ما 366 مهمان و بدون عضو آنلاین داریم


 Azad Karimi

 These three groups belong to the scale of justice that I have said and I say and I will say about.The most important thing about this heavenly scale is the originality of the spirit of action, which is measured by intellect or Khrataa

History of Kurdistan 4

Written by Azad Karimi

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It is interesting that all three groups of Guti and Hurri and Lulupi were introduced with the suffix Kl or Kal because it is the common point of these three groups. The Kl or Mlka is the liaison and messenger of Anu, God of the eternity soul of water, with Marutash. He conveys his instructions to Mahra (Khuzruatash) through Kl. The manifestation of the Kl is Hashtarxaat or Polaris star.

As a reminder, I say that:

1- Maywaanis are known by the following names:Gutian, Warahrani, Magiwi,Mawi, Eli Maayi, Rezwaary, , Hanguraani, Khushidaary, Rezaani, Shaakali, Shaabakhti , Kardaani, Maayi,Kurmaayi, Kurmaaji , Kurmaanji

2-Khuramis are known by the following names: Uriaani, Ruhaayi,Urhaayi, Azadbakhti, Gobakhti, Tawri, Hurri, Maanijayi,Kaljaayi, Kulyaayi

3- Ardawaanis are known by the following names:Lulupi, Elipi, Lulumah, Lulumaash, Ardini, Naanakali, Demakaalli


These three groups belong to the scale of justice that I have said and I say and I will say about.The most important thing about this heavenly scale is the originality of the spirit of action, which is measured by intellect or Khrataa. The logic of the originality of the spirit of action deals with the category of discretion based on cognition.

Although there is nothing obligator for choosing, the result of human actions, which is a Paashabara, is the manifestation of the originality of the soul. Pashabara is the baggage of the path of the soul to the source of light.

Reincarnation justifies the seven times a soul lives on Earth. Reincarnation justifies the seven times a soul lives on Earth because the living thing lives seven times in this world and the power of knowing and understanding and making the right choice in life creates a greater chance for a better life in later lives. Accordingly, life in this world, which is subject to its contracts and laws, is very complex and difficult, it should not be considered simple and meaningless by man, because in the next life if he is born in a body with an unpleasant destiny, it continues misery and suffering. We did not choose to be born, but we can choose to live according to the laws of creation. Let us not forget that we are part of the quality of creation, so it is better to think more and understand better so as not to become an obstacle to the order of creation because we are pushed out of the non-process of order by the power of eternal order and reach the zero point again without having completed a complete cycle of the process.

In the Zoroastrian religious laws of Kartir, these laws are presented as a narration of the gods, Amshaspands and Bridge Chinwat, about which we will write later. As I wrote, Kartir was a religious commentator and lived in the fourth century AD.

But the eternal wisdom or Khrra is the source of the laws of creation which have been formulated on the basis of eternal order, and Mahra measures the good and bad deeds of human beings by using the khrrata, which is the touchstone and is in his hand. This scale is located in the constellation of Libra at the point of gravity of creation at the confluence of the bilingual Mushishir tongue or the serpent of the Marduk.

I firmly believe in all these things, but my faith in the great God is strong because he is the creator of all these patterns and the universe and Anunnaki and Kumarbi and Alalus. He is above all because he is the manifestation of human faith. I believe that myths are part of the truth of creation, which falls into the process of history.

The Kl is the preacher radiant high. This lofty place is located on the center of the roof of Saturn's sphere in the same hexagon of Saturn's north pole ... hence it is called Khulina Maanijay. Kl manifestation in Hashtarxat(Polaris) in Mercury sign on the ground and the Kl is pupil of Anu's eye.The Kl is messenger Anu.The speed of transmission of this messenger is manifested in Mercury speed. Mercury is nicknamed Wrisha or Khorina. That is the little sun. Shining crystal ball or Wrisha. Because the moon hill is under the Juday-Polaris star and this star is located on the edge of the moon hill on the south side. Kl picks up the curtain of the moon. As I said, Kl's servants were called Judaayi or Jaaduyi, and one of their duties was to embalm the dead. They believed that the wax made from honey has immortality as brings the bee from the larvae shape to the consciousness of life, it can keep the body of the man at the cycle of death until new life. Look how honey and wax wake the baby bee from eternal sleeping to live. If this is the case, then it can save man from the corruption of the corpse until the next awakening. I'm sorry to repeat that, but it is the method that you become more aware of the variety and relationship of the names with each other.

