ما 596 مهمان و بدون عضو آنلاین داریم


Azad Karimi

In the other hand there is another difference between the messenger angel of Jews and Christians and Zoroastrians and Mandaeans and Ezidis with Muslims. 


History of Kurdistan-5

Written by Azad Karimi

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I have to write very extensively about what I present because it forms the cornerstone of the intellectual system of the Kur Dilmun people. This system of thought forms the basis of our culture. We mean the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, America, Australia ... Summary of the world of Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Baptism and Islam except Shiism, because Shiism has created an innovation in the concept of resurrection and eternity called the Absent Imam in this ancient mythological culture.

This Imam of the time with these attributes is none other than God the Creator who never dies because he is Saheb Zaman or the owner of time! was born and has not yet died. This is not possible! It contradicts the concept of eternal wisdom that has a source. If we accept that he exists and is immortal, we must place him in the category of Kwan or the Demons of the enemy of God, because the heavens and the heavens are under the dominion of God the Creator, and he does not need to choose any of the human beings to consult. Because angels and Doppelgänger are his advisers, and man must come out of the veil of the body to become one with God.

So justice is in symmetry, and symmetry is the result of homogeneity, and the concept of homogeneity is equal to 1 and this number is God the creator and he is the owner of whole intellect. If we equate the Imam of Time with God, Muslims must accept that there is another God greater than Allah half of whom is manifested in the Imam of Time and the other half in the existence of Allah, the Creator God of Muslims. Therefore, the issue of Imam Zaman according to the teachings of Islam with the justifications of Shiite mullahs is out of the question.


The main religion of Islam, which is Sunni, accepts that the resurrection of eternity is manifested by the advent of a savior. The quality of his creation is similar to that of the Mashiah, Messiah, and Zindutaa in Judaism, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism. The difference between the Sunni savior is in his ethnicity because Sunni Muslims argue that their savior is Muslim.

In the other hand there is another difference between the messenger angel of Jews and Christians and Zoroastrians and Mandaeans and Ezidis with Muslims. They consider Michael to be their messenger angel, but the Muslims consider Gabriel ... Michael is the same as Wahumaan or Khamaan ... and Gabriel is Soroush or Gawril.

The problem here for Gabriel's rationale as a messenger is that he is the guardian of the furnace of Marduk. He is Suriash or the guardian of the furnace of the Sun. In Islam, this position is attributed to the devil. In Islamic culture, the devil is the guardian angel of fire and he is the enemy of Allah, the great God of Muslims. On the other hand, he has been given the role of RuhalAmin(the Holy Trustworthy Spirit) to Gabriel, who has sent messages to Muhammad from God. Also in the Qur'an, Iblis and Satan are mentioned by the same name. This confusion of concepts is very strange.

As I said, these patterns have their own historical logic, but disrupting these patterns creates irregularities in logic. Unfortunately, Islamic commentators have not been able to look at their religion as a method that can be applied to other models. Hence, it is considered Islam an inaccessible format and incompatible with another original model. Therefore, they only respond to critics by giving a justification. This justification is a phrase: these words came from God and their meanings are unchangeable.

The concept of the savior is justified in Michaelians logic because he is the representation of creation and the creation model of man is subject to the concept of day-night, month, and year based on the concept of balance. Even if it is based on the Kaar cycle that Gavril or Suruj is the manifestation of this cycle, it is the hidden form savior and the key to the final three-day sleep(Raazaan) that the world comes to an end with. This key is the same savior. The basis of this ultimate concealment is in the logic of creating time and the cycle of creation. These are all general mathematic and particle physics. Islam ignores these patterns and rejects them with the word Asatiralawalin lies them altogether. But the name of the messenger angel of this religion, Gabriel, in this religion is part of these mythological patterns. And it is interesting that the use of this myth in the opposite direction has meant it. And strangely enough, Islam uses the lunar month for the calendar, which is Michaelian culture but bases its function on Gavrili's logic, which is the solar cycle. In other religions, the origin of the creation of human beings is water introduced, but in Islam, the soil is dry and sludge or mud(Tiin) ... These are the questions that Islamic commentators must answer.

