History of Kurdistan

Azad Karimi

It sounds confusing but don't forget this is the land of myths and the sky and the stars and the planets. Each of these items has its own story and comes together to create new phenomena. And this is the same as alchemy and the ancient sciences and the quality of creation.


History of Kurdistan


Written by Azad Karimi

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Ancient Kurdistan astronomers divided the sky into four Daru or arenas: water in the north, soil in the west, fire in the east, and air in the south.

Anu or Anug (Gihan, Giaan, Jaan) rules the sky and his children and grandchildren each have responsibilities. In Kurdish, it is called Wenaah, Ahnu, Ahnun, Ashna,Akhna, Khna, Khnaaw, Khaanu, Khaanaa.

The ruler of the heavenly water: Enki, the ruler of the earthly water: Inanna, the ruler of the celestial fire: Hatosh, the ruler of the earthly fire: Marduk, the ruler of the earthly air or winds: Enlil, the ruler of the celestial soil: Bell or Paalla, the ruler of the earthly soil and seasons: Zamwa or Dumuzid (Siaamekh, Siaamed, Zamasia, Zawasia, Gamasia, Ake siaa, and Kake Siaa), and the ruler of the underground world: Arshaki Gal.

In the Sumerian language, these rulers belonged to the Dingir, known as the Anunnaki. In Kurdish, this word is pronounced Gardun. The word was pronounced with Kaardunia during the reign of the Kassites in Babylon. The Urartians pronounced it Chaardawri. There is now a famous tribe in the Hawshaar region called Chwaardolli, a remnant of the ancient Kurds whose ancestors lived in the city thousands of years ago. Although they are only about a hundred kilometers away from their ancestral homeland. Of course, in another part of Kurdistan and about five hundred kilometers below Saqez, there is a city called Shirwaan Chardaawll, their ancestors are also from this city. Dawll is an ancient instrument made of Bull skin and is used in mourning ceremonies among the Yaarsaanis. What has that got to do with death, reincarnation, and Chamar Chopi (mourning dancing)? We will answer that as well.

There is a place on the earth called the Kurdilmun that is the land of Anunnaki. The Anunnaki are members of the Anu family, numbering thirteen. Kur in Kurdilmun and Gir in Dingir and Kaar in Kaardunia and Chaar in Chaardawri means the ruler of eternity and destiny and Dilmun, Dawri, Dunyaa, Dun and Din mean land. But why fate? Because there is the land of creation of living beings and earthly man, and there is the land where man and his life cycle are determined from birth to death. It is also the land of the first and final resurrection because man is reborn after death in another form, which is called the process of Dawnaadawn, Charkhi Chaar, Chaarduni, Chamari. Also, the final resurrection that accompanies the destruction of the world will take place near this land. In a village called Goharz or Godarz, which was part of the property of my maternal ancestor, Feizulla Beg Mukri, and sank in 1970.

 Because Mohammad Reza Shah ordered the construction of the Great Cyrus Dam near this village.

Was he afraid that a day Sushyant (Zindutaa, Zidaantaa) would be born in this village and with his birth this star (Goharz, Goodarz) that is over this village would fall to the ground according to Avesta prediction, and a great flood occurs and destroys the world? Did the Shah of Iran, with knowledge and awareness of historical details, build the dam of Cyrus the Great there? Cyrus the great was an avenger or savior. According to ancient Mazdaean teachings, the Khoshayars are born in the hunter's belt. Therefore, Cyrus the Great was born in this city, and Goharz is located in the north of the hunter belt. The Shahanshah of Iran, whose lineage goes back to the Pahlawaanan(heroes) of Mazandaran.  They ruled in this city for some time in the time of mythology, he considered himself the son of this city, like Cyrus the Great, Zoroaster, Maay(Jamshid Shah), Halladan(Fereydoun Shah), and Rustam Ashkenazi. He built the dam to prepare the sea for the same apocalyptic flood to signal to the future that Saqqez was the first city in the world or the blind city of Dilmun, the city of reincarnation/eternity and other mythological and historical issues. Yes!... Most probably....

