas in the dark when they discover a millennial mummy and howled like crazy to sell and the money from its sale.

However, the stars of the Orion’s belt are in the constellation Orion. These three stars are on the hill of the moon and the sun. The symbol of these three stars, which are also called ChaawBalakKhwaar or Varuma, Waruna, Maarua, Narua, Khauraa, Haaruna, Khanura, Khunira, Aauraa, Aahura, Aurra and Hurra , Hurna, Naahur and Uri and Hurri and Khurri. These are: two snakes that are also called the symbol of creation. These two snakes are the same Muchasha who is the dragon of Marduk.

These three stars are on the horn of the cow of creation. These three stars are tangent to Khrataa or black stone. This black stone is called Kumi, Miku, Kumila, Maaluk, Kumaal, Mik, Eli Mik, Mikaal, Mikael. This stone has the power of creation. It is the stone of balance and intellect that is the source of creation and the source of the mind. Muchasha is the tongue of the dragon of Marduk.

 Muchasha came out of the heart of this stone and this is the tongue of the dragon of Marduk and they are two snakes that are guarding around this stone. This is the moonstone. From this stone, you grow the tree of creation. The symbol of violence and power of this dragon is Shuraawa or Sheru, which is the same black and yellow cat.

In the inscription of Kela Shin Menua, the king of Urartu calls himself the king of Shuraawa and Baayina, which is the hill where the scales of Baayina and the stars of the three sisters are. This is the last station of the soul in the process of reincarnation because from this stage the soul rests and goes to the west and settles in the land of the west until the spring until it wakes up in the spring in Nowruz and in the Akito ceremony in Shawana. In this case, the soul takes the form of the Khuzrua snake. The symbol of this MaarKhuzrua is MaarTaaus.The Temple of Taus is located in Arianim Viche and is located in Shitarna or Shidarna. The guardian of the peacock is Khumaay. Khumaay or Homay is a bone-eating vulture..

The radiance of Anu's eye, which is in Polaris Hashtarkhat, is in the hunter's belt. Orion is a Latin translation of Nairi, Nakhro, Aruna, Kharuna, Nakhuri, Nahur, Hurian and Hurri. The Hurrians are also the founders of the Hittite and Hattite civilizations. We call them Hawraami, Araamai, Hurri, or Syriac and Chaldean Kurds.

But so what is called Arianim Wache means the spirit of the eye, karma or the third eye, not the Aryan race with the bright red blood .... O God! a hundred years ago the scientists were translating Sumerian and Avestan texts what were they thinking? Is it possible to be so delusional? Arianim or Mannar or Nannar means Nawaar(string). Of course, there is another meaning that I will talk about.

Which is an allusion to the brilliant strings. Bright filaments are the sun's rays, which are yellow, but luminous filaments are the rays of the Hashtarkhat or Azadan star that descends. These bright rays are a symbol of moisture and Anu's eyes tear. These tears are due to his womb and affection, and kindness is the emotional manifestation of these tears. Of course, Jeremiah was also known as the weeping prophet because he felt sorry for his captive people and their fate.

Waaicha means Chiaaw. Chiaaw means cold in Kurdish. But why cold? Because Hashtarkhat is the polar star and this star is in the north of the sky. This star is well seen at the beginning of winter. Waicha or Chaaawa is the same as the crystal. Sheshki in modern Kurdish in the form of Shush, Shish means glass cup. Chava also means triangular glass. So Sheshki next to Nannar means cold tears. But tears mean water and freeze when the water is cold. So Ano's eye water is like cold and shining ice. This ice is a sign of Ano's mercy and love and is the source of the water of life.

Do you remember I wrote about Abu Ali Sina and Abu Rihan and the story of creating fire with ice?

But about karma or the power of the perspective(Insight-Vision).This power is manifested in balance. Karma or Akrma, the dual power of the serpent of creation(Khuzraua) and the serpent of resurrection(Dumuzid), means a combination of Khusru-Warmaz or (Khasraw-Mazdaa or Khasru Zindu). The symbol of karma is the eye on the forehead, its shape is the Guachuk(Khuchuk, Kushu, Kush,Kochak, Kuchka) or Pyramid or seven-dimensional pyramid is the Gadan, Endi, Eden, or position of the cow whose soul flowed by Mahra in eternity for creation on earth.