With the birth of Marutash in the Marbardin cave or Mardinu or Aakabard, he engages with the Gaapish and kills it, sending its soul to the creation system, and during a stage, the new moon appears in the sky. This phenomenon is known as Aspindarma, Noske, or Maanu.

The new moon appeared at the top of the moon hill in the Judaay- Aries in the bluewater part of the sky at an angle of 90 degrees with this point. Aries or Judaay is called Digir,Deygir, Dayjur, Dingir, Digur, Gurdi, Kurdi.

The Polaris star is called Shushtarla, Hashtar Khas, Hashtarkhat.

The place of the new moon crescent is in the Northern Sky, and in its center, and in the south is the star of Hashtarkhat, which is the manifestation of the glass cup Anu, and in the Judaay-Aries sign and its manifestation is Sukhurmaash or the Fish-Goat. The earthly manifestation of Sukhurmaash is Surmah, As I said before, it is Kohl on the hill of Nannar Sheshki or the moon among the horns of the cow. Nannar means Spinel and Sheshki means six rays, Shushka and Shukashu and Kashit and Kashtliash. Which is the luminosity of the star Polaris. Shakhsh, Shashka, Kshsha means six. Of course, I said earlier that it is the same as the abdomen or doubt, and the uterus of Khuniras or Ninkhorsag, the wife of Enki and Marduk's mother.


Marduk is the Mahra or Mitrash who owns the rotation of the Kardunia(Charkh,Gardun) and the scales of justice and the water of life and the fiery furnace.

Scientists in ancient Kurdistan placed the six planets of the solar system, the moon, the sun, and Polaris star, in a very intelligent anthropological logic according to the rules and style that led to the making of the creation pattern in Kur Dilmun or the land of myth. These ancient scientists defined the creation of intelligent primitive man and human identity in the field of cosmic creation according to that pattern: The chess. Look at Hasnyan(Hassanlo) Cup ...

Let me quickly add that Hasn in the Kurdish language, ie iron, and the Hittite Kurds developed this metal and the method of working with it in the ancient world. Hasnians means Iron people or Hittites. The Hasanis are a very large tribe in Kurdistan whose capital is their city of Mushe. Their leader, Rezaa Beg Hasani, helped Ataturk, the leader of the Turkish fascists, to establish a republic, but when Ataturk came to power, he ordered his assassination and the massacre of his tribe and city. Therefore, the word Hassan and Hasanlu, which are two Arabic and Turkish words, have nothing to do with the Hasanins or the Hittite hill. This ancient city is located in the Kurdish part of Naqadeh.

Regarding the chess pattern in Hasanlu Cup, I must say that:

Chatrang, Chahrang, Chaarang, or Chalang means destiny. The Chahrang comes from Hashtria Polaris, who is the king in this game. The star of Polaris is the star of destiny. This star is the symbol of the Kl or Michael and is the eye of Anu. Its symbol is the bucket because it is located in the water section of the northern sky. In Kurdish, a person who is successful and happy is called a Chalang swaar. Because he rides the horse of destiny in the realm of happiness. A chessboard is usually square in shape, with an alternating pattern of squares in two colours. The chessboard in Hasnis Chess is a rectangular board whose sides are divided into nine and ten parts, creating a total of ninety rectangles. I will write the reason at the right time. The rectangles of this page are equal to the number ninety and the sum of the digits ninety is nine and zero which is equal to nine. In this ancient chess, the pieces are arranged in a row and are no duplicates, and the opponent's pieces are the same. So the beads play in a 9-on-8 arena, where again the number 9 is obtained from the sum of two digits 72!

