Brazilian Theater Actor Fabrizzio Nascioli

By: Azad Karimi

This school event motivated me a lot to like the artistic paths and in this way I am very inspired by Fernanda Montenegro who made me fill my eyes in the film Central do Brasil, and also inspires me a lot Laura Cardoso, Ana Lucia Torre.



Brazilian Theater Actor Fabrizzio Nascioli

By Azad Karimi


I promesed you to write about Alexander the greate’s Gej.Now I’m happy for paying about this wonderful topic.

In 328 BC, Alexander the Great defeated Darius III, king of Media and Persia, at Tel Gumal near Bardarrash in Kurdistan.

The ancient Media began with Cappadocia and Lydia in present-day Turkey and up to Partaakn in central Iran. Persia was the Elamite's land in the south of Media.

Persia In the Median culture was the land of the burning torch, and Persia was in the ritual system of the Medes but they were dominated by the Elamite language, which differed from the language of the Medes. The language of the Medes was Palu. It was a common language, but the language of astronomy, which was the science of the clergy, was the Horri language everywhere, from Persia to Israel, of which the Assyrians were the last inheritors. Darius III, son of Arsham and Chaawmas, was the last king of Media, Persia, and Babylon. Alexander defeated Darius in 331 BC and took his family captive and after many conquests in India and the central regions of present-day Iran and Babylon in Iraq, Alexander came to Maah or ancient Shurupak in present-day Kurdistan that was, in other words, the historical and religious capital of the Medes.

There the Mithraic spiritual leader, known as Yazd-Aporra, met Alexander the Great and treated him with respect, though he had fought against him in the Battle of Gugmel. Alexander held him in high esteem. Yazd-Aporra the highest military official in the land of the Maah, gave his daughter to Perdiccas, the  Macedonian general. He presented one hundred warrior daughters with Kallkh(shields) and Tawrdaas(battle ax) to Alexander. These girls were known as Khatuzin riders. Khatuzin Ijaar was the Ized of war and fertility and is the Babylonian Ishtar.

There is a proverb in the Kurdish language of this region called Wandering in Alexander's Gej.

I am wandering like the omen of Alexander the Great in Gej(Zij).

Maah was the land of astrology-astronomy. In honor of Alexander, they set up a large Zij at the observatory or Godarz and wrote a new calendar. Mohammad Ali Thanvi author of Kashaf Istilahat al-funun wa-al-'ulum has written: The origin of Alexandrian history is Monday, the twelfth solar year after the death of Alexander, son of Philip, who conquered seven climates. Where is the land of the seven climates? According to what Zoroaster wrote, he says that it is his birthplace and it is composed of seven regions of (Kullma), which together form a complete circle tangent to the angle of the sun's rays. Kullma in Kurdish means the protrusion of the human cheek and that month is the thirteenth night. Zarathustra was an astronomer. He had worked at the Harran Observatory. Harran was part of Assyria at that time and was very famous and active and was associated with the observatories of ancient Egypt. His writings are accurate. He has written the names of the regions of the seven climates. The seven climates land is the land of the moon or the land of the Charkh of Shuruppak.

Alexander had heard that there was a fountain of the water of life in this city. His story of searching for this place is famous. He searched all seven climates but found nothing but encounters a mysterious old man and eventually leaves the city for Babylon.

At the end of this article, I would like to briefly tell the story of Oghl Baw, the son of Mirza Shaarokh Gourkaani. He is Timur Lang's grandson and was born in the 13th century in the area of ​​ancient Madaktu. , Zanjan. He was an astronomer and built observatories in Ramat (Maragheh), Saqez, and Samarkand. His Zij is famous. However, the Saqez Observatory has existed since the time of the Sumerians and has been known as Garduzi Ba wa Khaat. When Alexander the Great came to this city, it was known for its astronomers known as Gardush.

Gardush means walking at night. Because the work of astronomers peaks at night. Oghll Baw or Ulugh Bay later returned to Uzbekistan and died there. He was a progressive and great man. He owned a property in the Safakhaneh area between Saqez and Maragheh, and there is a village named after him in that area.

Finally ,I ask you my dear reader to read the amazing words of friend Fabrizzio.I proud of talented people and dear Fabrizzio is one of those.


Thank you!


1- Introduce yourself: Name, education, marital status and ...

.Name: Fabrizzio Nascioli
Education: Actor Graduated from Teatro Escola Macunaíma.
Marital Status: Dating.

2-What is your artistic specialty?

.Performing Arts, Actor, Theatrical Direction, Actor Preparation, and Casting Producer by Apê Casting.

3- When and how did you become interested in this area of ​​art?

.It was at the age of 7 after being asked to be the host of a cultural festival at my school, about the teachers' day, it was so cool, the festival happened twice, and since then, I started to like acting and I really wanted to this path for my life.

4- Who was your motivator?

.This school event motivated me a lot to like the artistic paths and in this way I am very inspired by Fernanda Montenegro who made me fill my eyes in the film Central do Brasil, and also inspires me a lot Laura Cardoso, Ana Lucia Torre.

5- What was your parents' reaction?
.They found it interesting, and I always had support, especially when I decided to leave my hometown Penápolis and live in São Paulo.

6- When did you become an actor and professional director of cinema-TV-theater?

.Since 2008.

7- What are the serious challenges that a film director faces:
I-In an industrial-artistic system:
II- And when making a film:

.The biggest challenge I feel is the process of choosing who will tell the story, getting the actor team right is the key to success.
Making the film happen is creating a harmonious and inspiring environment.

8- You are an actor. Tell us: Who is the actor?

.Yes, I am. He is someone who always wants to inspire the world, and encourage people to become what they most want in life in relation to their professional path. Inspire intellect, awareness of living and love in yourself and your neighbor.

9- What is the film and the logic of acting?


.What is the culture of Cinema? What is your role in advancing the growing cultural demands of people around the world?
Film is transforming the story of life in a few hours and transforming the other.
The culture of cinema is to inspire better people.
My role is to inspire, transform, enrich.

10- Do you feel grateful and happy for your activities as an actor and film-TV director?

.Yes, I do, it's something that makes me feel good.

11-What is your opinion about the government's material and spiritual support for a film without interfering with the work of the film?

.Nowadays these resources have changed a lot, our current government wants to give an opinion on productions and there are resources that are difficult to access. But I believe that we as artists are stronger and can always achieve what we need, even if creating something independently.

12-You are a poet ... Tell us about literary and poet. Who is a good poet?

.I venture to say that I am, I love to write, I love putting words and thoughts into words, I was lucky to win 3 contests in the first place already, I will still publish a book.
I like Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Clarice Lispector, Pablo Neruda.

How do you characterize a fantastic poem?

.One that touches the heart of those who read. Fantastic poem will be different for each look.

12- How do you see the vision on art, culture, cinema and literature?
.There are many barriers. Even more, I feel that artists manage to inspire many people to enjoy art in all its senses.

13- Can you be part of the cultural movement motivating young people or new generations in your country and so on?

.We can always make this move with each new job done.

14- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

.Sowing art, poetry, harmony, love, arousing curiosity and a little smile that is always good.

15- Do you have more words to say or suggest to our readers?

.May everyone join us and never allow art, whatever it may be, to be forgotten, that we can go to the theater, the cinema, accompany a beloved artist, publicize the works you see, it will always help, remember that walking in this life without self-love it does not make love of neighbor possible.
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