Its insight power is in the shape of a four-eyed wolf. This wolf has two eyes on the face and two eyes on the head back. This wolf is called Warka(Kharka, Ballka, Ballkha, Ballak, Ballkh) which means Peibald. But Bllq in Kurdish means white bubble and due to the dominance of this language in the Middle East in ancient times, it entered Arabic and became Barq or electricity. For general information, dear readers, it is necessary to know the meaning of these words: Dez, Zed, Megh, Meg, Mek, Mik, Lell... I remember the Khrra stone, Kumi and the twilight, and Dumuzid. Mik or Kumi means scale stone for weighing. Khrrata means the power of measuring the Kumi.

All of these mean black and white mixed with varying degrees of darkness or brightness. It should be noted that I said from the combination of black and white that the borders of black and white are not clear, but piebald means black and white spots next to each other. Black and white borders are known in piebald. If you are careful, Ballak has entered the English language and means black. Twilight or Shawak or Shabak, Kawash, Kusha, and Kashu all mean the sun is in the 6-degree line. Where the sun is below and the air is light but the sun is hidden and the moon is hidden. It is not dark. Gullmegh or Venus rises and then the new moon rises and then the air darkens and the other stars Appear.

The number six is also a hexagonal symbol of Saturn. This hexagon is the house of the soul, and the soul is manifested in the horn or horn of the cow. Khurrna is a horizontal horn and the horizontal line is six degrees. Therefore, the symmetry of the two is known as Gundu or DuGun, meaning two grape clusters. I will say more about this in the following lines....Oh! again Gandash, Gaudaan, Andi, Eden, Kush or cow-pyramid. That means Khaat(egg) is the same as Gaurun(Gutum,Kush, Pyramid of Cow).

Of course, it should be noted that the contents of this article and other possible articles in the future include additional material and explanations about the myth of Gaurun - Khaat or the spirit of the cow and the particle of creation. Also in this category are the concepts of balance scales, wisdom stones, time of creation, the reincarnation of the soul, savior, and eternal living soul, and we will deal with them regularly.

Please do not expect me to write history chronologically and linearly. History is basically a process, not the birth of different stages. Thus in the historical process, the eventual communication links are intertwined around the central circle. Basically, if we look at historical stages outside of a series of related events, there is no such thing as a historical experience.

I did not have to consider a hypothetical point to begin writing the history of Kurdistan and interpret the rest of the concepts based on it, and finally, when I reached a dead end, I have to delete parts of the history that happen to belong to a part of the people in the world, and based on this removal and censorship I make mistake. Because mistakes cause catastrophe. Sometimes this tragedy happens on a large scale that will never be compensated. I'm happy to think this way and write in this style because it does not allow me to commit deletion and censorship. The worst behavior for human beings is to lie. Because it is the basis of all evils and irregularities. Irregularities that lead to destruction, and catastrophe. The destruction of human experience and historical reaches. Of course, I repeat, in Kur Dilmun culture, a word or phrase is a combination of multiple words and broad meanings that are in a circle and revolve around an axis. You can even move them like a puzzle, but in its arrangement, everything will be the same as before. This is an amazing cosmic event that forms the basis of this advanced culture.

I would like to pursue the issue by highlighting the role of a very important phenomenon in understanding and cognition: the eye. Through the eyes, you can see and be aware of the environment and its events. So the eye is the starting point for understanding and feeling. The pupil of all human eyes is the same color: black. When does the eye see? When the image of objects that is a reflection of their existence hits the pupil of the eye. This reflection is a light. So the glow of the eye that comes from the light hitting the black pupil of the eye means seeing. Behind the pupil of the eye is an object called a lens. In the lens, light is refracted and transmitted to the retina. There, the image changes from the state of the light spectrum to the Form of being, and its meaning reaches the brain through nerve cells, and man sees what is lighted in his eyes in the form of shape. In Kurdish, lentils are called Nji or Nisk. The lens is located between the pupil and the retina. The pupil is black and cannot be seen, and it is in the retina that the physical meaning of objects is manifested. The lens is the link between seeing and not seeing, hiding light and exposing light. In the lens, light is refracted and adapted to the position of the retina so that the image is visible. The lens is the twilight that we can see objects without the sun. So the Nisk-lens is the point of balancing. Nisk or Nji is the modern pronunciation of Nishi, Nuzi, Nusi, Nushi, Nushki, Kushni, Nisi, Sini, Sunu, Sune, meaning the moon disk. Among the most famous historical names related to Sin are Naram Sin, te ancient king of Akkad, and Elisun, king of the Medes. His name is a  name on a village at the entrance to the city of Saqqez or the ancient kur Dilmun: Qeilasun. Of course, the name Sin is found in other villages and cities, such as Sune and Sna(Sanandaj)and Krmashan, which is the modern pronunciation of Kurmay- Sin or Kurmay-Shin. This name was changed to Kermanshah and Bakhtaran in recent years. Kermanshah was a misconception about the Shan because it was thought that the Kurds had changed the word Shah to Shan. Shan in Kurdish means combing and separating the grain from the straw. And how interesting it is that a lens is a place where light is broken and separated to fit in the right place in the retina and manifest in the form of *shape* in the human brain.