Are the heroes of Mazandar part of the famous Sardrudi and Khazaei tribes of Saqez who came to Saqqez once a year for a special ceremony? Sardrudis and Khazaei are the same ancient Chardurians and it is interesting that Mazandaran has Kurdish communities that are scattered in this region.

With the discovery of a stone belonging to the Mitani and Hittite kings in Bogazkoy, Turkey by a German scientist and the discovery of the Samarra bowl in Iraq, as well as the study of ancient Zoroastrian, Yaarsaani, Greek, Mandaean, Roman texts, the Bible, Sumerian, Babylonian tablets, and Assyrian by German scientists, they discovered the secrets of the land of reincarnation.

This land is divided into four parts and whoever dies, his soul comes here and in three nights this land goes through a circle and the next day, when it reaches the fourth part, it enters the court process and if he/she is a bad person, he/she will fall into the well of destiny or Chamchaara to be born again from the land of the night in the west of this land and continue to live in another form. If this person has a lot of sins in his previous life, he is doomed to be born in the form of a person who will have a hard life and suffers so much that the burden of the sins of his previous life is lightened. When this person dies again, the same process is repeated. ... This story is repeated seven times until this person is completely cleansed of sin.

I said that the land of reincarnation was first recorded under the name of Kur Dilmun in very old Sumerian text also in an old Kurdish text written in the Paalui language (the ancient parents of Soraani, Goraani Hawraami, Araamaic, Kurmanji, and Zaazaai dialects in Kurdish modern language) is recorded under the name of Khunireh Baamik. I will write about these two words later and reveal their secrets.

I said a few lines ago that this land with this history is the land of the Anunnaki.

Enki is inhabited in the north, Marduk in the basement of Paalla, Enlil in the south, Paalla or Bell in the center, and Dumuzid Sipa in the west.

Every part of these arenas casts a shadow over the earth, and the planets of the solar system have their effects on the earth: Venus on water, the sun on fire, Mars on earth and Mercury on air, and the moon on the spirit of the time.

The interaction of the elements (chesht,Cht, sht, tsht) in these four parts in each other, which are influenced by the gravity of the four planets of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, creates compounds that are new and also have the properties of their constituent elements.

These new compounds make up nature and natural factors, including humans, but one important factor makes the difference between natural factors: Humans, animals, and plants belong to a group of natural factors that undergo the transformation and undergo a process called life. But other natural factors in nature, although are part of the process of life, are not included in this process That is, they do not experience life and death, like rocks and metals, which are minerals, but organisms are related to organic matter, such as carbon compounds. That is the decomposition and synthesis of materials that are related to the carbonization process and produce energy.

These are biochemical axioms, and I wrote these last few sentences after twenty-nine years, using my last year of high school information treasures. So I'm not a biochemist, but fortunately, my brain still remembers things.

One thing is important: what is the driving force behind this chemical decomposition in the carbonization process?

I reiterate that nothing in nature is accidental and that the law of causality governs all phenomena.

This driving force that governs the process of energy (decomposition and synthesis of organic matter) in living things is what we call the soul. The soul is the agent of life, but this soul itself must have a source, and that is firewater (Shitin). Shitin, Mergi, or Maargin in Kurdish means lukewarm water. The earthly manifestation of chitin is the source of the water of life. The earthly manifestation of shitin is the water of life. the shitin soil is water that is enriched with solar energy.

