French Musician, Composer, Arranger Jean-Baptiste Loutte

By: Azad karimi

I started being professional when I moved to Paris at 19, and be able to play in a lot of different jazz context such as trio, quartet, quintet, big band, with singers etc.



French Musician, Composer, Arranger Jean-Baptiste Loutte

By Azad Karimi


I would like to write about Haa-Rraan Pataan.

Haa-rraan is a male sheep that guides a flock of sheep.

The Paataan is Paz or sheep, so *Aarraan Pataan* gives a identified and defined consept or phenomenon.

This part of Kurdistan is located in the constellation of Komall, Aries and is a region of animal husbandry and shepherding. Other names for Aran are:

KaakRrma, KaaRrma, Karrma, Krrmak, Krmak, Kaamaraan, Kawrr, Khrta,Bahra, Batraf, Bahrash, Zariw, Marrash, Marakhsh, Barroj, Rojbayaan, Aari, Aarez, Aariz, Ezrraa, Erzehi, Raana, Raama, Raaneherr(Hitter), Bar, Baraan, Hizop( Wachtower), Hir, Hiraan( The land of The Hir).

The city is very ancient and had a very large library and observatory connected with the Tibes Observatory in Egypt and the Arzahi Observatory in the Manna Land(I born there) and the Ur and Orkesh Observatories in Iraq.

The language of this land was the scientific language of the Middle East because it had the largest library and observatory in the ancient world. The language was known as Aramaic, a very ancient pre-Sumerian Kurdish.These people were shepherds, and many social leaders have risen from among them. They were known as Horri, meaning those who wear deep hats.The land of ancient Media or Kurdistan had parts of Shur, Atur, Khas, and Zur.

Shur was in the east, Atur in the west, Khas in the north, and Zur in the south.

Their scientists were called Aturwaan-s and their astronomers were called Maazalla or Mit-taan: Taan because they faced Shuruppaak from west to east and they were also skilled orators. Because in the wisdom of Zi Ud Sudra Gaubara, the land of western Kurdistan, which is the land of fire, is the land of Wisdom and good words. Verticulture has been the main concern of these people.

Zur means the struggle and the Zur and the lands of the south from Shangaar to Lagash, which was called Shaarazur or Swaarezur, which means that it was in this place that Matt tested the Gol-Charmu and jumped on his back. He rode by force, so he is the rider by force, and so the place of this test is Zur or Ur-kesh, Ur. Agriculture has been the main concern of these people. They were eloquent and wise.

The land of the North or Khas, Khatusa, is the land of Rakhshan. He is Ized Rashn, the Ized of justice, social reformers and the source of the holy waters and the crown of the sun. He with his shiny black horse and iron sword in his hand, with the help of Varto, the honest yellow lion and God's witness attacks the enemies of Matt-Hor, Ormazd, and establishes justice. He is the Kaake Rrash. The prosecutor and scales of Ized Matt, God's lawyer in the affairs of creation. and Maat was the one who chose the land of Kurdistan to sow the seeds of the creation of man and other living beings.

These people were very brave and their swords served the spread of justice and freedom. They are the followers of Ormazd (Maat-Sur), which is manifested in the rainbow of Saturn. They are skilled blacksmiths and lived in Arzangaan, Der-Sim, Daarhasn, Arkhane, and Kharpet(Khrpaat) and Mush and its environs up to Se-waaz (Spi-Baaz) and south of it to Cappadocia(Gaubaara) or cow's tail area.

If I want to end the discussion, I will return to Aarraan land, where Abraham, the son of Atur-Taarakh, migrated. Aturwaan means eloquent orator and Taarakh in the Kurdish language is the sought or opposite side.

That is, Shaarazur, but in the Kalda of Shaarazur, it means the place where the Ized Kald or Sura, Sher Koll, Orkula or Parruza, which is Izad Sur. Sorra, Surri and Shorra ,Shurri , Chorra ,Chorri or Sur is the driver of fiery Chariot. He is the guardian of the land of Shuruppak, the crown of the sun, and the fire of Baaraam in the land of Golcharmu eye. He is the guardian of the hat Ized Maat. He is like the adornment of the hat being. It is called Top or Pot.Top in English it means ball. This ball is the weight of the scales of justice. That is, Izad Sur is the benchmark of knowledge. He knows as much as the world. And the wisdom of men is measured by his knowledge, and he is the possessor of the wisdom of the Sudra or ZiudSudra. He says, "My wisdom lies in the golden strands of Gol-Charmu hair, and that is right thought, right speech, and right behavior. The manifest of the Gol-Charmo is on the ground of GauMaataa, and his celestial manifestation is Gauruwaan, the same white spirit cloudy that its shadow spreads on the ground, and is as wide as ancient Kurdistan. Therefore, his wisdom is eternal and immortal, and whoever benefits from the wisdom of creation(Gaubaara), must be tested in the Maat court, with the scales of Kaaka Rash, with the benchmark of the Kaaka Sur, and with the testimony of the Kaaka Zard. The land of Assyria was land or region under the command of Izad Sur or Izad Kld, that is, Tarakh or the south of the land of Arraam in Atur. When the people of this land fell on the lives of their brothers and started in three directions to start killing and plundering the people of the land of Maat, God destroyed them by the people of Kush Chao or the eye of the cow in the east of Maat. In the book of Daniel, the Bible refers to the balance of deeds on the scales of righteousness, and because of this, Nebuchadnezzar is punished by God.