The eye in Kur Dilmun culture is reminiscent of Anu's eye. But how?

 The light, which is a reflection of the manifestation of objects, passes through the pupil and reaches the lens, and then strikes the retina, and then is interpreted in the brain, and the objects are seen in human perception, intellect, and will of humans.

But on what Scale, benchmark, meter and base is this light reflex passed through the pupil, lens, and retina?

The criterion is motion, based on the conversion of energy from potential to kinetic, on the scale of speed and in the direction of movement of objects. All of this can be summed up in one concept: Time.

All of this creates a concept called seeing. That is, the manifestation of the phenomena of creation. And understanding and interpreting these visible phenomena is wisdom. That is, what separates man from a Dupe or Biped. Du-Pe(Two feet being), in my opinion, is a human being who walks only on two legs, but his perceptual power is very low and he acts only according to elementary instincts. He eats, he covets, he fights for his own interests and he fights for his life, he reproduces because he accidentally feels the need for sex and leaves his waste whenever and wherever he wants. Akkurat!

Du-Pe becomes a wise man only when he has the will to think.

That is when the concept of balance is formed in eternity. This balance peaks when creation is formed. This creation is manifested in the form of dynamism and creativity. And the peak of dynamism and creativity of the Creation is reasoning, and the use of the ability of that part of the brain that is the center of analysis of external phenomena. In this part of the brain, information is collected and stored, and each phenomenon becomes a symbol, and seeing that phenomenon again, these symbols are associated, and there is no need to re-think to rediscover and understand it. If it is not the retention power, the whole human life is spent learning a phenomenon because it is regularly seen and processed but does not remain in memory and seeing that again, the brain is reactivated and begins to interpret it, and this futile action becomes again.

Thus the creative power or reminding of the mind represents dynamism and creation. Because it's like a ladder that goes up the stairs, and every time an experience is created, it becomes the basis for another phenomenon, and this new experience stands on it. This ladder is the means of communication between the origin of creation and man. Messages between them are exchanged through this ladder. This ladder is the power of the mind. Or the same karma and logical thinking. Therefore, doing wonderful deeds and superior thoughts by human beings is the result of creating this ladder by human beings. Because man is in a lower rank than God. And wisdom flows from top to bottom and dynamism is manifested from bottom to top. So how can one expect Mulla Ruhollah Khomeini or Mulla Abu Bakr Baghdadi or Mulla Baradar Talabani and Mulla Ali Qaradaghi and Mulla Ali Khamenei and Mulala Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani to be the source of right and human thoughts while they are doing wrong things in order to gain material resources of power?

They claim to be God's successors and they claim their clothes are a sign of the power, anger, mercy, and justice of God the Creator!

As an ordinary human being, how can I trust the claims of these mullas? I can trust Isaac Newton and Montesquieu and Lavoisier that our social progress is the result of their knowledge and their colleagues.  I trust the American, British, French, and German scientists who made the corona vaccine and other diseases, and for example, I used it twice without paying a single kroner to prevent the dying by Covid-19.

What does Mulla to do? Mulla asks us to know about putting our right foot first or our left foot when we go to the toilet? Is this rationality?

We need to know how fast the visual reflexes of phenomena or objects reach our eyes, how fast they pass through the lens and process them in the retina, and how fast they manifest in the mind.

Sunlight is the source of manifestation of phenomena, but without it, in certain circumstances, we can see phenomena. Like the time of twilight. That is when the sun is below the horizon or the six-degree line. The point from which we determine the angle is the point of equilibrium and gravity of the earth. But this is related to the horizontal position of this point.

What is the position of this point relative to the vertical or baseline? 

90-degree angle. If we place the starting point opposite the equilibrium point in "Surija, Apaaktar, Shurupak" and go north or south at the same speed and distance and reach the same point again, we measure the position of this new point relative to the previous position and determine 360 point we have the same distance, which is equal to one complete lap. "Round" applies to the circle. This is the circle of the sun and the angle is: its position relative to the earth in time. Now we do this navigation vertically. The result is the same 360 degrees but in the vertical position.

