ما 768 مهمان و بدون عضو آنلاین داریم


 Azad Karimi

From here, I declare that Kurdistan and Iran are two sides of the same coin. Those who contrast these two concepts (Shiite Pan-Persians) knowingly distort history.



History of Kurdistan


Written by Azad Karimi


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It should be noted that I have deciphered these articles. Therefore, anyone who thinks that by inverting the contents of my article can infer and extract new meanings in favor of his own thoughts and ideas is wrong. My articles have nothing to do with the Shiite religion. With the respect I have for the Shiite people in the world, my content has nothing to do with Imam Ali, the first Shi'a- Shiite Imam. Therefore, the Shiite mullahs who rule in Iran interpret my content according to their wishes. I have no responsibility for this. So I remind you, Mahra, Panjili, and El-Khaas mean the manifestation of the creative power of the soul of Anu ... I do not know how some people attribute these meanings to Imam Ali who was an earthly man and he died and he is not alive now? How can it be attributed to the creative power of Anu's soul? Whoever makes this claim is mistaken again because he introduces this issue into the subject of Imam al-Zaman. Therefore, I advise these mullahs not to fall into this category because they act to their detriment. They are not allowed to enter this category and play with the faith of the faithful to the Shiite by distorting the myths of Anunnaki ... Anunnaki is part of the global mythological culture, not the ambitious dreams of the ruling mullahs in Iran. But mentioning the names of Pariwa, Kharuna, Mushe, Mary, and Jesus in the Anunnaki mythology of Kur Dilmun does not mean the historical denial of the prophets and figures of the children of Israel.

I do not speak in coded language in these articles. I also do not intend to criticize any religion but from time to time there are questions that I probably ask. Because these questions are based on the pattern of Dilmun mythology ... In these articles, I explain Kur Dilmun mythology, which is located in present-day Kurdistan in the political geography of Iran.The borders have changed, but in the past, Dilmun land was wide and its scope has been very wide. I am sorry to say that others give the wrong impression from some articles to believing people. These perceptions are unfortunately deliberately distorted ... so people like me can only give an enlightening explanation. Therefore, I recommend that the dear reader read my articles without any religious background ... do not compare anything with his/her ideas and enjoy studying the culture of ancient Kur Dilmun peoples. Please do not get excited like German scientists a hundred years ago. Because each of you can be deluded by a misconception like Hitler or go crazy like Ataturk and Erdogan. Look at them how they are becoming sensitive to the name of Kurds and Kurdistan. Like Hitler to the Jews ... or the chauvinists in Iran and the Arab world who do not respect any element other than themselves. Therefore, I call on the people of Kurdistan to learn from the history of these nations and not to deviate from the path of reason, justice, and balance. You inherit an ancient culture that is reflected in your language, land, and customs. You have to respect it and just as you try to be a high-class people by modern standards you have to try to preserve your language, your clothes, your customs, and your antiquities. Being a country is a privilege, but we have many countries in the world that are just independent country but have nothing because they are culturally poor ... You do not have an independent country but you have an ancient culture and language and this is the secret of your immortality. So God bless you and your ancient culture...

From here, I declare that Kurdistan and Iran are two sides of the same coin. Those who contrast these two concepts (Shiite Pan-Persians) knowingly distort history. They due to religious prejudices, in order to justify their identity in the Kurdish (Iranian) civilization, they divide this single concept into two parts, Kurdish and Persian, and contrast it. Historically, the Persian language is an extension of the Kurdish language without the Kurdish language being extinct. Basically, the empire of Kur Dilmun culture, with the arrival of Islam in the Middle East, said goodbye to its centralized political domination and disintegrated. The Arabs came and demanded money and ransom, but the immigrant Turks, who were the servants of the Arabs, came for the land. Because they were displaced. The Arabs trained them to preserve the fertile Kurdish-Iranian lands. The Turks took control of the Arabs.. But the Turks could not teach the Kurds anything. Because they had no religion to spread their language and culture in the Middle East. They were able to stand up to the Kurds when they were able to dominate the Hijaz and call themselves the Islamic Caliph. But with the advent of the Shiite Safavids, the Kurdish element / Iranian became divided ... In the twentieth century, with the translation of ancient texts, this confrontation with the Kurdish-Persian concept appeared and, unfortunately, created the sad situation we are witnessing. Some are also fighting against Judaism and Christianity under the name of Iranianism. But Dilmun culture is really the origin of Judaism, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism. Those Iranians who are hostile to Judaism, Christianity, and Kurdishness have Shiite religious bigotry. They are the followers of the Safavids who turned Iran into a sea of ​​blood. Or they banned grapes in the country for fifty-three years and developed opium and spread false Islamic / Arab habits such as temporary marriage. Anyway, we are continuing our way ... Deciphering the history of ancient Kurdistan ... Myths of creation and time ... These two myths occur in balance. It means zero points. Twilight. Gaurun. GurgaZe situation. The place where pre-existence and eternity meet.

