Brazilian Musician-Harmonica player Leo Santos

By: Azad Karimi

The music is a prayer. An encounter of the soul with a superior spirit, which leads you to encounter the truth, different from reality. 



Brazilian Musician-Harmonica player Leo Santos

By Azad Karimi


Today in the Kurdish Mithraic calendar is the fortieth day of winter and the celebration of Shadala. Celebration of the shining of the crown of the Ized Suri on the Ized Maad, the representative of God in the affairs of creation.

The  manifesting of Naawkhas(Nawkhwaas or Khasnu, the massenger of rebirth Yam in other body who is Hoshayar) is chicory- the yellow flower is the Zandiwa because it is Hoshayar's messenger and has 11 petals and it is the Klpaa, Jakl, Kojaa, Aako, Yaapaal, Zangiwa, Maawshan, the pillar or the base of the moon, which manifests itself in the black crow of the Maad. The fragrance of his words is manifest in Shamam(Cucumis melo var. dudaim). His sweet words are manifested in Faatk Bora (cucumis melo). He is Kaaziwa or the herald of the dawn and stands between the darkness and the light of the morning. He is Mawdaa. That is the distance between darkness and the light of morning. This crown belongs to the Ized Suri who controls the cow's eye and Shurupak land. He presents this crown to the Ized Maad and puts it on his head. The claws of Maad (Igi Shush, Inge Shawsh, Hanga Taus, Hangu Maad) shine on this crown. In Kurdish and in the dialect of the Saqez region( Shuruppak), Shush means inflamed and red finger. The names of this paw are Khaas, Barakhaas, Naawkhaas, Merkhaas (Chokhamaar) and Gobarakhaas.

In the sky, it is the planet of  KhatTus(Khaatuzin-Hadassa) or Venus.

 Khaat- Duzin is Venus’s Duzin and Duzin is the fountain of the water of life. So KhaatTus with her golden bucket-Cup (Zarrinn-i), pours the water of mercy (Shitin, Shitin)of Duzin spring on the fire of the summer heat.

The manifesting of KhaatTus )Crown of peacock( is a Prshng(Par-shit-in-ig) or a hot shiny-ring around Duzin spring. Shit means ring of fire and Inn that means water and par or pir means shiny arrow. This hot spring is boiling and drops of this water are thrown into the air. These hot water droplets are the ShitInnTir(boiling spring, Izirin).

The first drop that cooled and fell to the ground is the Shit-Tir-Inn-I. It was a drop of cold-sweet-livegiving water and filled with the sound of boiling water that has been purified by fire. The life-giving manifestation of this drop of water in the sky is Zargon, Sargon, Hoshayar, or the planet Saturn, and it appears in the Rings of Saturn. Hoshayar is the image of Maad and is the starting and ending point of Warmaz or the collar of the cloak of the Lord of Maad. And that point is manifested in a golden button. That button is Kupjaa, Yaa, Waay, Maawaash, Awzun, Agzun, Pardiwa, Bardye, Mardaas, Kharka, Waysu, Charkhu.

I have said before that these manifestations of God are many in the culture of the Kurdish nation. All of these people are Yam's counterparts who Maad created him in his shape. They are darwishes, Hallajs-Seth, and interpreters of the wisdom of Maad.

Its coldness and vibrancy are reflected in the Tiraawej(Gazdum-a the guardian of Shitin spring or the eternal life water that manifested in the Honey bee and its poison is sweet and is manifested in white honey that prolongs life.) star in the Cancer sign and its sweetness reflected in the Gaztuwang (Zand-tug-a the guardian of Daar gazo or the tree wisdom that manifested in Ramak-ak or horned goat and the effect of its wound is white and sweet, which is manifested in Wanatag or sweet turpentine) in the Bucket sign. It is to Embody when it was mixed with soil and from this clay came human being or Yam , Jam.

On the seventh night after creation, it is to cultivate or wisdom Yam by killing khuma. On this night, when the moon is half full, the human half of consciousness is manifested by piercing Yam ear to hear. blood must be shed to create wisdom, by piercing the ear and dropping a ring in it. Because this wisdom is from ShitTaaws and is eternal. The bloodshed by Yam's ear cutting, which is a sign of consciousness, is present in Khauma, and by killing Kaner and beating it in Haawan, its blood flows. With the flowing of Khawma, the spirit of wisdom flows in the blood of man. When the ring of wisdom was put in Yam ear, he was in pain to understand the feeling logic, and the philosophy of pain. So, Yam is the first man is Homo sapiens. Because has been pierced his ear with khrat-a (The first wisdom) ring in it as a sign of commitment to wisdom, which is manifested in the crown of the peacock.