In Kurdish, which is the basis of Luri and Persian, we use these names a lot. Maakaan and Gauraan, which are equivalent to Mikael in Aramaic-Palu, and Latin . Arami-Paluyi is also the parent of the Kurdish language who is also the child of the Hurri language. Hurri is the father of Western Lulumash and Eastern Lulumash. Both are called Gaudani or Gutium. Therefore, the Hurri and Guti languages are one and their sub-branches are Lulubi. Gutium means a pair of cows. In Kurdish, a pair is called a Jut. In this language, in order to code objects, logical, philosophical, and phenomenal objects, and concepts, the letters of a word were moved, and this change was done in most words and verbs. This action created accents and with the expansion of these accents and the geographical extent and distance of the leaves of this tree that have common roots, we see that Kurdish with six dialects (excluding Luri) sometimes comes together strangely with Syriac and Hebrew. On the other hand, Luri, located on the eastern and southern Kurdish side, is the first link in this language chain that extends to Tajikistan. On the other hand, we see that there are significant similarities between European languages such as Slavic and German with Kurdish. Honestly, I learned Norwegian with the help of Kurdish and English. And it is very interesting to say that in the Norwegian language school I wrote down many words that were close to the Kurdish language and sometimes I was surprised by their similarity. I shared this with my Norwegian teachers, and it was very strange to them that the Kurdish people with whom the fascists of the Middle East have a long historical enmity have an ancient, independent culture that is manifested in their language and whose language is so close to European languages.


So far we know the linguistic, racial, and religious origins of Kur Dilmun. But we turn to history again to explore further the doctrinal issues of these people, who call themselves fair, moderate.

Explanation of Ikeshush and Hyksos and Ika Shaush means Shawaki, Twilight, and Sheshki, Khawira Bamik, Ewaaray Roshn, or the shinny evening, Khurina Bamik, Bumalell, Aawi shirin the sweet water, Khidawaaz,Gawshus,Shawshuz, Shawsu, Six-degree horizon line... Here, in the Capricorn sign in winter, the three stars of the Hunter Belt are best seen in the northern sky.

An explanation about the Baayi religion... Menogi Khrrata about the inhabitants of Arinim Waicha or the holy land of Zarathustra says that the people of this city follow the law called Baayi. Baayi or Baahi in Kurdish means a scale and when they go to the market to buy, they ask the seller how much is baayi? How much is Baayi chanda? That is, what is the price of this item based on the criteria of the scale?

Baayi or Baahi is the same as Khipaa in Mitani culture. That is, on the scale of a cow, which is its horn. This horn stands in the middle of the scales of justice and is the location of the Uli Kumi.

Two cows are squatting under this rock. These two cows are the source of animals. The scale's direction is from west to east and the direction of the cows is from south to north. So they form a cross. This cross is the center of the earth. This cross is engraved on the Samarra bowl, and the mad Hitler made it a symbol of his crime. He considered himself the Mashiah and had come to destroy the world and build it as he wished. He and Ataturk are hateful creatures that history will never forgive. They were demons and deceived the people. An idiot named Ahmadinejad later claimed to have seen a halo of light around him at the United Nations. With anti-Semitic statements against Jews and homosexuals and opponents of the regime, he considered himself a mini-messenger-Mashiah. He is a member of a fascist organization called the Hojjatieh Association, which is working for the emergence of Imam Zaman or Imam of his imaginary time. Hence, this organization is the producer of all political, security, and diplomatic thoughts and ideas. They do not know the concept of mercy and justice. They all do bad things to force the Imam of the Age to reveal himself and establish his rule. It is clear that this Imam of the time will be very oppressive because the founders of his government are the most oppressive people in the world.

The foundation of the Hojjatieh Association is the‌ ‌Haghani Circle, of which members of the regime have been members, including Javad Zarif, who played to the world for years to get the atomic bomb to reach the mullahs' regime. They turned the Middle East into the arms, missile, and nuclear arena, and small states like Qatar and the UAE, Azarbaijan, Sumali, Kenia, Sudan, become machines of chaos in Asia and Africa. Iranian Islamic regime leaders and thinkers become the Godfather to extremists such as Imran Khan, bin Laden, Erdogan, Fethullah Gulen, Mohammed Morsi, Omar al-Bashir, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Abdul Malik al-Houthi, Khalid Mashal, Khalid Islambouli, Suleiman Khater, Taliban,Sobhi Tufaili, Sheikh Zakzaki, Ali Qardaghi, Boko Haram, Boko Haram Hassan Nasrallah, Islamic Jihad and thousands of extremists in Europe who have come here under the name of refugees. I can not name all of them, but this list includes all Islamic extremists in the world.

As I wrote, this is based on Uli Kumi or black stone, which its logic on balance and fairness. This black stone, to which the Sumerians also attribute themselves, is in the hands of Mithra or Mahra and is measured by his intellect and intellect. This stone is located in the hunter's belt, which corresponds to the tree of knowledge, and the fruit of this tree is the walnut, and its power is in the radiance that is on Mithra's hat, which illuminates his path. I have to say that from the wound on the neck of the cow that Mitra sacrifices grow wheat, Bsmila tree, and grape tree. Wheat is a symbol of physical life, a symbol of innocence and innate purity, and grapes a symbol of blood.