GurgaZe or twilight. GurgaZe or Twilight is Ze or Zewa which is a sheep. Hasniaan Cup chessboard is 90 black and white houses. Other names for this sheep include Gosh, Zhak, the first breast milk, Foremilk. Gosh means corner. It is also said of a baby who sucks on his mother's breast for the first time and eats her colostrum. Gosh krdn in Kurdish means teaching the baby for the first time. This training is the method of eating and drinking. Drinking mother colostrum. This training is by Maamaan(Ninmah) or midwife.

Ninmah is an adjective of Ninkhursag, the Izad of fertility. She is Anu's daughter. I have already said about him that his place is on Diwar-Eridu(wall) hill. The wall is on a sacred mountain. This sacred mountain belongs to Anu. Hence it is called "Anudar". Other names for this wall are : Aanidar, Dawraan, Daraan, Dani, Daana, Khaataan, Khaadan, Aadaan, Aden, Dinya and Endi,Edin and Dinawaar.

Andiwar is in the corner or at an angle of 90 degrees, This angle is created by the collision of the six-degree horizon line with the vertical line of the sky. That is, a Kash(piece) relative to the sky on the earth that is tangent from the sun to the Andiwar. If we consider Andiwar as the center of a circle and consider the opposite point at an angle of six degrees and the upper point at an angle of 90 degrees, according to the law of the right hand, The angular velocity of a particle that is to rotate around the center point of a circle is defined as the angular velocity.

Angular velocity, at any given moment, indicates the speed of rotation and the axial direction around which the object rotates. The angular velocity direction is parallel to the axis of rotation. The symbol of angular velocity is the omega Ω symbol. The symbol of Yoke, womb. Inside this yoke, there is the energy of throwing two arrows. An arrow symbolizes speed. An arrow pointing up and an arrow pointing east. This is Apak-Tar or Shurupak. Tirkafa, Paka, Kappa, Taraaz, Tireja, Qapaan. The symbol of the Apak- Tar is a two-way arrow: ↔.

The result of the forces of these two arrows is zero. So at this point there is a state of stillness and immortality of motion. In short, what we call the soul today, in Dilmun culture is called Apak or Pak. That is energy, power of movement. That is why "Pak Kawtn" in Sorani-Kurdish language means that a person becomes immobile due to illness and old age. Apak-Tir means the power of the soul, the speed of movement. But Shurupak and Surigash, which are also the names of Apaktar, mean Arrow power, shooting indicator or Angular Velocity and the strongest and most important meaning of Apaktar is the rotational power of the particle. The most obvious symbol of that is the Samarra bowl, which I have mentioned many times. This bowl is six thousand years old. The symbol of the rotational power of the particle is the broken cross that Hitler stole and became a symbol of the Nazis. The origin of the particle rotation is the power of Gauroun, which is manifested in his two children Gutium or a pair of cows.

The symbol of Gutium is the yoke. As I said. This yoke can also be interpreted as the uterus of Ninhursag. Nin Hur Sag or NinSakhur basically means Warza's mother. Warza or Barza means Gutum-cows. That is, along with the pair Other names of Warza are Barza, Barzuta, Barzu, Warzan, Barzaan, Baarzaan. In the Kurdish agricultural tradition, the farmer is called Jutyaar, Jftyaar, Jotaar and Warzer... Yaar, Aar, Er means friend, Helper, Companionand

Like Angular velocity, the symbol of Ninhursag is an omega in the form of an omega in the Greek alphabet: Ω.