When it reaches the highest point and is exactly above the equilibrium point, the angle at which Surija stands vertically is in the middle of the sky and is equal to 90 degrees.

In short, every point on the earth, from the point of view of the logic of angles, is a 90-degree slice of a 360-degree slice. Each piece is called Kaash. 90 Kaash equals one season. Each Kaash is a 90-degree piece.

Another issue is the reflex of objects to the eye, which is the speed at which it move towards the eye and reaches the pupil of the eye. How fast is this?

The ancient scientists of Dilmun found that the speed of light reaching the whole earth to all people was the same. But perceptual logic was known differently in humans. Because reactions to light were different in humans because the timing of these reactions was different in humans. Therefore, they set the standard as the power of human intellect and understanding. Anyone who has the ability to process more mentally about phenomena is stronger because his eyes have a more accurate and complete perception of objects.

But why is the speed of light the same all the time? Because they knew the criterion was the moment of refraction of light in the lens. The fact is that it is in the lens of the eye that light is processed and converted into the seven spectra that make up light. Without the lens of the eye, all human beings same reaction to the entry of light into the eye, and that reaction is zero. Because when light reaches the pupil of the eye, nothing happens. Without a lens, all human beings are blind.

Thus the speed of sunlight is equal to the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy manifested in motion. This movement is a fiery golden wheel, which is the sun's rays. In ancient times, it was called Kaar, Charkh, Khuruz, Kurruz,  which is manifested in a white rooster with a golden forelock and its speed is manifested in:Tagar,Rraada,Rrawa, Rrma, Tir and Suri.

Sur(Tagar or CharkhSwaar) roamed the world without challenge, but when the decision was made to create man, he had to react because his order was disturbed. But the wisdom that was manifested in creation was able to overcome this process and control it by using sunlight and reach the source and gate of intellect which is the eye. Upon reaching the eye, the situation changed: light passed through the Khrrat (wisdom stone) or pupil and reached the lens (blue range), and there the optical reflections were broken down and became into seven color spectra. And these spectra hit the retina and at the blind spot were transmitted to the brain by the optic nerves, where they were analyzed and the image that was part of the soul of the body (optical reflection of thing) came to the image in mind. This was the first experience of seeing and beginning to understand.

Manifestation of Creation (Khaat-Gaurun)  to form by Creative Wisdom (Uli-Uri, Hurri, Wre, Will, Mahra, Mithra) in Mik (Black Stone) in the equilibrium of six degrees horizontally and ninety degrees vertically (Baayina) where the brightness of water and the light of the fire in it fought together and sunlight was decomposed in the lens of the eye. This lens has a blue range. This water is like water at the bottom of a bucket. The secret water...clean and untouched water is called Bnaaw, Baana, Nibiaa, Byaania, and Baayina, Maaraaw,Mraawi.

This celestial water is from Shorraawa. Shorraawa(Asrusk, Asrush, Srusha,Asruwa, Khurwa,Srishka, Urushka, Arashka, Ashka, Shurmiska, Farmiska, Frmesk, Parmesk) is the water of Anu's eye, which is called Rundka Chaaw (Arunaa Khat or Khaaruna, Khunira Baamik, Arinim Waicha). Shoraawa or Sholaawa of Anu is manifested in Orion's belt. lens's water or Baanu is manifested in the virginity of a teenage girl. The three girls who are the three virgin sisters in the hunter's belt are the manifestation of this virginity. In Christianity, the virginity of these three girls and the lens water of the eye (lady) are attributed to Mary, the wife of Yusuf Najjar and the mother of Jesus of Nazareth. The material manifestation of this is the virginity and purity of the Mraawi(Ordak in Kurmanji Kurdish and Persian, Duck in English). Therefore, the purity of Banu water or Bn-Aaw is the same as Maria or Mary, or Mraawi.

I have not forgotten to say that Jesus means Yashu or Yaachu= Chaawa, which is the same spring, and Moses or Moshe means the Muchasha in Pisces sign ...  Muchasha( Maashk, Maajga, Maasi, Maashi, Maashyaan, Baazyaan, Kaamus, Kaaws, Kaatus, Khaatush) is the tongue of the two branches of the dragon of Marduk. This tongue is placed in the water of the Baanu water and flows the spirit of creation in it. Moshe is the manifestation of the power of the soul or Karma, which is called the Holy Spirit.

