Paraguan Lawyer Humber Valenzano Ozuna

By: Azad Karimi

I can help to understand and analyze situations that allow the human being to be more open, not to be afraid of being oneself, always within the framework of respect.




Paraguan Lawyer Humber Valenzano Ozuna

By Azad Karimi


My dear friend Humber is Head of the Supervision Division at the Supreme Court of Justice in Paraguay.He is kind and respectful and reliable.

We talk to each other sometimes and we enjoy our friendship with each other. Why not? To be honest, if I could invite all my friends to come to my house. I am sure we would enjoy food, tea, coffee, hiking, mountaineering, music, talking about literature, art, cinema, philosophy, and politics. I hope that day will come when the friendly communication of people will be possible and easier. Of course, knowing English is very important. I say, French, German, Spanish, Scandinavian and Italian are also very important, but we have to admit that English is the language of international communication. Therefore, it is very important that this language be taught in all countries along with the national and local languages ​​of those countries. The world is getting smaller and is becoming like its first day when people lived with the same language, thought, and character.

 I am writing an article on it and I have published some parts of it in these interviews. Please follow it:

About Manna and Iwzirta.


He is the creature of the living: Maat, Maad, Maai, Maang, Maann, Maaz, Maz,Mazt,Masht,Mazd, Zat, Zad, Mat, Gat, Jat, Jad, Mad, Hat, Khat, Shat, Pat, Pit, Pih, Zit, Git, Hit, Mit, Mih, Mi, Mu,Zu, Mah, Man, Jan, Gian, Maz, Mash,Tash,Kaash,Kash, Kush, Kosa,Usi-khsha, Zi, Za, Ga, Gih, Shi, Sih, Ja.

He has received the right of creation on behalf of the Creator God. God the Creator has allowed "Maat" to create living things according to what God loves. So he has the attribute Zaa, that is, the creator, even though he is not the Creator God.

How to walk in the dark and not get lost? with a lighted torch in her hand.... This was and is the first and key question.He was born in the south. There was just darkness. The south is the land of knowledge and wisdom. He walks in the dark with the help of the wisdom by think's power that the southern black stone gave him, as well as with the help of the torchlight and the courage of the dagger.He went forward and found a Kaawa (Underground cave). He enters the dark cave with a lighted torch and lights it there. There he sees Paargol(Moon-calf). He is a one-year-old white calf.

Therefore, this white cow is called Gol-Charmu because its color is white like Charmu (Moon's face) or the full moon of the fourteenth night.He is a created cow, alive and natural-immortal. He is nicknamed Ga-sur because he is Sun's Calf. Pargol means fresh adult or fresh mature calf. Gol means immature calf, Ga or Gew means two-year-old cow, and more.

Paargol is located in the range of Zojaay(Gojaay). That is, the location of the Paargol that is the size of 12 constellations or Zodiac signs. Gojaay,Kojaay,Hujaay are the same meaning. Zojayy means immortal place or Zodiac.

His tail-hair is golden, which is why it is Tall-a or the first Tail with golden identity. Zardu, Zarduk, Zarduma, Go-tall-a, Ko-pall-a, Pall-a,Yall-a Ya-Pall-a, Paalla, Tall-a, Pall-So-a, Go-tarr-a, Go-parr-a, Ko-zarr-a, Pall-to-a, Pall-to-ra, Paar-du-a, Paar-Maat-tu-a, Por-Gu-a, Por-Gol-a, Sur-Gol-a, Gobare and Dawaar, Taawer and Taaur.

Maat got on it and pulled it hard and hit it on the ground. Maat stabbed the Paargol in the neck and killed it. The story of the slaughter of this cow is known as Gori or Go-uri, Ga-uri, Ga-Suri.

 The cow dies because it is killed and its soul(Go-urun) joins the sun in the form of a cloud(Ewr). This cow, which has a solar nature, was destined to be sacrificed and its body to become a vital substance for living creatures.

Go-urun is current and moving and shifts so he becomes the Ized of time.

Maat is wearing a red-golden sock or Gzng-All with. This Shows the essence and quality of the Shuruppak creation, that is, he came into being from dust and fire. Shuruppak is the manifestation of the sun on earth.

He put his foot on Shurupak and took a handful of dirt under his foot and created the Gim (Yaam) with it. That place is called Paklla, Pakoll or Shon-Pi. In the book of Genesis of that place, Fishon is called.

He created man in his own form from dust and fire, but he is of heavenly origin and man is of earthly origin because he created man from the soil of Shuruppak, the land of Izad Sur, the guardian Ized of the sun.

He took a black shaning stone from the fountain of immortal water that flows from there.Si-i-pi (Sipe, Siwe, Ziwe,Siye)or the first creator ston. This bright black zodiac stone has the property of enlightenment.In the black stone, there is the power of discernment and measurement... Andeza, Andesha, Hndesa, Pewa,Piwa,Ziwa. He has taken this stone from the land of the south, the land of reason and thinking and thinking about what should be in front of him. This is an immortal stone. That is, it has a constellation quality and is recorded in the memory of time. But the immortal is different from the eternal because eternity is beyond the limits of time and only God the Creator has this attribute.