There are six arrows on his shoulders. These arrows mean two cows. These two cows are Magruna and Gauspi. The sum of these is equal to the number six or Gaurun, which is the symbol of Saturn's the North Pole. There is the place of reincarnation and dissolution of the soul and determination of the destiny of the soul. The symbol of Saturn is Tashshi, Shida, Shidaan, Sukhurmaash, Ulumaash, Eli Maaid. This symbol is manifested in the ring of Saturn. This is the golden ring around the neck of the Sulaka or guard dog. This dog is in the Capricorn sign. The head of the creation serpent (Margutum, Guruwe, Uruwa, Erroh) and the spring of the water of life, and the claws of the Mahra and nose of the sacrificial cow are in the sign of the Sagittarius. All of these factors are in the planets of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter, Moon and Sun, Mercury and Venus and Jupiter, in the Sagittarius sign. Orion's Belt stars are also present in this area. Polaris, Sirius, and the three kings. What appeared from the adventures of this constellation with masses of planets and stars and the main part of the myth of Mithra/Mahra manifested in the form of Gnosticism and religion. This religion was known as Paak, Baayi, Elikhasi, Elijahi. This ritual is manifested in the paw of the Mahra holy hands.

Mahra's right hand is in the sign of Scorpio and its symbol is water. So there is a creative particle in this water which is called the water of life. This particle is in Marduk's hand and is facing the horizon. That is, at the six-degree mark. In Marduk's other hand is a bucket of water. This bucket is a symbol of groundwater. This groundwater is in the arc sign. So this water is fiery and hot water. This water is heated by direct contact with the sun. That is the vertical line. Mahra's left hand is in the Sagittarius sign. Fire symbolizes the Sagittarius. This hand is placed on the cow's face. Mahra's palmar is on the cow's forehead. In the palmar of Mahra's hand are seven planets with the stars of the constellation Orion. All of these play a role in human destiny and reincarnation. These two concepts of fire in the sign of water and water in the sign of fire form the basis of the system of creation myth, which is manifested in the release of energy and the creation of time or Fluidization of the flow of the mind in a unit of time, and the creation of living beings. It is necessary to adapt and interpret the myth of Mithras to the concept of the existence of all the members of the Anunnaki, otherwise, you will not understand the logic of Dilmun's myths. Yes! I agree! It is very complicated ... that is why I recommend that these myths should not be interpreted for the religious and political purposes of the ruling mullahs of Iran. Basically, the Qur'an denies the myths culture. Therefore, none of the Islamic concepts and phenomena, including Shia and Sunni, fit into this mythological subject of Dilmun.

Therefore, the concept of instantaneous velocity and static state and its rotation is manifested in the rotation of Saturn's north pole. But why Saturn? Because Saturn is tangent to this point, and so are the moon and the sun. The moon and the sun mean the displacement of position or the movement of time. At this point, the soul enters two states, either in the direction of the horizon or in the direction of the vertical, and continues its life. Or it becomes part of the axis of rotation and joins to zero, which is eternal stillness and goes beyond the concept of eternity because it both exists and is out of the repetitive process of reincarnation.

In Kurdish, the yoke is called Kot. A yoke is a wooden tool that is attached to the neck of a pair of cows to enable them to work, usually do. This sign means Aspindar and Magruna. They are two brothers and are the children of Eternity or Gaurun. Gaurun also has the names Nannar, Aurun, Aaruna, Zaurun, Zaruna, Zarrna, Khaurun, and Kharuna. Gaurun is the guardian of Sin. Sin means the moon disk.

Naanna is the daughter of Enlil and Ninlil. Enlil is the son of Anu. Nanna or Sin, the Izad of Moon has other names: Sune, Sunu, Shawana, Shawa, Naawa, Maana, Nwaa, Waanaa, Naaza.

Gaurun is basically the placenta of embryos. In Sumerian literature, he is called Enlil. Enlil is the son of Ki and Anu. He has the titles of Paruni, Parduyi, Aruni and Kharuni.His mark is infinite ∞ on Anu's wall. He has the title of Baawaa, Baawa,Paawa, Padar (father). Because it is the pillar of the house.