 Menogi Khrataa says: The wise man asked Menogi Khrataa (Eternal the wisdom) how the heavens and the earth are organized? And what is the order of water in the world? And where does the cloud sit? And where is the winter devil more dominant? And which land is more harmless? The wise man replied that the sky, the earth, the water, and everything else in it are in the form of eggs just like a birds's eggs and the sky on the earth has been made by God the Warmz the Creator. And the likeness of the earth in the sky is like the yolk in an egg. And the fall of all water in the world is from Aareza country... where the sun rises and their movement is towards the country of Shawa. Where the sunsets. And the water moves in the (Gaupat) Sea. And goes from the Gaupat Sea to the Warukush Sea. And the cloud stays and sits in Abaza. And the winter devil is more dominant in Orion . And it is clear from region situation. .. which in Orion is ten months of winter and two months of summer. . And in those two summer months, the water is cold and the ground is cold and the plant is cold. . And their plague is winter. And there are many snakes in it, but other pests are few...

Interestingly, Eternal Wisdom says in response to the Wise Man that the earth of Orion is like the yolk of an egg and it is very cold there ... but why exist evaporate phenomenon and form a cloud?

In the fountain of the water of life in the constellation of Khaatush)Nakhita (Azad, Iota Orionis) on the hill of the moon which is the center point of the moon hill in the center of the land of the seven climates and this land is the equilibrium point or the gravitational field of the earth and it is a very cold place. Why should there be a hot spring and an underground fire? and why should we claim that this place is the point beginning of life on Earth?

I am quoting an old text from the 11th century. Letters of Abu Rihan al-Biruni and Ibn Sina.

Abu Rihan asks Ibn Sina: Whenever we fill a spherical glass container with pure water and place it in the sun, it burns the objects on the other side. If we pour water out of the glass and air is put in its place, it can not burn objects. Why does a glass container of water burn objects and not burn them without water?

Ibn Sina answers:

Because dense water is polished and has slight color, and whatever has this property, the rays are reflected from it. Therefore, light rays from a spherical glass filled with water are reflected and condensed and burn objects, but the air, due to its transparency and thinness, will not have reflected rays that cause burning.

Abu Rihan is not satisfied and writes again: when you talk about its reflection, you should draw a picture and describe it, otherwise, this answer is of no use other than repetition and confirmation..

Ibn Sina answers:

A glass container full of water acts as a converging lens, and the parallel rays of the sun that shine on it pass through a point called the foci after two breaks. If an object is placed at this point, the temperature rises due to the concentration of heat rays, and if the temperature reaches the flashpoint of the object, it burns. But an empty glass container cannot focus the rays.

If you search the internet, you can read the following in detail to understand the truth of Ibn Sina's words and  Menogi khrataa (the eternal wisdom):

The magnifying glass is a converging lens that has been known and used. In 1763, for the first time in England, an ice lens was made to light a fire wick. To make an ice lentil, they made a hemispherical cup, filled it with water, and placed it in the snow to make ice water. When the lens is placed in front of the sun, it collects sunlight at its center and raises the temperature of that point. If an object is placed at that point, it may reach the ignition temperature and burn, but an empty container of air cannot focus light rays.

Therefore, it is justified why in this cold but spherical point, which is like an eye and as an egg yolk in the middle of an egg, the fire appears and Mahra is born, and the immortality of life is manifested and creation to be objective.


The Chirwaanic / mythological beliefs of the ancient Kurds speak of the life-giving spirit of the spring of life that creates life. Shitin is Khaatush star and is located in Venus sign.  

This water is known as Khuzruwaa (Khusraawa or Khuzraawa or Kuzaraawa, Sukhraawa, Aawi Khzr, Ziud Khura). The manifestation of the Khuzruwa is a black snake known as Maardoumuzid or sya Dumuzid. As mentioned, today it is called Siamekh or Siamed. Siamed is ruled by the moon. Because Siamed contains the spirit of life.

 The guardian of the Shitin is the Kl in Assad's sign. Kl in Kurdish means messenger. The terrestrial manifestation of Kl is a glowing black crow. Its location corresponds to Mount Jaaql and in Kurdish, crows are called Qal, Qaallaaw and Qarra. The Kl is the messenger of Marutash and the sign of the dawn is a state between darkness and light. Kl gives the good news of the advent of the new moon, which takes place after the birth of Marutash... Of course, the advent of the new moon is accompanied by the first rays of the sun shining on the dark part of the moon, and the part of the moon that faces the earth appears bright during the darkness of the earth. So it is good to say that Marutash is born first and his birth is manifested by the scattering of a spark of light in the universe. This spark of lith illuminates the sun and stars, but the planets and moon are still off because they are in darkness.