The first rectangle is black from the left and the ninth rectangle is black too on which we place the pieces. On the other hand, the arrangement of the rectangles on the chessboard starts from black and reaches the white rectangle.

The names of the pieces are as follows: Shidaan, Sheru,Ashkanaaz, Kaakarrma, Peshang, Rraada, Shaara, Kushaan, Hashtar

A brief description of the nature of these pieces:

Shidaan: Taaj(Crown), Khor(Sun), Taaws(Peacock), Shaad(King)

Sheru:Tir(arrow), Martir, Pshila(), Pshika or Fishak(Bullet),Aturwa, Aturpa, Tirpa(Runner), Tishpa, Pir(Prime minster), Mercury

Ashkanaaz: Naakhita,Khitaan,Mitaan,Hittan, Nahita, Archer Lion- Venus

Kaakarrma: Zamaa, Zawaa, Waaza, Maazi, Mardaas, Akarrma, Rrmbaaz(Spearmann), Zaabmru, Gomurdi, Zebaari, Zumaaru, Zubaari, Sipaar, Supaari

Peshang: Baaraam,Warahraan, Mars, Soldier, Dagger, Tawr(Ax), Magrun, Sword,Yakaana, Hog

Rraada: Chariot rider,Warmaz, Jupiter

Shaara: Khurna, Saturn,Zawrun, Gaurun, Rokh, Rook

Kushaan: Sko, shko, Kshsha, Sheshki, white cockle, White rooster golden cockle, new moon Spyaawa, Pardiwar, kish

Hashtar: Hashter, Polaris star, Crow, Khidar, Daroz, Chawder, witness, Messenger


The ancient Kur Dilmun scholars' view of creation, known as the Mikubaayii, MikuBaahi, or the law of  Baayii equilibrium, or the touchstone or scales, was later seriously pursued. that it was known as Mukiaan or Mikuyaan science. The Mukiaans did not reveal these secrets to others ... Mikubaayinja was the science of knowing the relationship between body and soul and the secrets of reincarnation. It was called the science of Rash u Spi or Black and white, which is manifested on the chessboard.


They classified creation according to the three principles of time, spirit, and matter.

They classified creation according to the three principles of time, spirit, and matter.

Time: 1- Eternal sleep, 2- Awakening 3- Resurrection 4-Rebirth in another body 5-eternal sleep ...

Symbols are the wheel of time, eternity, the moon .... Moon

Soul: 1-Balance means the power of wisdom in cognition 2-Khrra 3-immortality 4- Saturn ....Symbol is Cow

Material: 1-The material embodiment of the soul 2-Action and will 3-Destiny 4-Scales 5- Life 6- Jupiter .... Symbol is fish

The moon stands on the horns of cows and oxen on the fish... The moon on Saturn and Saturn on the earth ... Time on the soul and spirit on the material ... Eternity on immortality and immortality on life... The unit of time is the number nine. Because the number nine is the beginning of a new stage and the symbol of the number nine in the new stage of the rooster is the golden crest ... We have four advents per year and every year is 360 days and nights. The distance between advents is three months or nine Raaza. Basically, advent means balance. Twice day and night equal(Spring equinox and autumn equinox) and twice day and night unequal: The longest day of the year(June solstice)and The longest night of the year(Winter solstice). In the words of my grandmother: the work of the world has been adjusted!

Reincarnation was nothing but the relation of human creation to myths and mythical families that came to earth from other planets and stars and lived in Kur Dilmun, and due to their high knowledge were able to create intelligent human races in this part of the world. The myth of the creator of the human race in Kur Dilmun is Anu. Anu himself was Alalus winemaker. Alalus was fired by his son Kumarbi. So before Ano was the king of Kur Dilmun, Alalu was the king there. So Alalu is Polaris's king and his son Kumarbi rebels against him and circumcised his penis. The description of these events is given in the Hasaniaan Cup. Hasn or Aasn means iron and Kumarbi is a famous Hittite myth known as Hati and Huriani. The Hittites were the discoverers of iron and were the largest kingdom of the ancient world in the Middle East in the second millennium BC.

