Malaysian Opera Singer William Kow

By: Azad Karimi

I'm always happy and thankful I can use my voice to spread love to the world, to the universe. Music has no boundary. We, as a musician must use our "power" to spread love.



Malaysian Opera Singer William Kow

By Azad Karimi

The introduction to these interviews are my articles, sometimes in line with the topic of the interview, and often an independent topic. This is the method I use to give the most information to the audience. Of course, I'm proud that my audience is intellectuals from all over the world. Thanks for this.

 I would like to write more about Maarduk, what constitutes the core of the "Barok Suri Crown" or Geubaara Shuroppak, Maar-Taaws, who is the manifestation of the wisdom of creation.

The horned Maarduka sits on Chiniwa(Chiin, Chitin or Shitin the water of the head of the creation cow), and gathers in the Duzin basin, which are the cold celestial water of the Ized Khaatuzin and whose guardian is the Ized Suri( Turi, Tiri) in the Gaazar- Cancer sign.

This water is hot and its heat is caused by the fire of the underground furnace, and it is protected by two solar scorpions named Kajduma and Kujter. They take fire from the Aporra underground fire furnace and throw it in the darkness of the basement so that the force of darkness does not dominate it. The underground fire belongs to Maarduka son of Shutu.

Shutu or Utu is the Ized of sun. His sun Suri or Turi is the guardian of the rays and his other son Maarduka is the guardian of the Koura furnace underground fireand its flames are Aaporraa, which means fire rotating, and its water is Ini-Maa or Cow's water and is meaning flowing and thick, like the spit or spit of a cow.

He is Maarduk, the son of Ushid, the Ized of the rays of the sun. His sign (horned snake) is that he has installed himself on the raft (boat) and rules over the groundwater.

 The clerics of his temple are known as Borakayi. He is very brave. He is a great archer and is Yam's twin. His manifestation in the sky is the golden bite of the constellation Scorpio.

His arrows bite the right testicle of the Cow of Creation, he appears in the sky in the constellation of Tir and the star Kajdoma for this occasion, his pair, the Kujtar star, also appears the next night in the Cancer sign. That is, Toshtar (Koshtar) and Zartoshtar appear in the month of Lion in the constellation of Hunter.

He is a The Shawkuj. That is the killer of the night.

 His star in the sky is Zartoshtar, this star is the manifestation of Zandiwa. Zandiwa is the messenger of Woshayar and consists of a yellow chicory flower 12.

His admirers are Shawkujaan. They are aware, brave. They are guardians of the land.

Due to the bite of the testicle of the cow of creation, Zakhaaw, which is composed of hot springs, is poured into the pool of Duzin, and from the celestial jar of Khatuza, the cold celestial water of Tarutush is poured on it. In the Virgo sign, the Maarakran snake, the manifestation of the tree of creation comes to this pond. And he drinks from its water, and his double tongue - the Aaghzoun - touches the water of life and gets him the power of procreation. This snake has wings and is the guardian of the Maarakran tree, whose roots are male and female.

 This water is guarded by a heavenly Abispa-Sp.

This water is in Zanaaw, that is, it is located in the reeds and Zurrna or the golden-heavenly reed. The Ized Maad blew in this Zorna and the manifestation of life is in the sound of this Zorna which arose from the breath of the Ized Maad.

This water is poured into four orchards (Dema-Kaall) or Kaall-Dema where cucumber cultivated: Armenian cucumber, Watermelon, Cucumber, Dudaim Melon, Cucurbita and the Ized Kal-di is its guardian and its manifestation is in the Kl-Kawas (black crow) of the Ized Maad. He wakes up Shawaki(between the middle of the night and dawn). and gives the good news of creation. He is a symbol of the fertility of the farm and livestock. He draws the line between day and night. He manifests in the black smoke of the Aapora fire rising from the ashes of the furnace of Maarduk. He is the Millennial because he sets the boundary between black and white for a thousand years.

The Ized Suri or Turi owns the farm of Charbestan, which is at the forefront of the Kardun-a wheel, and its symbol is the white rooster with a golden comb or Paruzar. The Ized Suri was the guardian of the sun rays, but now his land has surrendered to the Ized Maad.

The water of life irrigates Cardonia or Kaalldemaan, which is manifested in Khat-Maar-du( The first wise human) and he is manifested in the instrument of Tamura, and the Ized Maad plays on both strings of good and evil and has seven curtains, and sings the Sartarz, It is a Tambourine. It is the body of man, and its bowl is Zadun (Zi Du In or Du I Zin, Zindu, alive), which means it has the spirit of Urmazdi, that is, it is the sun-moon.