Marutash sacrifices a Gaapish, Gaapit, Shipa, Aapish, Aapis, Khipaa, GolCharmu, or a white cow, and releases its soul into eternity and manifesting. This Soul is Gaurun or Zaurun, and this Gaurun raises twins in its existance. Which are eternal hidden and appearance. This hiding manifests itself in the darkness of night.The eternal appearance is manifested in the whiteness of the new moon crescent. This boundary between darkness and light, in the new crescent moon which is the Kljaa, is the prelude to the manifestation of the new moon.The manifestation of this border, which is called Kldaan, is in the radiance of the Kl feathers or black crows.

I must say that the Kl in the Kurdish language means also Kohl or Stibnite (Sb2S3).Kohl is a soft, black, and shiny stone. Kurdish women grind it and throw it in the Kldaan or Kntur. They make up their eyes with a very thin rod called Mell. The Mell is in the Kldaan where the Kl is poured.

The Kl is honored in the Shno(Ushnawya) Kelashin inscription called Kaldi. The Kl is mentioned under the names of Kaldi, Dilak, Dilok, Dalaak, Khaldi, Khaardi, Khardur, Chardur, and Sarduri, and Khuduri and Khudur in Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and Kassite texts. He marks the beginning of time and the beginning of the calendar.

Today he is called a parsa or priest. Parsayi or Piawati= Piety, means keeping the moral laws. The manifestation of his innocence and wisdom(Piety) is Paasaari or Sparrow. A small and very elusive bird that comes early in the morning and sits on the edge of the roof of the house ... before sunrise and is the manifestation of the innocence of being a child. The Kurds believe that when children die, they become paasaari or sparrow in heaven and will not be held accountable because they have not committed a sin. And Jesus Christ describes heaven as a place for those who are like children, that is, Paarsaa (pious) and innocent. The same view ... But Christ was born in Israel, not in Kurdistan. John the Baptist also baptized people in the Jordan River and preached that they should be prepared for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Why do I remember the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit? Why do I remember Moses by remembering Martir and Jetron, and why do not Abraham and Daniel burn in the fire? And why are John and Kl and Ano witnesses? And why does Martir mean martyr? Like Siamed Dumuzid and Jesus? And why is the blood of the two not trampled and they are revived? And why do their friends commit treason and reveal their place? Why is the immortality and resurrection of those two manifested in the Polaris-Capricornus star and in the Capricorn constellation? The Polaris star is the symbol of Anu and the star of the resurrection or Goharz is in the northern sky and in the Capricorn sign ...

and Easter is celebrated in early spring and Nawroz is celebrated in the first of spring, which is the resurrection of Jesus and Siamend? And older than these two feasts is the feast of Akito or the first cow, which was celebrated in the spring for the resurrection of the earth and the beginning of agriculture. Why does Marutash sacrifice the cow for the birth of the savior? He is the one who has the spirit of immortality and the manifestation of to be the resurrection.

According to the application of astronomical factors, the position of shedding the blood of a sacrificial cow by Mahra is with a golden knife in the scorpion tower, because the cow's artery is in this sign, but the cow's blood is shed in the arc sign. This place is called Khunirag, Dlikhun and Dilmun. The knife consists precisely of an arrow(Mercury)or Chukll(Kl base) with two sharp edges and a handle that is reminiscent of the Marutash, Markhuzrua, and the Kl's horizon line on which he has set and watchs the scene. Grapes and wheat grow from the shed blood. Grapes are the tree of life and wheat is the blessing of life. Wine is made from grapes and bread is made from wheat. And Jesus Christ said to the apostles, Drink of the wine, which is my blood; and eat of the bread, which is the flesh of my body. The Kurds believe that the red anemone is the flower of reincarnation and fate. The Chaara is fate and Ani is the forehead on which human destiny is written. Chaara means the fourfold reincarnation. And Chaara Rash means miserable. Chaara Chaqila is the name of this flower in the Paalluyi(ancient Kurdish) language of the people of Saqez. The stamen of this flower is green and strong and in the form of a Plus symbol.