The other half of the moon, which is full of wisdom, is named Kaashpaar that is a swordsman and a hero who is his guardian and the son of Khaat-Taws (Venus) and it named Zarrin-a, Which manifests itself in the form of a winged lion)Zaabla,Zaawla,Lawz,Lawiz, Lagzi, Galzi, Kurrugalzi)and pours wisdom into the moon and fills it completely, and this perfect wisdom shines. it is called the first wisdom. The radiant and golden glow is called Khrat-aa-wan.

The Wan tree is Pistacia Atlantica tree, which is the earthly front of those prophets. Therefore, khauma is Yam wine for creating awareness and hearing, and honey and turpentine is Zarr-in-i for wisdom and thought.

Zarinna is Haawzaad to Yam(Yam's counterpart). Yam is Shfrawaan (Daggerman) and Zarrna is Shurawaan(swordsman). The golden wisdom that manifests itself in the moonlight of the fourteenth night and is called Shohkhmaa manifests itself in Guchan and is called Tellaa or the tail of the Maad's cow. The kings, sages, and priests of this religion in ancient Kurdistan, which includes the ancient Middle East, all held a short golden scepter, which in Kurdish is called Tellai Dastawshaar, which was a symbol of eternal wisdom and wisdom in this religion, that is good thoughts, words, and deeds or Ziudsudra Shuruppak Gaubara. In Kurdish culture, the vigilantes are those who have this wisdom: Elijah, Noshdaar, Nawzar, Ibrahim, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, Job, Naahur, Moses, David, Zoroaster, John baptist, Jesus, Mani, Mazdak, Sultan Sahaak, Shekh Adi, the Elders of Qaaderi and Naqshbandi and Bahaolla.

This process faced a challenge in the third century AD. This challenge was created by a cleric from Persia with his innovations.

He was Kartir. I will write about him later.

I wish my dear teacher Leo. He is a blessing in our world.


Thank you!


1- Please present yourself: (Name, education, Civil status and...) .Leonardo Gonçalves Fernandes, Graduated in Arts (UFMG - Federal University of Minas Gerais), married to Núcia Marques, retired.

2-What is your artistic specialize?

.Musician and harmonica player.

3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

.In 1968, through and with schoolmates and neighbors. We participated in a festival at the Rio Branco School in São Paulo. Clementina de Jesus and Tom Zé, just arrived from Bahia, played there too.

4- Who was your motivator?

.This answer is well linked with the previous one. I was 14 years old, listening to Eldorado AM radio, and I met the LP Smash Hits, by Jimi Hendrix, the year that came out. Also Sgt Peppers, Beatles and Cream, through my aunt Lulude, who came to visit us in São Paulo and took my sister Fernanda, to see Roberto Carlos, on the live show “Jovem Guarda”.

5- What was your parent’s reaction?

.They liked it and encouraged me.

6- When started you such as a professional artist/ musician?


7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as a musician?

.Definitely! I feel happy and fulfilled.

8- What is music culture? What is music logic?

.The knowledge of the evolution and manifestation of rhythms recorded in your mind and transmitted through communities and people, capable of transmitting emotions, feelings and your views of the world and the spirit.

9- Why do some songs become immortal?

.It is the structure, intention of the composition and its scope.

10- How you see the Music, Penforming, art and culture in your perspective? I mean your prediction for the future of music!

.The music is a prayer. An encounter of the soul with a superior spirit, which leads you to encounter the truth, different from reality. A powerful message that encourages to endure the ailments of this world and brings us the feeling of freedom and knowledge.

11- Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?

.Yes, I already do that. Many people feel inspired by my music.

12- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

.Firstly, discernment of what is right and wrong with me and my family. Caring for the world, as I do with my home and friends. With love, truth and attitude.

13- Have you more word to say or suggest for our readers?

.Be authentic, like yourself and listen to the heart and lots of good music.