The family of Abraham, from Abraham, his father Aturi Taarakh, his nephew Lot, his sons Ishmael and Isaac, his grandson Jacob, and everyone from the generation of Jacob who was a social reformer, eloquent and God-fearing, is a follower of the wisdom of Ziud Sudra, the same divine wisdom that Elijah, Noah and Noshdaar, Nodar, Moses, David, Solomon, John Baptist, Jesus, and other prophets of Israel, Zarathustra, Maani, Mazdak, Shekh Adi, Sultaan Sahaak, El-bag, Pirshalyaar, Bahaa'ullah and Ghewsi Geilani and Shekhi Nakhshiwaan believed in it and that good thought, speech, and behavior that is acquired and evoked by hearing in the human mind and becomes wisdom and is passed on to another generation. That is, it can be learned.

It is the means of connecting with the spring-immortal of eternal knowledge, which is manifested in the tears of the eye of the Gaumaat-a in Shuruppak, which is the earthly dimension of the tears of the eye of Gol-Charmu, and its manifestation in the sky is in the way of connecting with the mercy of God through the light of God's truth that first rays of which passed from Paak Mountain and shone land of the Charkh in the eye of the cow and reflected the time in the movement of the earth around the sun in the solar systemThe light of God's truth is War-Maat or the concept of the unity of the existence of the sun and the moon. and its name is Ormazd, which manifests in the circle around Saturn, meaning the rainbow of light. What knowledge is more complex, sweeter, and higher than this?


I wish the best for my dear friend Jean-Baptiste Loutte. He is a blessing because of his art.

Thank you!



1- Please present yourself: (Name, education, Civil status and...)

. I’m Jean-Baptiste Loutte, 28 years old, from north of France.

2-What is your artistic specialize?

. I’m a musician, composer, arranger.I play the drums, the guitar and I sing

3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

. I become attracted by music at age 3, back then I would learn little melodies by ear and repeat it on a xylophone.

4- Who was your motivator?

. My motivator was my parents who made me listen to a lot of different music and my father who put instruments in my hands at young age.

5- What was your parent’s reaction?

. My parents were happy to see me progress on the drums and guitar.

6- When started you such as a professional artist- musician?

. I started being professional when I moved to Paris at 19, and be able to play in a lot of different jazz context such as trio, quartet, quintet, big band, with singers etc...

7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as a musician?

. Being a musician makes me happy because I feel that I do something special in this crazy world, something different. I try to be as free as I can in music, and I love this quest.
But throw dark times I can feel being a musician as a burden, exactly for the same reasons : being different, not having a regular and safe job.

8- What is music culture? What is music logic?

. What is music culture, music logic, why do human need music ? That’s a big question, and my response would be : music connect us with a different world, and also connect us to ourselves.
Also music can bring all different emotions to us : joy, nostalgia, protection, courage, sadness, solitude, love... Music is important for dancing, (I precise I’m not a dancer) which is also a way to connect to ourselves and the others. Currently I like to work with mental images to compose and play, so my compositions’s titles are like « Darkness and light », « Cyclone » etc... So the listener will be able to make a strory and travel in his mind with images.

9- Why do some songs become immortal?

.To me, some songs become immortal because there is a strong feeling and a strong emotion in it. Each listener is touched deeply and could not live without his favourite songs.

10- How you see the Music, Penforming, art and culture in your perspective? I mean your prediction for the future of music!

. With all the crisis we have and all the crisis coming, I have the feeling that art will become more and more important. We will need to feel alive throw art. More and more people around me who are not musician by profession start showing that they can sing or play guitar, some people start showing they can draw, or make artistic videos... I remember Wayne Shorter saying that each of us has the gene of art, and I hope future time will reveal it.

11- Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?

. I love the idea of me being an inspiration for the others to create and escape shadow, because showing my skills is not something that I’m comfortable with, and I’m still learning this. « If I can do my thing you can do your thing » With my musician friends we all inspire each others, with rythms, melodies and harmonies we use, with the philosophy of music we have... So maybe I can be a drop in this river of good musicians.

12- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

. I recently discovered that I can help the world being a better place just by being happy myself on stage, on videos and albums, playing my music, so that listeners can have a good moment seing and listening to me.

13- Have you more word to say or suggest for our readers?

.A vocal arrangement I did :

A drum solo I just recorded