Majdi in a nostalgic poem in Kurdish languagesays :I wish I was alive enough to see the Chaara Chaqila of Naarin Castle once again!

Majdi was a famous poet, writer, calligrapher, and man during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, who was born in Saqez, Kurdistan)1851-1926). The tombstones of Majid Khan Ardalan and Hamaalli Khan Ardalan in the dome of the rulers of Saqez and the tombstone of Sardar Asad Bakhtiari in Isfahan are among the lines and relics left by Majdi.

The petals of this flower are black in the center. In Kurdish, the heart is considered the center of existence and feeling. They even use the word heart as the center of all phenomena. Because the heart is the center and depth of human existence. So the heart of this flower is black. In short, this explanation is to say that this flower is a symbol of innocence (purity= Paarsaayi and piety=Paarezayi) and misery. The sign of the cross is a symbol of martyrdom, piety, resurrection. Because this flower grew from the blood of Siamad. Siamed or the black snake of Dumuzid or Khuzraawa. But this alone is not enough because the cross is two lines on top of each other, two snakes. Marutash, which is a symbol of immortality, is the second line over the first line. In Kurdish, the pair is Taa. And the title of the two eternal snakes, which are the symbol of innocence, piety and heroism of Khuzrua and Taash, is Zindu, which means alive. In the final resurrection, their Thai will appear, that is, their soul will appear in someone else's body. Sushiant is a Stirred and mixed of the word Zindu-Taa. If they did not do so, the basis of Kartierian would be questioned and no one would follow it. From the third century to the seventh century AD, when the Kartirians were almost destroyed by the Muslim Arabs, they excommunicated and destroyed everything related to Zarwanism and the double serpent. Kartir was a heretical cleric who claimed to have reformed the teachings of Zoroaster. He killed Maanesht( Mani) to promote his new sect, as well as he did the worst treatment of Christians, Jews, and Elkhasics. Therefore, this flower is a sign of the final resurrection and the appearance of the last infallible / savior. The last infallible becomes objectified in the cycle of time and his existence becomes relevant in the cycle of time. Therefore, he is the Khaawan Kar or owner of the work or the owner of the wheel. Kaar, Kurr, Charkh, and Karduni are a sign of movement, life, calendar, and evolution. In Kurdish, Kurr u Kaarkhaana is the son and workplace, which is a  reason to live. If the kurr=son is at work for moving the Kaar=wheel, The human race will be continued and time begins and life begins, hopefully, Zindu return in Zindutaa form and the process of eternal justice will be established.

With these descriptions, Kur Dilmun means the Taa or pair of the innocent(Siamed- Jesus) that he will take revenge. The sign of the cross on the stigma of this flower is a sign of the resurrection and appearance of this person named Zinduta. Zinduta is not a Muslim. Because he is the Spirit of Christ in another person. Therefore, the myth that Muslims believe is not true.

According to Islamic-Shi’a beliefs, someone comes called Imam Zaman. He comes and kills many and Jesus Christ comes to earth again and prays behind this Imam of the time. This is a false claim. He who is greater than Christ is God at the end of time, and Zinduta is the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of God never stands behind any human being. Because it means accepting the superiority of this man by the Spirit of God. This eternal soul is the Martir who is immortal. He began life on earth by shedding the blood of the sacrificial cow. Martir's hand is life-giving and pure. He does not shed the blood of the innocent. His hand is the good news of life and happiness.