MikuBaayii depended on an old solid and complex concept. That is, Mik means the mass and material embodiment of things, and the essence of the spirit of these actions, and the criterion of the performance of these actions, which is always around the Mik like a belt. The embodiment of this relationship is on the planet Saturn, which has a white belt around it. They argued that the soul of our actions and their results are like Saturn and its belt. These results revolve around Saturn such as its belt around the planet.

This belt consists of seven gas rings. The top of Saturn's North Pole consists of a hexagon with a wave vibration that was discovered by Voyager twenty years ago! If you look at it, it's exactly the Chmchaara or cycle of soul reincarnation that I wrote about earlier. Interestingly, the hexagon symbolizes Saturn's position in the solar system. The sixth planet in the Solar system. Interestingly, Kur Dilmun astronomers knew about these tens of thousands of years ago, and to this day the symbols of this hexagon under the name of Chavehzar are used in Kurdistan, Iran, and Turkey to ward off evil spirits. I have hung one of these Chaawazaars in front of my door. I remind you that I posted a photo of it in article number 1.

I also wrote last year that the soul has a quality like a wave and has mass and has seven spectra because this wave is a wave of light and light is decomposed into seven colors in front of the prism. I have said before that what is related to a dead human bone or a mummy is the DNA or genetic Bank of this person that is in the remains of this body. For example, scientists have recently been trying to revive a species of Mammoth based on the use of DNA that this Mammoth became extinct 4,000 years ago.

However, this bank is called Kain, and the soul that separates from the body and joins the process of reincarnation is called Bain.

Bain ascends four steps in three nights, and his actions are weighed in the scales of Marduk or Mahra. Or ascends to the origin which is the same hexagon north of Saturn until the day of the great resurrection and existence returns again to eternal sleep or eternity, and that is the unity of existence or joining the essence of the immortal and eternal source and that joining is the symbol of the unity of existence or joining the essence of the immortal and eternal God.

These issues, as I said, were discussed in the science of reincarnation and the ascension of the soul to a higher level, which was called MikuBaayiina. MikuBaayina, which in the ancient Kurdish language is the alchemy of scales or measuring stones. And Baayinajaa, which is the tongue of Mushesha of Marduk, tastes objects and distinguishes between good and evil, like a touchstone that shows the mass and amount of objects. Here is the place where the tree of good and evil grows, and the spirit of eternal wisdom flows in it, and the adornment of the hat is Mahra or Marduk. The Mushasha, Mushe, or Muchaja is the snake of Marduk or the Mahra eternity. So Mikubaayin is knowledge and thought ... which has the spirit of eternity. Because the discovery of innumerable unknowns goes back to the limitation of the human mental scope, and if anyone seeks to discover the unknown for the rest of his life, he will not become a universal knower because the unknowns range are greater than the time of awakening (life) of an intelligent Kur Dilmun human being.

The spirit of eternity is defined in the water section of the sky that is northern parts of the sky. The star Polaris or Hashtarkhaas, which adorns the hat of Mahra or Marduk, is located in this part of the sky. Hashtarkhas is the eye of eternal wisdom and thought on the world. Hashtarkhat also was the Alalus cup and is in Anu's hand now. In modern Kurdish, he is called Lallos or Nallos. He is the father of Kumarbi. The eye of the immortal, which is Chaawa, is a triangle that is a scale. This triangle is the scale of justice if it is facing down, and if it is facing upwards, it is an arc drawn to throw an arrow. This arrow is facing the sky. But as I said, the sky or Anusha is Anu's wide. Therefore, the soul jumps to the sky like an arrow after measuring actions and reaches after passing Earth, Mars, and Jupiter to the North Pole of Saturn or Chamchaara.