 The Ized Maat's head is in the Libra sign. The Libra is the function of judgment and determination to do the right thing. He counterpoises the thoughts and deeds and speech of the human with his hat. That hat is named Go-paat. Because there is a Go ball on this hat. It is the weighting's stone(Zang,Sang,Sige,Siye) of the scales. He, Pews(weighs) the Gew-baare (burden) of human being with the power of his khrrat( wise) in the Go-Zang (the shining black ball) of his Paat (hat) or Sar-Kllaw. Maat's measuring and decision-making power are immortal and its name is Khraat, Hall-Maat. Khrra means to recognize and Hall means to estimate.

 The human's Gew-baare or Gew-har is the function of man from life to death. This function or Gew-baar or Gewhar(gem) is summed up in three things.

According to the teachings of Daijuki Gewbarok, these three things are eternal-immortal and are manifested in the golden hair of the Gol-Charmu's tail in a couple(Gemini sign in Zodiac).

The tail of the Paar-gol(Gol-charmu) is divided into three groups of hairs as a sign of speech, action, and thought. This cow is also called the Daw-ar, meaning bright tail of glowing tail. Paargol is known by all these names as well as his tail. His tail is the Ras or rope of the Ized Rasn(Rast,Rashn,Raha), the Ized of justice. That is to say, Ized Rashn is the guardian of these golden hairs so that they do not fade and don't disappear and due to the force of darkness, and their luster is strong on people so that people will be more inclined towards the eternal-immortal gem.

These three things are: Go-mat, Go-tan and Wersht i Gewbaar, the gem of anyone who is heavier, he-she has more cognition to distinguish bad from the good.

The human's Gewbaare is weighed against the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and bad.This tree is located in the sign of  Goza(Aquarius) and its earthly embodiment is the walnut tree.Its fruits are three walnuts stuck together. and the walnut kernel is similar to the human brain. And the human brain is the center of thought and the recording of experiences Khrata (wisdom). The tree springs from a spring of immortal water created by the impact of an arrow on a rock in by the Maat. The water of this spring is life-giving and gives human beings, a life without death and immortally. The water of this spring makes the tree of life and the two fish of its guard drink and to be immortal. The water of this spring makes the tree of life and the two fish of its guard drink and to be immortal.


These two immortal fish are the guardians of the roots of this tree. Because Wrag or Mllag, a demonic toad that lives in the underground sea of ​​Wr-Kash, wants to destroy the root of this tree.This is Aspandaar, with the spirit of Gauron alive, he is the manifestation of the eternal Spanta, the son of the eternal Zurwaan, the Ized of time. The guardian of the tree of the knowledge of good and bad is an eternal black snake called Mat-ru-i. He is a symbol of wisdom. The wise man reaches the position of Pir because there is a manifestation of Maat-ru's wisdom on him. Maat is  (heavenly) and man is Pi (earthly). Maat-ru is celestial and Pir is earthly. Maat-ru's wisdom is eternal and heavenly, and Pir's wisdom is the result of Maat's wisdom.

Maat foot soil is invigorating. He picked up the soil under his feet and mixed it with the spring water of Gi-in-i, which is the water of the Golcharmu's eye. Here is (Pi-dar, Juday-in, WaruJaarakh) and moved to north (Pak-dar),The Shuruppak. 𒋢𒆳𒊒𒆠.

 Ziusudra or Khdri Zinda(Elijah)son of Gewbaaro dad son of  later became Pir and ruled Shurupak for thousands of years.

 In Gewrani or Khdrani culture, the wise old man wore a shawl on his back with three knots on top of each other. These three knots were called Gozan-Gre (walnuts' knots). Because the walnut tree is the tree of knowledge and the essence of knowledge, and the fruit of the walnut tree is stuck together.

They are an allegory of the philosophy of human existence. Good thoughts, speech, and behavior. The three are glued together like the three fruits of a walnut tree. Whatever good deeds we do, like the walnuts of this tree, it bears more fruit and eventually Maat comes and measures them with its wise hat. This is happening in the last days of the world.

We will continue this topic in later interviews.


I wish my dear friend Humberto the best in life and his another activities.


Thank you !



1- Please present yourself (Name, education, job, Civil status and...) .Hello, my name is Humberto Valenzano, currently studying the third year of Law at the university, I work in the Supreme Court of Justice. Currently I have been single for 2 years.


2-what is your specialize?

.My specialty is somewhat undefined, since it covers many areas such as arts, meditation, spirituality.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field ?

.It started more than 4 years ago


4- Who was your motivator?

.my ex boyfriend, since he is an artist and is focused on that.


5- What was your parent's reaction? My parents reacted well, they are even learning a lot from me.


 6- When started your job?

.I started 11 years ago


 7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities ,your job? .My activities in the workplace are good although it requires a lot of pressure, but the work environment is quite toxic.


8- How you see the view, the future of Law, culture?

.I see something that most people in the world are seeing very positive things in the cultural sphere.


9- Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?

.Yes, I can take part although it is somewhat difficult since there is discrimination between the artists themselves and that makes it very difficult


10- How can you help our world become a better place for living?

.I can help to understand and analyze situations that allow the human being to be more open, not to be afraid of being oneself, always within the framework of respect


11- Have you more word to say or suggestion for our readers?

.That we all practice empathy and respect for the personal decisions that each human being chooses to follow a path.