In Kurdish, someone who is frowning is called Grj u Mun. Grj u Mun means bitter and unpleasant on the forehead. As I said, mun is the bitter fate that is written on the Chaara or forehead. Kur means heir. He is the heir of the unfortunate Dumuzid. So Kur is eternity in Zindutaa. The cross is the symbol of Zindutaa. So the Kur is the cross. Witness, heir, and spirit of immortality and resurrection .... Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Kur Dilmun means the crescent of the new moon, Dilm or Dmli means the moon, Mang, Heiv in Kurdish.

I should also add that I refer to the story of the egg and its yolk for further explanation. In Kurdish, a half-cooked egg is called the Dallama. If you look at Dalma yolk, there is a white membrane on the yolk. This membrane is called the Parda and the new moon is in the membrane or Parda. Dilm in Dilmun is the same as Dallama. This curtain of the moon is a sign of the virginity of pure girls. The virginity of girls is also a sign of innocence. We all know that Mary's virginity is a testament to the fact that her child, Jesus Christ the savior. This fact is all the more justified when we remember that this castle is located in the Hunter Belt on the new Moon crescent hill in ancient Saqez. This issue is also the basis of philosophy in Kurdish mysticism, which is called the Pardiwari-mounted doctrinal principles that have been crystallized in mysticism and Mazdaayi religion from the time of myth to the present, and are now inherited by the Yaarsaani or Kaakayi religion. Kaaka is the same as Aaka or the two-headed snake that I wrote about in detail. This religion is adapted to the dominant Islamic culture of the early Islamic centuries. That is, the names of the characters have become their Arabic equivalent so as not to produce sensitivity. Yaarsaani is the Manichaean religion that is summarized in Zurwaani philosophy and was formerly called El-Khasaei and Christianity and Mandaeanism were its branches. Al-Khasai was a combination of Judaism and Mazdaism, or ancient Mithraism of Kurdistan, and originated after 722 BC when the Jews returned to their grandfather's home Abrahim, Kurdistan, after a thousand years. They compiled the Bible and added the myth of creation to the Torah. The Al-Khasai were Paallu Kurds who did not embalm the corpses of the dead and loved dogs very much. They were known as Ashkan, Ashkenazi, and Parthawi, or a Pardiwari, which in Greek was called Parthi and Partizan .... Partizan means one who removes the curtain. They invaded Egypt in the Seventh century BC, which the Egyptians referred to, but translators of hieroglyphic texts mistranslated the word Barbaar to Barbar( savage). The Barbaar carries water, which is one of the attributes of the Paalluies because they had a lot of respect for water for the reasons I wrote. They fought against the Romans for many years, and in the Galilee war against the Romans, they greatly helped the Jews of Galilee. These were the El-Khasawis, three of whom came to Bethlehem of Galilee to be sure of the birth of Jesus Christ. This is Kurdistan, the land of mysticism, thought, and rationalism .... It is no wonder that you can never separate the border between the ancient religions in Kurdistan ... and Saqez is the beating heart of this great and beautiful culture.

It sounds confusing but don't forget this is the land of myths and the sky and the stars and the planets. Each of these items has its own story and comes together to create new phenomena. And this is the same as alchemy and the ancient sciences and the quality of creation.

Who would have thought that the city where I was born had such a strange history? Who would have thought that the Kurds and the land of Kurdistan would inherit this glorious mythical history?

In the last hundred years, four people in the world and several other officials of the Islamic Republic knew this secret ... The secrets of this city were discovered by German scientists in Samarra, Armenia, Bogazkoy, and ancient Zoroastrian texts. They told Hitler and he told Ataturk and Reza Shah ... Hitler called himself heir to the superior race and pure blood and that he is Kur Dilmun caused the death of millions in the world. Reza Shah, who knew that his race was Pahlawaan, called himself Pahlavi .... And had traveled to Saqez several times secretly.

He knew the story, but he wanted to keep it and other secrets in order to realize his great dream, which was the unification of Iran. He killed his biggest rival, Smko. Smko was one of the Kurdish leader in Urmia.