This continued until the fourteenth century AD when Sultan Sahak died. But from his time until the nineteenth century, when Bahaullah appeared, this was a matter of silence, and with the brutal massacre of the Bahaullah's followers by the Twelver Shi'ite government of Iran, there were no renewed discussions that led to a new interpretation of the subject of creation and spirit and matter. But in Europe during the Renaissance, philosophy underwent serious changes that led to a change in Europeans' view of the subject, as well as a change in attitudes towards the material world that resulted in the Industrial Revolution.

The Five Principles of El-Khaasi (Eternal Khaati, the eternal water Spirit) is the foundation of ancient Kurdish mysticism that extends from Central Asia to Israel and even Saudi Arabia. According to Islamic historical sources, the ancestors of Muhammad are worshipers of the Paak religion. This ritual is the same belief in Harran mysticism that the praise of a Polaris star or Anu's cup of wine, which is the eye of conscience, is one of its main pillars. According to Assyrian texts of the eighth century BC, the Harran temple is the same as the Mushashiri temple of which the Ashkenazis warriors of Shkuza or Kur Dlmun are the main supporters. The king of Assyria has asked the predictor of the holy temple of Assyria, if the Shkuza (Kur Dilmun) Ashkenazis comes to their aid if I attack Harran?

Therefore, on this account, Muhammad's ancestors, who are followers of Hanif NaawKhaas, all followed the mysticism of ancient Kurdistan. Of course, this is not strange because according to Islamic texts, the ancestors of Muhammad are Ismaelic. Ishmael son of Abraham and Hagar. Ishmael grew up in Median, so present-day Saudi Arabia has been part of the Median or Mittani realm of the Hurrian Kur Dilmuns, and the artifacts from them fully confirm that they are followers of Marduk or  Mushashi mysticism. Muhammad's ancestors in Mecca had a 355-day lunar year, but they were the keykeeper to the Kaaba, which is a cubic structure temple. A black stone is there that no one knows the date of, but inside this temple, there were idols for the number of days of the year 360. In Mecca, it is the lunar year, that is, 355 day and night, and in another year, which is solar, it is 365 day and night. But the year in Kur Dilmun is 360 days ....

The mysticism of Kur Dilmun, which was defined, explained, and protected by the servants of Hori, consists of five pillars. They consider the origin of the soul to be the eternity of the creative power of water, and the teachings of this mystical religion became the basis of monotheistic religion and they faced many problems from other commentators and their followers.

The truth is that the science of interpreting the principles of creation was cut at one point in time, and the lack of sufficient knowledge to provide documents and reasons to prove the claims of the commentators of this religion led to their ex-communication and condemnation. One of the biggest problems in this way was the lack of complete and accurate interpretation of reincarnation. therefore the monotheistic religions decided to eliminate this issue on the issue of the soul and God. Because further exploration and curiosity in this matter were considered as a sign of doubt in belief in the obligatory essence of God, and for this reason, they declared doubt in faith as disbelief and considered it worthy of death. But the truth is that God exists and by asking about his nature, faith is not questioned and the relationship with him is not damaged because believing in God is a matter of conscience ... And human conscience depends on factors that are different in each human being, and this is a relative issue. This type of conception of balance, motion, spirit, and matter is known as the Muchashi or Peripatetic school, interpreted also by Aristotle in Greece.

Jewish Kabbalah believe in reincarnation. They are the followers of the mysticism of the ancient Kur Dilmun. The white and blue flag of Israel with the blue star of David explicitly tells about the historical past of these ancient people. The whiteness of the new moon and the blue of the sky ... eternity and the spirit of life ... the pentagonal star of balance and equipoise.

The teachings of the ancient El-Khaasi say which has five bases of belief:

A - Elkhaas: Eternal soul

B - Khaas: Magruna Eternal sleep

C- Brakhaas : Awakening, Aspandara

D- Naawkhaas: Consciousness and will of the measuring

E- Gobarakhaas: The essence of eternal wisdom or the touchstone of will and free will.