He has two children: Magruna(Aako, Kaako, Black curtain) and Aspindar(Kawama, Mako, Maako, Komaasi, white curtain). The two were connected to her in the womb of Ninkhorsag by Gaurun. After birth, they were mated together by a wooden yoke and reconnected to Ninkhursag with a plough and a plow. The fate of the two was determined in this way. The plough is Gaurun. The movement of the plow is manifested in the snake of Khusrua. That is, the serpent of creation, because by plowing the earth with a plow, the spirit of the Gaurun, which is a Gawr, bur, or brown snake, moves on the earth and plants grow. Thus the motion of these cows attached to the plow is a terrestrial manifestation of Gaurun and Magruna and Gawaspi. Their heavenly manifestation is also Nannar-Kash-Shu or Shawak. In modern Kurdish, Maangashaw is a cow called Gawaza or Gaaws, GawriGash, Sorgawaz, Tawriwar, Blandjaa, Balajarr, Blake. In Arabic, it is called Kibria. Gaurun is the expanse of the night, the overt and covert nature of the moon at different scales that occurs on different nights: MaangaShaw that is a combination of Magruna and Gawaspi...

Sheshki, Shesh-ki, Kosh, Daayana,Tush, Khush, Shukh Gaaw, Tukhi, Tukhga, Tukhkha, Tukha, Khatu, Khat,Tukhm-Ga(Egg-Cow)that is equal to the creative particle. It means the soul. The soul is the determinant of destiny. Therefore, the creative particle is the manifestation of movement and soul, which is called Gaawarun, Gaurun... the passage of time. This passage of time was static and recorded and was on the horizon six degrees in the Andi, and the planet Saturn corresponds to it. Saturn is the sixth planet in the solar system. But this creative particle must have an origin. Yes. He is the son of Enlil and Nin Lil. Enlil is the son of Anu. Enlil or Hallaall was poor, Gadaa, Darwesh. He fell in love with Sud, Duz, Sudaaw, Dushaan, Aawzu, (Ninlil). Ninlil is in the modern term known as Bnlell or Bllell and Hallall is the Enlil. There is a very sad proverb among the old Saqez that says Hallaall de Bllell abaa. That is, Enlil comes and takes Ninlil. This proverb describes a young man and woman who are very poor and needy. He and Ninlil go to the underworld, where he gives birth to Nannar or Nanna and Ninurta and Nergal. Enlil legs are interesting because they are in the form of cow venom. These figures are depicted in Sumerian antiquities. Of course, Ninlil's clothes and hats are also very interesting, and to this day, in all of Kurdistan, women often wear hats in this style.

Nannar is the same as Suin or Sin. He is the goddess of the moon. But the interesting thing here is that the word khat or Sheshki also comes with Nannar. Nannar Shashki or Khat Shawak, Gawshaw, Shawgaa, Shawgaar.

Shawgaar or Khat Shawak or Khatush is the guardian of the moon. This shawgaar is the manifestation of the soul of the creative particle. It is the process of time. Its symbol is a tree with five leaves or petals( Parriwa) is also known by other names: KhaatTli, Haatusili, El Khaas,Eliaas, Klg Khas, Klkkhush, Klkho. Mitra's hand is placed on these five feathers, which are called Mahrpanj, Mirpanj, PanjEli.

But this process has a beginning. Because it is in a state of stillness or balance by itself. Of course, this creative particle evolves in five stages ... These five stages are manifested in the hands of Mahra(Mithra), who strikes Gaurun's neck. These five fingers of Mitra are the basis of mysticism, which is still followed in various forms in the world.

Parriwa (Prd=Bridge, Parda= curtain), Parrigaa=Crossing, Gaiparr, Gaimarr, Gomar, Margo, Mardu, Parrimaa, Mayraap, Zuirap, Swerap, Zoraab, Soraab (son of Rustam), Gawri, Khaturi, Khaawar=East, Rawaakh, Rokh(porch, castle) all fall into this category. Because it is located in Bulandjaa. Bulandjaa is also known as Barzalla,Barzalaa, Barzataa,Barzuta, Burzu.

Parriwa, which is the manifestation of the creative particle (Khatush, Gaurun), is in the twillight, that is, in stillness and eternity. He is the boundary between  pre-existence and eternity. day and night. The moon above, the sun at the bottom and the boundary between the two, which extends from Arashkigal(Kur=Pit, blind) to Inanna(Naahid, Venus) in the sky, is the same six-degree twillight line that the moon and sun correspond to. At the point known as AawiShirin= Freshwater or  GurgaZe=Twilight is the Sune or Naanasin, below which is Utu,Hatu=Sun. Utu is in the Gurgaze of twilight wide.