As I said, Hitler was a demon who obtained the secrets of truth and used them demonically. He stole the symbol that the ancient Kurds, who strongly believed in.

The Kurds are the ancestors of the ancient people and their lineage goes back to the Anunnaki Dingir-Garduni who came from Polaris Capricornus star. This cross is a hope point(Rochna) for them ...

From the time of mythology until now, the temple of the darwishes is known as the support or the temple of Akitu. Because there is a place to lean on and take a Paallu. Paallu means the ship's Anchor. Pallu is the same as the kurr and the cross. Muslim Arabs do not believe in Sufism and mysticism to rely on.

And Ataturk did not hesitate to suppress the Paalluyis uprising led by Sheikh Saeed Piran... The Kurds became the first victims of the delusional racism of several leaders. Because they are repressed in four countries. They do not yet have an independent country. After the Kurds, the Jews were sacrificed. They lost six million people and finally, they built an independent country and still have enemies who wish them death .... After them, the Germans, the Russians, the French, the British and the Italians, and other Europeans fell victim to Hitler's fascism and allies. Was Hitler the eternal spirit of God to avenge Christ on the Jews? Never!

Christ himself was a Jew ... the Romans killed him ... some of his fellow clergymen, who feared his spiritual power among the Jews, killed him. The Jews did not kill Christ. His first followers were his Jewish people. Christ himself has said that he has forgiven the murderers and perpetrators of his death ... he has not spoken of revenge ... The Romans who ruled in ancient western Kurdistan learned this religion from the ancient Kurds but adapted it by their violent methods. Like burning and marking on the forehead ... The Kurds have never had these horrible habits. Look at the Mandaeans and the Ezdis and the Yaarsaanis to understand how gentle, and spiritual this ancient religion is and kindness and love are its pillars. What religion did Hitler have? Was he a Christian? Never! Because the  Bible begins with the word: be kind ... But about the Islamic Republic that gained access to the Royal Archives of Iran .... When they found about the sinking of the village of Goharz in Saqez and also the story of Narin fortress in Saqez, They destroyed this mythical hill under the pretext of building a shelter for the people at the end of the Iraq war. Really, if these are myths and unreal stories, the ones we wrote their names why did they do these strange things?

 Look at the Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Amin al-Husseini how he proudly looked at Hitler and his deeds! This man was the founder of the Balkan religious wars among Christians and Muslims ... the war we witnessed in the 1990s ...Mufti ... the man of God! ... What a bitter joke! Lol!

But ... is it possible to fight with destiny? Never! ... By inventing words and copying Kurdish history and calling the history of the Kurds and the land of Kurdistan under the title of legends, no nation will progress and I must say that the Kurds the Kurds don't be solved in any other nation... This is the fate of history.

About the Khunira Bamik, the eternity of Mik-Torch and Baina-morning means the eternal soul... and this is the name of Narin Castle. Here the Maartir is connected to the eye of fate. An eye that relates to eternity in Shitin water. The water on which the reflection of the star of Zoroaster crystallizes the Khushatara or the savior in the material world.... Narin is located on a new moon hill under the Capricornus star... Anu looks at this life-giving water through the Kl's eye. Anu comes from the star of Juday or Polaris Capricornus in Dayjur or Capricorn sign. He belongs there. But he and his family live in this mythical land.