As I said, Moses is the fish that is the symbol of life. But Pisces sign is two fish. Gilokhipa(Wari Mas, Mariwas, Maargi, Maari, Bahaar mas, Gurumaash, Khaakiwa)and Srishok(Gaamash,Zakiwa, Jaamaas, Maashak, Maasiak, Mushiak, Mushia, Komaas, Kowaat,Qubaad)or in modern Kurdish Grrazok(Fish up) and Frishk(Fish down). Grrazok is a female fish and Frishk is a male fish. The material manifestation of these two souls is in the Bull and female Cow from which the creatures are born. These two fish are priests and preachers and guardians of the tree of life. Their language is bitter and fiery because they speak the truth and the stupid, cruel and unjust people hate them.

Yes, they are all the names of famous and holy people in Jewish and Christian culture. But these names are also famous and sacred in Zoroastrian culture. Gaamaas is the same as Moses, Mergi and Maargian are the same as Mary. Kharuna is the same as Aaron, the brother of Moses. Chaawa is the same as Shui, Yeshu, or Jesus. Duta or Duda is the same as David. Parriwa is Ibrahim. Dibaga or Gaupad Jochebed, Yokabad, is the mother of Moses. All these names were written in Pahlavi Kurdish during the time of the Medes, Parthians and Sassanids. All these names were written in Pahlavi Kurdish during the time of the Medes, Parthians, and Sassanids. Before that, we see them more or less in Sumerian, Gutian, Lullubi, Babylonian, Hittite, Mitanni, Urartuian, and Mannaeans texts.Of course, up to this period, the names of some of them are on the villages and cities of Kurdistan.

What strange and historic adventures have passed in this interesting water. Moses, the Holy Spirit, Mary, Jesus, the myth of the ox, the duck, Mochasha, the dragon of Marduk, Michael). There are dozens of different symbols and interpretations for these concepts. We can find traces of these cultural and mythical symbols in the culture of ancient Egypt and the Pharaonic era. Moses, particularly, was born in Egypt, and he is an outspoken and reckless preacher against Pharaoh. He has karma and a cane. He is the fish taken from the water and is the guardian of Khushatrita:

1- Khusha is the tree of knowledge(Wsha, Khusha, Kusha, InimaBakhsh,Inim, Iniw, Niwa, Mini, Hitit, Chichi, Chizi, Shizi, Shidi (Weheat or Shock

2-Tri is the tree of creation(Tre, Grape)

 3- Ta is the Holy Spirit(Missing half, half, Niwa Chaaw or the eye's half,Tarri Chaw, Chawarre, Chamara)

Moses is an Ashki (weepy) he is an Arashki(Charioteer, Charkhi),. He is a Frishk(Pastor, Khshrita, the first male fish). He is a Kaushi(Kashkulli, Gaawri, Qurri, Hurri, The guardian of the Kashu tree)and if we want to explain in simple scientific language, about this myth we must say that:

The optical reflex of external phenomena mounted on a chariot of light or a wheel strikes the lens, which in the lens turns into a seven-dimensional spectrum and then through a blind spot to the retina for analysis and then to The brain is sent.

The manifestation of Bnaaw or the water of the lens of the eye in which the radiance of water and sunlight is challenged: Look at the battle of the cow-riding Mithra and the Swaara-Tir riding the wheel-Charkh in the water of life is in Pisces sign. The agreement of the two in this pool is manifested in a sweet and beautiful event: the creation of the soul of the savior. In the Kur Dilmun calendar, Pisces is called Dumasi or Mashitu, Mazidu, Mazda, Dumuzi, Tamuz: The resurrected spirit of Maashiah, Maasiah or MamiSiarShu,MaamiDarshu, Hushidiar, Maazian, Maziiaar.

Gau(cow) means fluid and current and Charkhu (Khurri=rider, Khaardi=Ghaarder or rider, wheel rider) means the speed of light. Therefore, the concept of the current and the concept of the speed of light in the collision of the Gauswaar(Cow-rider) and a Charioteer with the image of the soul is interpreted, which we call the body. The body is man's perception of the spirit of things. This perception is possible by the optical reflex and the process of seeing.

In Kur Dilmun mythology, the battle of Mahra and Suri or Swaara(Tir) takes place in the fountain of the water of life. Mahra wins and takes the Swaara chariot from him. The result of this battle is the decomposition of light into seven different color spectrums, and these seven colors have their own codes that are placed on the retinal cells and are sent back to the brain at a blind spot as visualizable information. In addition to having a solar background, this light carries the image of the components of the phenomenon that man sees. Therefore, the optical reflex of objects deforms and decomposes as it passes through the lens water. In this case, it is called Shaushtar. That is: Kushtar, Kaskasor,Kushazar, Kuzara, Golden hump, Kashkatar, Kashsra, Kakhsra,Kyakhsar, Akhsra, Zaartush, Zartusht)or Zoroaster.