Evening twilight in the west, morning twilight in the east. This is a Paayachu, Paaykull, Kurpaa, Gullpa, or cross.

The cross is the sign of Kurpa, Kaar= Lamb, Zaadun, Zindu, Naazid, Naachid, Naashid, Shidaan, Dushaan, Zidaan, or Nozaad=Baby. This baby means the resurrected soul. This baby is the soul of Dumuzid, who has been freed from reincarnation. Dumuzid or Tamuz is located in Tir or Cancer sign in seventh month. In fact, with the death of Dumuzid, he is resurrected and goes through the path of reincarnation.Because the Mahra’s knife has landed on the creative particle, and as blood leaves the cow's jugular vein, static energy is released and converted into kinetic energy. With this quality, the soul reaches eternity and dynamism from pre-existence and stillness. This dynamism is manifested in the process of the moon and manifested in the evolutionary process of the moon. Nannasin (Shine, Shawana, Nannar ,Sin, Suin, Moon) has three children. Two girls and a boy. Girls: Arashakigal and Inaana and boy: Utu.

Arshkigal is the ruler of the Kur or the underworld. Utu (Hutus, Hutush, Hataaw) is the Izad of the sun. Inanna rules the planet Venus.

But Shesh-Ki or the Gaushash= Cow.

He is the protector of Nannar. In fact, It gives meaning to the logic of to be Nannar Sin. Because it is with the appearance of a cow that Nannar appears in the sky. The cow or Sheshki is the time or father to pre-existence(Magruna) and eternal(Guspi). When it is killed by the hands of Mahra, its energies, which are his children, are located in the east and west of the universe, and in turn, protect Nannar Sin. This is the beginning of the manifestation of time that appears at the rising and setting of the moon day and night.

Saturn rules over Gau=Cow. Saturn is the sixth planet and the manifestation of the soul. The Moon, the ninth planet is ruled over Magruna and the Sun rules over Guspi. In ancient literature, to introduce the calf, a small cow was placed with a female cow. This calf was in the sign of Gemini. The cow's udder is located in the sign of cancer and Guspi or calf eats from its mother's Jjak (colostrum).Kujaka is the crab claw in Saqez culture. Kujaka in Kurdistan is made by people like a rosary and placed on a child cradle.

The Guspi is a white calf or Gaulis in Gemini(Kakusha,Kashku=Gaurun's knee). Here is Gaurun's right foot. Mitra's foot rests on it and holds the cow steady. Cow hoof is here in the Gemini sign. This cow hoof is interpreted as Guspi and Magruna. Because Magruna is under the inverted torch of pre-existence and the underworld. The land of Arshakigal.

 As I said the symbol of Guspi in the sign of cancer is Kujaka where the spirit of Dumuzid(Tammuz)had gone to the underworld and was temporarily revealed on earth in the form of a deer=Gazall because Utu, Inanna's brother in cancer sign, helped bring Dumuzid to earth. This is where Mahra's leg is located. Utu’s power( Lagzi or Galzu) is manifested in the golden legging of Mahra=Mithra ). Lagzi is Gozal (Surishma,Gauzaall, Gozal,Gallzu, in Leo sign). Its material manifestation is a  golden winged lion in which kings drank wine.

In the sign of the Virgo is the snake's head. The snake's head has two horns or weapons in Libra sign and a tongue by two plugs in Virgo sign.

These two horns, which are in the sign of Libra, are the scales of justice. That is the weapons of the Dragon of Marduk. These weapons are one larger than the other. Two brothers. Children of Eternity. The sons of Gaurun(Aanu is located in eternity in the north,Eternity is manifested in the Hexagonal of Saturn, North is manifested in the Polaris star.) namely Maa-Gaurun and Aspandar. Gaumat and Guspi. Maawat and Kosa. Female cattle and calf. Water and fire. Water wells and fire wells. The spring of life( Female caw, mother, Enlil spring, Paaikulli, Nannar,Kharuna, Moon) and the furnace of fire( Sheshki,Kushi, Kosh, Calf, Guspi, Aspandar, Kashpi, Marduk fire, Utu, Sun).

