Armenian Sculpture Meliq Shahnazaryan

By: Azad Karimi

I always say that this world is the heaven we have to enjoy each day and moment. My creations could be an inspiration for people to feel love, happiness, and respect.



Armenian Sculpture Meliq Shahnazaryan

By Azad Karimi


Before entering into the I and Meliq interview, I would like to write about a famous Norwegian song and singer.

I really like this Norwegian artist named Odd Nordstoga. A few months ago a song was published by him which is wonderful.

I share the song link and the English translation of the song lyrics.


Poor traveller

By Odd Nordstoga




Can you believe in a governing hand?

Who rents you over and puts you ashore

To heavenly gardens and angel song –

Do you think that will happen someday?

Well, I believe in the leaves, in the grass and in the flowers,

Stretching out towards the great room,

And will always turn where the sun is -

Then it's probably like that too, the way I go.

Can you believe that a stone slipped from?

 And up from a grave he was allowed to walk alive?

Yes, everlasting fine is the song of the psalms -

But can you believe it once?

Well, I believe in the day that comes after night,

I think after the cry so come there slowly,

And I see that winter becomes weight for spring –

That's probably the way it is, the way we go.

But, do you think that one day will come and judge us,

And that there will be a winning and a losing team,

And that someone they may enter through the gate of heaven trong –

Do you think that will happen someday?

Well, I have felt good and I have felt bad,

I have seen in hop with love and slege healthy,

I often have green meadows, I have believed in shards -

I think they will judge later here, the way I go.

But, I'm a poor traveller and I have no answer.

Come, sit down, and we will rest with the sun shining.

Look! A luminous wreath over the darkness reigns

That's probably the way it is, the way we go.

I will not go into the details of Meliq's work and artistic style, he has said many things about it. But in my opinion, in this period, the dogmatic view of art and the work of art is irrelevant. But we must not forget that aesthetic principles are still fixed because the foundations of art are based on them.

But the audiences's perceptions of a work of art are different. This is a relative matter. Therefore, I ask you to pay attention to Meliqs words and evaluate his art. I wish good luck to my dear friend Meliq from Yerevan.

 May God grant him and Armenia everlasting greatness and pride.


Thank you!



  1. Please present yourself: Name, education, Civil status, and…?

-My name is Meliq Shahnazaryan, I have graduated from the Faculty of Sculpture, State academy of Fine Arts, 2003. I am in a relationship and have a daughter 2Y old. I am Armenian born in Yerevan in 1980 but mostly spent my childhood in my grandparents’ village, Chardakhlu, Northern Artsakh.


  1. What is your artistic specialty?

- Sculpture.


  1. When and how did you become interested in this field?

-During my childhood, I saw how my father is drawing, painting, carving and I was interested in it. I started to paint while I was 6-7 years old and all the time I was painting, erasing and etc…My neighbor noticed my passion for painting and told my father to bring me to the school of arts. I have passed all the required exams and I became a school of arts member. In that school, I had a master who helped me a lot with his vision and motivation.


  1. Who was your motivator?

-Mostly my inspiration was my father. But later school of art teachers, there were many professional sculptors in the school of arts.


  1. What was your parents’ reaction?

-My father was very happy; my mother was uninterested (mother was thinking about how should I earn my living).


  1. When did you become such a professional artist?

-After graduation from the State Academy of Fine Arts, 2003 and later.


  1. Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as a Sculptor?

-Yes, I feel very happy with what I do. This gives me satisfaction and freedom. It has no borders and you can create what you want and when you desire.


  1. How do you see: the view about art, Sculpture, culture?

- In Armenia, it is kind of dead and not buried (smile here) as people are interested in daily living. There are people in Armenia who are interested in culture, art, and etc. they are rich and can afford to have collections of nowadays artists. There should be some governmental project mutually beneficial for people and artists so that people could attend cultural areas and to assist artists to create future.


  1. Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generations in your country and so on?

-I believe yes, as I noticed my 2Y old daughter is coming and painting while I am painting. I think the new generation is interested in culture if they are surrounded by that atmosphere and they want to create with silence what artists do (artists never blow their horns).


  1. How can you help our world become a better place to live?

-I always say that this world is the heaven we have to enjoy each day and moment. My creations could be an inspiration for people to feel love, happiness, and respect.


  1. Have you more words to say or suggest for our readers?

-Please love each other and respect each other and enjoy each other, time is short.


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