Its three basic principles are related to God, the birth and death of man, and the fourth and fifth articles depend on human relativity because it is about the will and knowledge of man, and the will and knowledge are different in human beings. Therefore, it is impossible to generalize one's will and knowledge to other people without a credible standard. Hence, although human understanding comes from an eternal source, how it is used by humans is relative and cognitive. That is, every human being chooses and draws conclusions according to his consciousness and wisdom, now this result is good or bad ... and good and bad are also an eternal concept because both are a fixed concept for all human beings. It is impossible for a bad deed to have a good result for some and an undesirable result for others. Because this is against the order of creation, and the action that disrupts the order of creation due to the natural rotation of creation and eternity in a circle of 360 degrees, the result of human actions also returns to him. So good and evil come from eternity and are unchangeable, and their results are the same and absolute, both individually and collectively.

This logic is eternal in Kur Dilmun culture and from there it has spread to other parts of the world and as we wrote before, Kur Dilmun is a city belonging to Anunnaki and they are Anu family. Anu was the Alalus winemaker and the Alalus cup is Polaris star. Alalus is the father of Kumarbi and Kumarbi is the manifestation of the touchstone, the black stone or Kawrgosk or Sya, which is called Khrra, Kullo, or eternal knowledge symbol, is in the hands of the Mahra or Marduk. This stone helps to distinguish bad from the good.

Anu had the wine cup of Alalu, and this cup is made of enamel and is triangular in shape, and is called Miniarchaawa or AweniarChaawa, through which the Alalu looked at the Kur Dilmun and controlled and watched the events there.

Alalus had a messenger, Uli Kumi (Mikal, Kl, Mlka) who is his messenger. He has the title of radiant black. He is a pupil of the Anu's eye and is trustworthy and does not lie because he is as honest as the eye and sees everything as he is. The Kl singing is known as Gaare Gaar(Turn it, turn it).

He is the rider chariot of Mercury, Chaaparr, and the observer and witness of Mik (the touchstone) and Baayina (the scales of justice), which is manifested on the planet Saturn. He has kain and bain at the same time because he can overcome time constraints with his karma.

Hence he is the first alchemist. He is the link between Kur Dilmun and Alalus, and Kur Dilmun is on the moon hill in the constellation of Taurus and in Pisces. That is why we say that the moon is on the horns of cows and cow is on fish. This is an astronomical interpretation, not a physical subject in the material world. And the earth means the hill of Nannar Sheshki. The reason why this hill has been spread to the earth is that this point of the earth is the equilibrium point of the earth. Where Archimedes knew it and wanted to be given a lever to move the world with it at this point.

This is not a baseless claim that Archimedes and the ancient writers of the culture and history of mythology wrote about this point. Because this point from the earth is the closest point to the moon and it is the so-called eye of the earth to see the moon, it is even called the eye of the moon. Science says that if there is no moon, the balance of the earth will be disturbed and the time and sequence of night and day and its permanent order will be disturbed. Because the moon has gravity and its gravitational pull affects the planet. The reason for the great love of the inhabitants of Nannar Sheshki fortress is justified by the moon, who called themselves the KurMaash or KurMaaj and were present to protect the hill.

I have not forgotten to say that Khuzruaa was born in a stone cave called KunaMaar. The cave is also known as Maarnuka, Maarnu, Markaarani and Markrnd. This cave is located in the land of Shawa in the west. The serpent is the manifestation of the spirit of eternity which is darkness. That is why Khuzruaa is a black snake and darkness has spread from west to east. Khuzruaa was born in the west and drinks the water of Shitin spring on Ninkhursag(Saturn) hill to stay forever. Ninkhursag is the wife of Enki, the guardian of springs water. Ninhursag is the mother of Marduk, the Izad of justice and creation.

Taash has the spirit of this snake (Khuzruaa) because he was born in the darkness of eternity. Because it has a manifestation of light, it is fire. Its fire is from the east sun. The sun is the crown of the Izad Utu(Hataaw). Utu is the son of Nannar (Maanna), the Izad of the moon. The first rays of the sunshine from the land of Aaraza to the hill of Ninkhursag and shine on this life-giving spring, making it warm and pleasant, and making it glorious. So this life-giving spirit, which is the serpent of Khuzruaa, acquires an eternal property by catching the sun's rays because he had a pre-existence property in the beginning, but now he has an eternal property as well. Because his origin and destination have been determined.