What we call today a commitment to moral principles. These binding ethics bases are known under the title: PardiwarKeshi or Pardadaari, Pardiwari, Parsatattar is someone who is the one who pulls the curtain of the king's court and the king appears so that people can visit him. He covers the secrets of the king. The principle of loyalty to the Mazdaean religion is to be secrecy. Of course, I am an exception to this rule, because, in this period, I have a mission to reveal these secrets so that the people of the world, after thousands of years, will realize the truth of this ancient religion that arises from the depth of culture and logic of this ancient nation. Interestingly, today we call Christian clergy Kashish who is one who describes moral bases and reveals divine and spiritual secrets. The priest is the word used in the language of myth for Nannar or the guardian deity of the moon. That is the veil of the moon. When he pulls back the curtain, the new moon crescent is revealed. Of course, the Kurds also call the wedding ceremony " Krdna Parda". Of course part of the wedding. When the guests go to their homes and the bride and groom are alone, they go behind the curtain by a Mashaad or Pekhasu (shattawaza, Kashupi, Kapish, Kashumah, Mikse) and the groom has to remove the bride's virginity and shed virginity blood on one white handkerchief and shows it to Pekhasu, showing both his masculinity and health and his wife's virginity.

Pekhasu is a witness. A priest or a pious person is also a witness. Dalak is also a witness. Whoever's job is to witness is considered a Kl disciple and fellow.

Zarathustra was a witness. Jethro, the father of Moses' wife, was also a witness. . They were both shepherds. He was a Shuipa or shuidar. In modern Kurdish, we call it Chaawder. That is someone who watches and controls everything with his eyes. This looking is done with both the eye and the third eye. This third eye is the control of the mind. They had Kakrma (Aakrma, Aakmaara,Khusruwa, Kaaraama, Kaarma) . Because they used the power of their intellect. Their symbol was a scepter or a Gochaan with two snakes on it. This staff was a symbol of the immortality of the intellect and the immortality of the spirit of life. They tattooed one eye on their foreheads and covered their mouths with masks.

The Kl is Dalaak and Jaamdar(barber-baptist-dåperen), Irarum or Maariru (Mirror taker to Maar or Shushanu), Kaarshushi(glassface), and Aawder (water porter) and Heiwaansaari (predikant or preacher).He testifies of the sinners and the purity of the righteous on the Day of Resurrection. He baptizes sinners up to three times in this pool. The pure and righteous have the sign of the new moon crescent on their foreheads, which is bright, and the sinners are baptized up to three times in this pool so that the sign of this crescent appears on their foreheads. If a person does not have this sign on his face, he/she has an evil spirit and must be cleansed with fire in Hell. The trial is being held in Gemini. Hence, tattoos have always been popular among ancient Kurds-Martirs. With tattoos on their faces, they consider themselves Martir's companions. The Kl is witness to Martir.Because he looks at the struggle of Khuzrawaa and Maarutash in the Shitin water and he sees the victory of Maarutash, the fiery snake, over the serpent of Khazraawa, the earth snake. The two fought in the light of Shitin water and after uniting, they became immortal and became a snake with two heads. As I said, the planet that rules this pool is Mercury. Mercury has had the following names for the Kurds since the time of mythes: Chaapaar, Prisha, Shpra, Pareshan, Shidir, Shudar,Chodar, Droshka , Shurida, Shiruya, Raapesh, Pshira and Pshila, and Peshraw. Martir or Martur is the title of this double snake that has the Kl eye above it and takes care of them. As I said Chaawder is watch-controler. I should add that Shushanu or Anusha is the blue cup of Anu, about which Minavi Kherad and Ibn Sina have written articles. Murwa or Irarum is also a spherical mirror that plays the same role as the egg yolk in describing the Menogi Khrataa mentioned above. This is the cup of the eye of eternity that reflects cosmic events. This cup is like a lens from which sunlight shines on the center of the earth in Anusha and heats the water of Shitin.

The Kurds have long been accustomed to using a substance called Minashora or Dimashora to cleanse, wash and bless their bodies, which was a combination of Venetian ceruse and cow bone marrow. Mina or Minaa(Enamel) is the mirror and cup of the water of Anu. It is interesting that in Kurdish we call a glass of water Lewaan. Which is the same word as enamel in English by reading it from right to left! For the information of English-speaking friends, I must say that water in English is a Kurdish word called Taraaw, which is an allusion to the water of Shitin spring in Tir or Mercury sign in Zodiac.


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