Sartarz is the bud of a Dudaim Melon, which consists of 11 yellow lines and 11 red slices, equal to eleven sign from the zodiac, and because the main slice of the soul is in the presence of Qubja,because the main wedge of the soul is in the existence of Qubja and it is the golden button of the Izad Maad's cape.Qubja is the Charbestan and Karduni.

Qubja is on the Saardouri.Saardori is Charduri, Chaadr, Kafok or Cloak of the Ized Maad. Saarduri is also on his shoulders. It is a sign of God's glory and the farm of the Ized Maad. That is, like the spirit of the Ized Maad, Moon- solar or orbital, and this spirit appears in the star of Hoshayar, Woshayar. He is the herald of eternal life. There is a spirit of growth in his, as there is in the flower of wheat (Shukh-ka, Ka-Shukh) and vine (Zllekha).

 He is the fountain of God's mercy and eternal life. As I wrote, he is the manifestation of the farm of God, the fountain of eternal life, the Seth(Shidar,Hallaaj) of the Ized Maad, and the spindle of the Ized Maad, and the Carpetright of Ized Maad and the Khni Galbat( Nazi Bugash,Kashwa, Kashbaz,Naaziwa,Ashkan, Ashkana,Ashkanaaz).He is the archer's finger of Maad and the thrower of the golden arrows or Jaan. (To be continue...)


I wish my dear William the best in his activities and personal life.

Thank you!



1- Please present yourself : ( Name, education, Civil status and...)

.My name is William Kow. I'm a Malaysian. Graduated in Canada in Engineering. However I involve myself in lots of performances.


2-What is your artistic specialize?

.I started my classical vocal training when I was 13. Since then I joined and sang in choirs and in many languages. All classical music. After i graduated from university, I get in touched with musical, and my first original musical performance was in 2004 in Malaysia. I try to learn and perform in many different kind of music, sings in Opera house, Concert hall, Theatre and even on the street.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

.Its all started with hobby, passion and self interest. It leads me to a life that full of colours, fun, excitement through performances. When you are young, you wanna see more, learn more and try a lot of music styles and sing many different kind of music. You enjoy musics. Then you look back and you know its time to give back through music. I always ask myself why I wanna sing, but not what I wanna sing now. At this moment, I wants to dedicate myself to spread love and kindness to the world through my sincere voice.


4- Who was your motivator?

.My primary school music teacher. I always like to sing but never express myself. I remember i was 12 and it was final music exam. Every student need to sing a solo. I was nervous but I sang. My teacher said "You have a great voice, you must continue to sing". Her encouragement changed my life, and bring me who I'm today. I always wanna thank her and I'm doing the same thing she did to me, encourage people to follow there dreams.

5- What was your parent’s reaction?

.They are always supportive. They dont know opera, but they listen to me and I give them pre talk before I sing. They dont know musical, but they still go to support my show and give me feed back. They dont know classical music, but they willing to join me to the concert hall. I learn oldies and pop songs and sing to them because I know they like them. I dont know how to describe their reactions, but this is my reaction to them.


6- When started you such as a professional artist-musician?

.I dont remember when I started but I'm happy i did it.


7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as a musician?

.I'm always happy and thankful I can use my voice to spread love to the world, to the universe. Music has no boundary. We, as a musician must use our "power" to spread love.


8- How you see the view? Music , Orchestration, art and culture?

.I'm not doing pop music. What I'm doing is not a mainstream music. Its not easy, especially in Malaysia, however, art and culture should work together. One of the main thing is through education, secondary the help of government and commercial societies. If everybody work together, I think its work and it will be beautiful.


9- Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?

.Yes. I'm doing two parts of works through music now. Firstly, education. Every classical performance i do now is within the purpose of education. Currently, I'm working on Renaissance music and introduce to my country which we are very rarely doing here in Malaysia. At the same time, also working on local Malay cultural music with new young arrangements, to let more new generation youngster join in. Secondly, I'm also one of the 7 singers in JSJG, Dharma Man’s Vocal Group that founded in 2015 by Imee Ooi. Recent years, I'm on tour with “Sound Of Wisdom” to Singapore, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and America to promoting Buddhism and spread love and peace through new music.

 10- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

. Practice mindfulness, compassion and always feel thankful.


11- Have you more word to say or suggest for our readers?

.No matter who we are, a singer, musician, painter, teacher, chef, farmer, police, engineer, doctor, lawyer etc... we are holding our professionality. What is our professional is not important, important is what are we doing. I'm using my voice to tell people about love and peace. You can use your food, your painting, your machine, your medical advice, legal advice, and many things to tell the world how peace we can be. We might think the world is going to that direction, but if we always believe and keep our strength there, we can still always see the beautiful side of the world.