Sunlight alone is not the cause of seeing because you look at the sun and see only a glowing, incomprehensible disk, but when objects are placed in front of it, they are seen with sunlight and manifested in our brain as an image by passing through the water of the lens. Therefore, man must always be in a state that is like twilight and objects can be seen without direct sunlight on the eye. This is impossible, so the lens's water creates a twilight space for the eye to function.

I said that the pupil of the eye is not a means of seeing, but through it the eye can receive light with a quality that the eye can adapt to its texture. The main story of seeing takes place behind the pupil, that is, inside the eye and the lens ...

The pupil of the eye plays the role of the moon against the sunlight for the earth. The moon has two sides. One side facing the ground and the other facing the sun. The side facing the sun is hidden from us and the side facing the earth is visible to us. The side facing the ground is like the lens of the eye. Because it is bright without the sun shining on it. These happen at night, but for the day, as I said, the lens of the eye creates a state as if the sun is on the horizon and it is twilight.

The number six is also Saturn. Because it is the manifestation of the eyeball and its iris. The number six is manifested in the north pole of Saturn. Saturn's north pole has a hexagonal phenomenon. The black-and-white range (day and night) also appears in Korea and Saturn's belt. The sum of the angles of this hexagon is 720 degrees, which is twice the angle of the circle. Hence Saturn is interpreted as the second dimension.

But let me say about the Charkh. Its pattern was the eyes' iris. It is called also Charda Rukh, Kardu, Khat Tush ili, Kaarduk.

Khat Tush Ili is the name of a Mittani King or Gaurun or the first Gau.

But we should analyze this phrase: Khat means egg. It means Two Gau or Gutum, tukhum, tukhm. Tush means Seven seed,Kaall, ability. Ili means Laa or face. So the whole phrase means fourteen faces. That is the wheel. Khatush means Two cows. These two cows are the spiritual manifestation of the two Pisces fish. I wrote about them in the previous lines. So the cow is equal to seven. Therefore, motion, which is the manifestation of the soul, has two factors in order to appear.

The sitting cow is equal to 180 degrees, which is a triangle or semicircle. When we visualize it in three dimensions, it is a seven-dimensional pyramid. This space is called Gaudaan or Daan. It means the place of existence, space.

The Tetradecagon corresponds to the iris of the eye. Sitting cow corresponds to Cow-shape Spatial Range. The pupil with Khrrata black stone. The lens with the spring of the water of life and the meaning of life in the image of the creator's imagination is in harmony in our minds. This is the cycle of destiny. That is, what the Creator thinks we imagine in our minds, and what we think, is evokes in the Creator's mind. This is karma or ladder relationship. So the Charkh-wheel is the iris of the eye. But this is a red iris. Because it is fiery and spins very fast. By this account, this cow is a Zaall or Albino.

That is, it is white and his eyes have no melatonin. The eyes' Iris of this cow is related to the red color of Mars. But why March? Because the amount of light that reaches Mars from the sun is half the amount of light that reaches the earth from the sun. This is exactly the same as the state of sunlight in the lens of the eye or the water of life. Because there the light breaks and its speed is halved. So the space of Mars is like the space of a lens. Lens space is like twilight. Twilight space is like the water of life- space. Equilibrium mode... The equilibrium point of the earth. This redness was interpreted as Mahra shield. Because it was exposed to the arrows and swords of the enemies. It suffers the blow of the enemy's arrows, spears, and swords, but his existence saves Mahra.

It is symbol of sacrifice. This sacrifice is manifested in the of to be a leader, to be a pioneer Wartarkhan(Hashtarkhat, Artasha, Azad, Azadan) or Polaris star. Thus, the charkh-wheel symbolizes the speed of Anu's mind transmits to humans. What is the nature of this wheel? Made of copper or Gaubaro, Gaawaara metal. The people of Kur Dilmun had given the adjective copper to the leading boar. For the same reasons, I said why they used it to make shields. Copper is a symbol of victory because it is present in turquoise. Copper is a symbol of courage and is present in the liver. Therefore, the liver is a symbol of strength and courage. They made mirror out of copper. The mirror or Iraru is associated with the star Hashtarkhat or Polaris.

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