This tongue, which has two plugs , has been interpreted as a male cow and a female cow that have the power of creation, and from among them grows the tree of creation. From this tree, eternal wisdom and eternal life originate, which is manifested in Qazwaan(Terebinth tree) and Tre(Grape tree).

In Kurdish, this tree(Qazwaan) has been given other names such as Ban, Wan, Wanataq, Shngel, and Shanglbana.

In Kurdish, this tree( Grape tree) has been given other names such as Gurna, Angur, Hangur, Turna, Tri, Tre, Theritun, Heritun, Natura, Nawatar,Nabatar, Zarrna, Nawrras, Zarrna, Nahur, Khurna, Nukhurr, Khurrun, Makhrrun, Magrun, Mew, Rraz.

The story of Magruna and Aspandaar again ... The process of the moon ...

Here, where the tree of creation grows and is divided into two plugs or branches of wisdom and eternal life, is the place of balance and equilibrium. Where Gaurun judges between his two children and the order of night and day are created. This is where Inanna and her sister Ereshkigal agree on Dumuzid. This is where the horizon line between the east and west of the sky rules to the appearance of the sun... Twilight... Freshwater Place. Baby cradle location. The place of agreement of the heroes is Mahra and Surish. Place of bread and salt. Place of wine and milk. The place of sweet soul (honey) and Gazo and Shoka( Manna). Place of agreement between water and fire (Kalja). Place of Shitin (colostrum). Place of Maargin (Dragon of Marduk).Place of Khasrawtaash (Taus-Peacock). Place of bow and sword (Cross). The point between Magruna and Aspandaar.

But who is Mahra?

He is Mariwa, Margiwa, Marziwa, Marza, Gariwa, Wariga, Khwariga, Swaariga, Swaarga, Swaara, Turiga, Torija, Turg ... Tir, Tigran, ...Manifestation of balance. the cross. Its sign is the double heads arrow. It is the scale and scales. It is twilight. Venus sword and Mercury arrow with red and yellow manifestations. The fiery red of Mars and the yellow of the sun. He is the symbol of balance, justice, power, and creation. In him are all the attributes of Anu. Anu attributes to justice are distributed in Anunnaki. Anunnaki means the Dingirs or the Anu family. So he is the manifestation of Anu's spirit. His number is six. His place is in Barzanja or the North Pole of Saturn, the place of fluid flow of the mind or reincarnation. The place of determining human destiny. Therefore, Mahra means the manifestation of the flow of Anu's soul. A completely opposite concept with Gaurun. Gaurun is the manifestation of the stillness and stability of Anu's soul. But what causes the stillness of the soul to become the flow of the soul? Mitra has a dagger. This dagger is the manifestation of Anu's power and will. This dagger has a blue blade and a fiery handle. The same ray of the sun that passes through the ice bubble. This dagger is in the sign of Scorpio. The scorpion is in the water sign. So the flow of the soul is in the water. Among the Kurdish -Yarsani, there is a festival called Khaawan Kar, which is the ceremony of the advent of the soul. Americans also have a ceremony called Halloween, which is related to the advent of the soul in November in the Scorpion sign.

Magruna is equal to twelve Rraazaan and thirty-six Rraaza ...

Scientists believed that the Zero and start of the soul is from the fourth planet. From the place where Bahram casts a shadow on Andiwar. Where the uterus of Ninkhursag is located and the placenta or Gaurun is there. The place of transduction of the soul in the placenta, which causes the growth and flourishing of Magruna and Guspi. Of course, we must remember that Gaurun evolved in the womb of Ninkhursag after nine days and nights. Ninkhorsag's uterus in Andiwar is under the shadow of Nana. Nanna or Moon is the child of Enlil from his other wife Ninlil. 9 is the number of Nanna. The number of Moons. Female pregnancy number. But thirty-six is ​​divisible by 4, that is, the position of the moon relative to the earth in the position of the sun per unit of time. Four-4 is the number of Mars.

The sun changes position four times relative to Andiwar. Once every ninety days. That is, after three Rraazaan, which is a sign of the passage of three months. In Razan IV, the season changes because the sun changed its angle. So the last Rraazaan is the sign of the new season. They recorded changes in the angles of the sun and it is four-time. So it was called the Saall, Saar, Sar, Char, Chaar or year.