He is Mar-Aw-Tash(Snake-Water-Fire)or Marutaash, or Mitraash, but the Kurds call him Mahra or Mall, Malle, Mallak. Maaruatash is the manifestation of the spirit of life-giving eternity. Its eternity is from fire, its pre-existence is from the Khusruaa snake and its Life-giving power of manifestation is from water. Also, due to the earthy temperament of this fire, Marutash has the power to grow the plant from the ground of and it is the first plant or Gaawakran that has emerged from the spirit of Gapish blood and is ready to grow up on the ground. Marutash has the power to turn fantasy into material reality and to create. He is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. His power comes from the source of God's ancient existence, which is the treasury of knowledge and creation, and all things and concepts, even eternity, derive their meaning and emergence from him.

Marnu is located near the fountain of life in the land of Ninkhursag(Nin-Kawrgosk). This land has a lot of vegetative power and the Gaawakran plant grows here, which is the source of natural life. As I said, the Kl guardian of this spring is manifested in the form of a black crow.

Marutash, Mushashi or Marathash, or Mahra is an earth fire. He has the spirit of immortality. He belongs to Marduk. Mahra was born from underground rock, the white Spinel. His fire is from the furnace of Marduk on which the sun shines. This furnace is located on Ninkhursag hill and its fighting power and red color are from Mars. So he has a fiery golden body and a red dress. By killing the white Gaapish, he moves the spirit of life from the underground, and he grows a Gaawakran, which contains the seeds of all plants. Marutash comes from the depths of the struggle between light and darkness. These concepts are eternal and are manifested by the advent of Marutash, mobility, and dynamism. In his cave, Marutash kills the white bull or Gaapish, which is the manifestation of the eternity of the spirit of life (dynamism), with his golden handle knife, and by shedding its blood, he released a movement that is manifested at the beginning of the process of life.

The soul of Gaapish is called Gaaurun or Gaurun. The Gaurun is in eternity. Gaurun must manifest in material form. Thus the concept of life should manifest in dark and light and black and white in light and its absence found meaning. Thus the moon in the sky embodied this concept of eternal whiteness and blackness. Therefore, for the appearance of white, which is manifested in the new moon, there must be sunlight to shine on the darkness of the moon to illuminate it, and the shadow of the moon is in the darkness of the night of the earth, and in front of the eyes of the earth is white and light.

That is, there will be no absolute darkness for the earth because the moon has illuminated that part of the earth to which the sun does not shine and which is dark... however, its brightness is less than sunlight. The myth of Mahra explains the logic of the creation of the moon.

The moon is important to the farmers, and until Mahra was born only Domozid would have resurrection power, but Mahra came to take the resurrection power out of the Dumuzid monopoly and give it to the Gaawekran who was fertilized by the blood of Gapish. Gaawakran was full of the seeds of plants and trees to give the power of growth and resurrection and reproduction.

Therefore, the confrontation between Mahra and Khuzrua, that is, the earthly snake-fire and the fiery snake-water, which have an eternal soul, is to create the objectification of the resurrection power to the Gaawakran, It is an eternal mythical plant, created from the eternity of the spirit of the sacrificial cow or Gaurun, waiting to take on an earthly appearance, to give objectivity to its vegetative power, and to create nature.




The confrontation of these two eternal souls takes place in the spring of Shitin (Margin, Mergi) water. Mahra and Khuzrua are both strong and heroic and their struggle is hard, but in the end, Mahra wins and Khozraua promises to give his resurrection power to Mahra. Thus motion, which is the manifestation of the spirit of life, is meaningless without balance, because it is either eternally resident or eternally moving, and the earth is the point of equilibrium between the two concepts of eternity. This is the point of the earth's eye. This point is the boundary between the eternity of death and the eternity of life. It is at this point that life on earth materializes in the time frame created on earth that is fully in line with the concept of resurrection. Because the resurrection is a complete reference to death and resurrection. Therefore, the existence of Domozid is justified in the west and moving to the east and dying in the middle of the road on the hill of the moon (the wedding place of Dumuzid and Inanar which is in the middle of the Kljaa path to Surijaa and the going of Dumuzid underground in Surijaa in the east to the place of Ereshkigal's rule in the underworld and his resurrection.

