Brazilian Interior Designer Drallan Aragão Possamai

By: Azad Karimi

I belong to an ancient line of an indigenous tribe, the hummingbirds of Belém do Pará here in the South American part of my grandmother alive today. Also descending from Italians by my father who lives in the south of Brazil.



Brazilian Interior Designer Drallan Aragão Possamai

By Azad Karimi


Even tent dweller nomads have a special decorative style for their tents. That is, it is important to know how to organize and arrange our living space. In fact, tolerance of sloppiness and disorder is an anti-cultural behavior of us humans. The Kurds say: even a goat tidies up its resting place! Why shouldn't the human be like this?

Some people may think that the decoration of the living space is expensive tools and golden handles on the doors and windows.

I remember we played in the alley when we were children. The name of one of our games was Taq-Taq Shaitana or Tik Tak Satan.

One became the landlord and the other became the hungry devil. One by one, the children took turns having a dialogue with the landlord, which was very interesting. 

First, one of the children hit another stone with a stone and said, Tik Tak! The landlord would answer, "Who are you?" He replied it is the devil! The landlord asked, "Why did you come?" The devil answered: for bread crumbs! The landlord replied reproachfully: Shame on you! I do not have bread now, but I have somethings made of gold. If you want, tell me so I give it to you!

And the actor playing the role of the devil began to ask. Of course, the landlord had previously consulted with other children who had to play the role of the devil and said that I was considering a special golden object. And no one had the right to tell this secret to the actor playing the role of the devil. And the devil asked: The golden house? The landlord replied: We do not have! The devil asked: The gold tree?

The landlord and the other children answered loudly: We do not have it!

Until the end, the devil asked for something that the landlord had: and the landlord and the other children shouted: We have!

Here, the devil or Satan won and became the owner of the house, and the others became the devil and demanded golden things from him.

In our childish logic, having bread at home was more difficult than gold!

But anyway, these days we hear and read in the news that many people in the world have no bread and are hungry and this is very painful and unpleasant. I want to tell you a painful story that happened a few weeks ago and I was very sad and depressed.

In November, I had an interview with a very dear friend in Afghanistan. He was also a decorator and lived in Kabul.He was Sardar Mahamad Razi Zada.

He was killed in a severe car accident on the first night of January. I found out after a few weeks and I was very sad Afghan friend told me that he has a wife and several small children and they are living in poverty.

This story broke my heart and I worry about them. But my worry does not become bread and water for them. I ask the esteemed government of Afghanistan to help them.

I wanted to say, I am afraid of the day when people live in expensive houses, but bread became a rare and luxurious commodity!

I have to say about Drallan, my dear friend, that he is a very wise young man. He is an environmentalist, he loves nature. He is like his ancestors who lived in free nature and respected the manifestations of nature.

Native Americans had ancient and advanced civilizations. They were skilled astronomers. Their ideas were inspired by nature and metaphysics.

Anyway, Drallan, whose identity roots go back to Native Americans, is a modern human being, but he is quite familiar with the culture of his ancestors, and that is very interesting. I hope him happiness and succeeds.



Thank you!




1-please present yourself (Name, education, Civil status, and ...)

. I finished elementary school, single marital status, my name is Darllan Aragão Possamai.


2-what is your specialization?

 . Interior designer, in addition to the decorator's work that comes at the end of the project, I have the function of elaborating the space coherently, following technical standards of ergonomics, acoustics, thermal and lighting techniques, in addition to being a professional capable of capturing the real needs of customers. and achieve them through specific projects. The reconstruction of space through the re-reading of the layout, the expansion or reduction of spaces, the scenic effects and applications of trends and technical news, the development of exclusive pieces. However, my work is restricted to indoor environments. It is common to see decorators or interior designers propose changes to walls, openings, extensions or demolitions and this is illegal. I am the professional qualified to work in interior projects, helping the architect to solve the building spaces in order to better meet the client's needs, to complement the closing of the work.

3- You are a native of ancient America; do you know the ancient wisdom of your ancestors?

. I belong to an ancient line of an indigenous tribe, the hummingbirds of Belém do Pará here in the South American part of my grandmother alive today. Also descending from Italians by my father who lives in the south of Brazil.

4-What do you know about Old-Wisdom? Can you explain to me about their relationship together? The old wisdom and American-Indian Ancient Wisdom?

. Well the men who inhabit the forests are very intelligent because they gave us many clues as to the ancestral scientific knowledge that was passed down from generation to generation until the hands of civilized men arrived. His specific knowledge of medicinal plants with great healing power helps modern and post-modern sciences always in the attempt that civilized scientists will come up with new products in order to improve the healthy lives of many.


5- Now, In the 20th century what has changed in the wisdom of your ancestors?

. The change is in those that are connected to the cellular and Internet media .. So they exchange the necessary information for the development of both parties in the discovery of new possible antidotes for diseases such as this Covid-19. Those who do not have contact with modern man continue to use their natural means of healing as their first science, since science, before becoming in its evolution since the first contact with the bourgeoisie, was already science and technology for the natives even without that denomination. Those considered "non-men", something that to me is inconsistent with this statement that many laypeople make seem true. The noble men who open the forests have enormous knowledge of plants and their purposes for curing diseases, and in my view they are far superior to modern men, of course I am not judging all modern men because I am one too. I believe that the greatest level of wisdom is found in men who conserve and protect nature and extract from it what is necessary to live in harmony with it.


6- What is Nature for you? How do you think about nature? When and how did you become interested in your work?

 . Nature for me is healing, it is well , it is passion and love. It's been 10 years, when a friend invites me to do car audio services. Then I specialized in a well-known store here in my city and then I never stopped. I continued to work in this area of ​​automotive sound for about 5 years and then I discovered that I could also work in the manufacture of movement and here I am evolving and I already have some work done in carpentry.



7- Who was your motivator?

. Who motivated me was a friend named Edson who worked in the automotive joinery area, then André came in the joinery area and we manufactured many exclusive car speakers.


8- What was your parent's reaction?

. The reaction of more parents out of much happiness and enthusiasm.


9- When started your work?

.At 19 years of school age working by signing my work card.


10- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities?

 . Yes, I am very grateful to myself and my brothers who gave me strength in each project and one more beautiful than the other thanks to God.


11- How see you the view about your work,Wisdom?

. All work done is done with a lot of dedication and enthusiasm. I was supervised by Deus Jesus and Nossa Senhora da Conceição. Jesus is the one who gives me all the wisdom necessary to develop each piece.


12- Can you become one part of the artistic movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so then?

. I believe that yes, I will have the opportunity to cause disaffection on a larger scale and reflect in good mood projects that will result in harmonization for larger groups of people. I also believe that for the country.


13- How can you help our world to become a better place for living?

. Observing the world and understanding it, thus understanding myself and then understanding people.


14- Have you more words to say or a suggestion for our readers?

. I want to ask you to seek to know Jesus Christ of Nazareth. To seek spiritual information that is true and not things that only belong to this world of illusion. Seeking the love of God eternal father. Ready Azad are all questions answered. thank you for your willingness to know a little more about who I am and how I am. God greatly embraces your hugs.