Each year was equal to four Daw, Dam, Mad, Mda, Chma, Chaawa. Each Mda or dawr was counted as one Chaara. 4 Chaara was equal to one Chaaraan, Charkhaan or Charkho. Each Chaara equals ninety days and nights, and each Charkho equals 360 days and nights, or a complete circle.

Every chaara is equal to ninety days and nights, which is one Dam is equal to one Chaakh, shaag, shaak, gaash, kaash. I have said about Kaash or slice. This Kaash-Slice can be defined in the range of a halved egg. If we cut that egg in half and place it on the ground on its base and divide it into four equal pieces and take one piece, it is equal to a Kaash or a range of 90 degrees. I wrote earlier that this range is the same as the chessboard. Hasniaan Cup Chess. In Norwegian, chess is called Shak-Sjakk. Shak means sheep in Kurdish and it is interesting that four sheep can be seen around this chessboard. This piebald sheep is called Chaaw Ballak or peibald Eye. In fact, the chessboard is made up of white and black squares... Its name is Warka or Aakrma and Kaarma. I've talked about it before. This wolf is the manifestation of the wisdom of eternal wisdom. This wisdom flows in Anu's soul and manifests itself in the form of an eye. An eye that sheds a tear. This tear is the source of kindness and emotion. These tears are a symbol of Inanna's love for Dumuzid, who cries for him and even goes so far as to give half of her right to her sister so that DumuzidSyaa can survive.

 So is mean the Presence of Gaurun, (Gurgaze, GurguMashta, GurguMaz, GurguPaz, Mesharo, Twilight, Sheshki-Aruna) and his children:

1-Magruna,Blackness, Gurin, Gurgin, Gurgishu, Gurshuz, Girti, Grtu, Grftu, Shagarti, Shagarakti, Zagarti, Sagarti, Zigarti, Zagruti

2- Guspi, Whitness, Kushpi, Kaashpi, Kaashi, Kaashti, Kashti, Kushti,Kushi,Kush, Kushan

They are manifested in this field.

The first of each Mda or Dam is called the Sardam or Sarmda, and this is the beginning of the season. The four Sarmda are Zaurun or Nawruz, Aushaan or Taawsaan, Khafaan or Rrazaan, Zaa or Chla.

Nawruz on March 21 and the first of spring. Taausaan on June 21 and the first of summer. Rrazaan on September 21 and the first of autumn. Chla on December 21 and the first of winter.

The sign of Nawruz is Aries or Paz (Ze, Mashta, Mazda), and it is with Kumal(Malku), which is the earthly manifestation of  Marduk's calf or Guspi(Kashpi, Kashit).

The sign of Taausan is crab. Crab is the Taas. Taas means bowl. The Taasaan is the sign of numbness and temporary death. Because the crab does not let go of something when it grabs it with its hands to the extent of Taasaan or anesthesia. Taausaan is also an impression of the fire of the dragon of Marduk. Which is hot and scorching.

Khafaan means to sleep. This sleeping is done by agreement. This dream means rest and renewal of strength. Khafaan also means to hide, like a tortoise in its shell. In fact, Khafu or Khafi in Kurdish means tortoise shell. These khafus mean the Shrit(rope)s hanging from the scales of justice. Each Kafi(pan) has three ropes. I have said about this scales.

And Zaa is celebraty Mahr's birthday. Mahra or Mithra is the manifestation of Anu's spiritual power. Sardam is apparent with the advent of the new moon crescent, which is symbolized by the piebald's eye sheep or (Chaakh,Khaach, Shaag, Kaash,Cross, Malku). Sardam ends with the third Rrazaan.

The spirit of life enters a new chapter with each Sardam. Each new chapter has its own characteristics that affect the passage of the soul. This condition is called the reincarnation process. On this account, creation, which is perfected in the creation and manifestation of the soul, takes place in the form of twilight or Gurgaze. Gurgaze occurs at the equilibrium pointThe intersection of six degrees horizontally and ninety degrees vertically. Eternal East. The sun and the moon and the stars Hashtarkhat and Sirus and the three sisters are tangent to this place when they appear. Balance is the place where pre-existence and eternity meet. This is the point of immortality or the movement of time. Time movement means life and dynamism. Its symbol is this symbol: ∞  


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