Where the two snakes compromise, there is water, fire, soil, and air. Thus, the ground is prepared for creation. The place of compromise between the two is called the Muchj, Mushe, Mushashi or the taster or the experimenter. There grows the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The roots of this tree stand on the Khrrata stone, which is manifested in the Kullo (Uli Kumi or Eli Kumi stone or touchstone).

The earth is a place that has both static and kinetic energy, and the equilibrium point of these two concepts is the beginning of spring and the beginning of autumn.

Manifestation of motion is imagined by the displacement of the moment in time or work. Work means the transfer of force in time. Work means a machine and a primitive machine was able to make life objective by changing the moments. We also know the work by the names of Kardnia, Karduni, Gardune, and Gardan and Gardaana, Charkho,  Kur Kur Nairi, and Kur Dilmun... it means the function of destiny. The Sumerian tablets introduce Kur Dilmun as the home of the Anunnaki.

As I wrote, Khuzrua, who is the manifestation of eternity, drinks from the fiery water, and the manifestation of life becomes unstable. The manifestation of this unstable life is Dumuzid. Because Dumuzid is an Izad who dies and comes back to life, so this attribute of his must be transferred to the material world because life on this planet, the earth, should be limited. Because eternity is possible only for the Khidirs or Dingirs. So the characteristic of Dumuzid, which is to die and live, must be transferred to the creatures that must live on the planet. But this feature is in the control of Khuzraua and Marutash's mission is to have this feature in his hand. Because eternity is manifested in time and time becomes objectified by the movement of light and darkness, which we call night and day. The movement of night and day becomes concrete with the manifestation of the moon because the earth revolves around the sun at a constant speed, and the earth also revolves around itself, and the appearance of Marutash, which arises from the heart of darkness, and the new moon appear with his birth gives an interesting fact to note: Dumuzid and Gaawakran and the manifestation of Gaurun on earth, which is associated with the appearance of the moon and the emergence of night and day, are the reasons for the emergence of agricultural culture, and agriculture is crystallized and manifested in the logic of work. The manifestation of this culture is in the celebration of Akitu or the celebration of Zurwan or Nawruz in the sign of Mallka - Aries in Marakran place and the celebration of Paakhshan, autumn in the sign of Libra in Kaani Jazhni.

The celebration of the resurrection of Dumuzid will be held on the 15th of Leo with the appearance of the star of Galawej because after forty days of wandering and mourning, the wife and sister of Dumuzid (Hatush) turn him into a gazelle and Dumuzid appears in Pirbaakh place, but with the betrayal of a friend, the evil spirits find him and drag him back to the underworld in the dungeon of death. Finally, with Inana's agreement, on the first night of autumn, Dumuzid spends six months of autumn and winter underground with EreshkiGall and the rest of the year on the ground with Inanna. The day he comes to earth is the first day of spring and the Akito festival takes place, which lasts for about ten days. So when Marutash appears, Dumuzid is in his underground life.

But Khuzrua, who is the soul of eternity Shitin or the water of the fountain of life, while joining Marutash, swears allegiance to him and becomes his soldier and puts his crown on Marutash's head by eating honey syrup. They go to the sun at a place called Surajaa, south of Mount Kosa, But the two return when the star of the Goharz falls to the earth and Zinduta or Sushyans is born, and they establish the scales of justice. They judge the souls of men to go to eternal hell or to enter eternal paradise... Eternal paradise on the Polaris Star (Gurdin) were the Anunnaki have come from. Where the Anunnaki have come from.

With this in mind, it is good to take a look at the Samarra bowl so that if I wrote more about the Kaar, Charkhu, the wheel, and the culture of praising cows, you would have a deeper understanding of these issues.


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