 But let me tell you about Ike Shush or Khaa Tush, which is the same as The first cow, which I have already written. The ancient Egyptians wrote in some of their works about the Hakka Kasuts or Hyksos. This dates back to 1900 BC when the phrase Abishai Hyksus was written in the tomb of Khnumhotep II. Tush in Kurdish means power and ability and the attacker is also called Tush. In Sanandaj, there is a famous hill called Tosh Nozar. Nawzarr in Kurdish means horn. According to ancient Kurdish beliefs, the soul was blown into the human body by Nawzarr or Zurrna. Tush means sharp. This cow is called Tosh because of its location on the horizon line. Anyone who goes over the head of this cow and looks to the east sees the elliptical state of the earth. Therefore, the inhabitants of the land of Dilmun have made the ax on the basis that it is a deadly weapon.

He was a gentleman and an Egyptian prince. Abishai is the equivalent of Shuiba or the shepherd or Cow- horizon arrow... Hyksos means Kashukh or Shoka. Therefore, the Kurds have an interesting interpretation of soul! Sweet Soul! The sweety of the soul is manifested in shoka. Shoka is a sweet drink that is made in Kurdistan to this day. The Shuibas(Choipa) are the guardians of this celestial cow. As I wrote earlier, they had wisdom and courage together. Their stick was a martir who had two branches, and those two branches meant AkaSya. The blackness of this wood is due to the immortality of the wisdom of black stone. AkaSya was a two-headed snake ... two heads of creation and eternity and its blackness, as I said, was the wisdom of God, which is manifested in the Kl, the messenger of the Anu. The bright feathers of the whole were manifested in kohl, and the light of its wisdom was manifested in the ball of the Mahra hat.

And that ball is in balance, and balance means the sign of Libra and where the hunter's belt is. Where the two tongues reach each other(Mushasha), the tree of wisdom grows. The Marduk furnace and the fountain of life are also located there, which suffered a bad fate, which I will discuss later.

 I said that Hyksus means cow- horizon arrow... which arrow? Arrow balance or apaak.Apaak or Kafo,Kafi,Khafu means the Pan. Which pan? Balance scale. Which scale? The scales of justice! Which justice? Libra sign at the beginning of the fall season. Why justice?

Kafi is the hat in Kurdish and Kifar is hat in Hebrew also. The Khafo or Kapula was manifested in the horn of a cow or the hurrna. This horn was used to weigh grains. Justice based on the agreement of Naakhita (Naashita, Khitaan, Shidaan, Venus) with his sister Arashki Gal (Kishar, Khishar, Rakhshaan) to take over Dumuzid (Zindua, Zindumaa, Maazidum Mazdaa). According to this agreement, from the first of autumn, that is, from September 21 to March 21, Dumuzid will be underground in the world and live with the Rakhshan. The wedding celebration of the two is manifested in the plowshare in agricultural lands. Farmers plow the land and prepare it for next spring.

Shur, Shir means sword, and Tur, Tir, Tara, Dur, and Dara is the arrow. Tir is Kl. There is an interesting word in Kurdish to describe a hidden enmity between family members. Especially when it comes to inheritance and brothers and sisters are unhappy with their share. This word is Shir u Tir which means sword and arrow. Sword and arrow are the scales of justice. So when it comes to how to divide the inheritance, they all talk about justice and right.

The arrow and the sword are Rakhshaan and Zrakhshaan or Shidaan. Rakhshaan and Shidaan the same bright and shining or the shining black and the shining white. But the story of Dumuzid is interesting in the meantime: he becomes the pair to Rakhshan in the six months of autumn and winter, and her title becomes Rashtaa or Rakhshtaa...Khshatara, Khushatara!

In the six months of spring and summer, Dumuzid marries Shidan and is nicknamed Shidaantaa or Zidaantaa ... Zindutaa, or Sushyans ...

At the point where Khushatara and Zindutaa meet, the soul of Domozid reaches equilibrium and changes to KhuzruaTash That is the point of creation. It is the point of karma. It's the Anu's eye. It is the manifestation of the serpent of creation or Marduk (MaarKhusrutaash).Khusrutash is the dragon of Marduk. This dragon is called Musheche or Majdu and it has a two-pronged tongue. This tongue is called Dugum or duzm or GmGm or ZmZm.Majdu or Dragon it has a fire oven on its back and it is the guardian of the fountain of the water of life. At the intersection of the arrow and the sword I mentioned, Khushatara and Zindutaa collide and reach equilibrium. This is the place where the spirit of KhushatarMaay, Maami Tirashukh, Shamama, Shameh, Maawasha, MaamaShaami, and Mashiah is. Its beauty effect and good aroma is in Cucumis melo var. Dudaim.

His redness is from Khush(the unseen arrow) and its yellowness is from the sword of Zindu. Its red manifestation is from wine and its yellow manifestation is from honey. His fast-moving spirit is manifested in the leading boar. He is the symbol of the Warrior Red Mars, which is the manifestation of the wine of the heroes. He is the fire of Mars- Kharkaan. His defensive spirit is manifested in the yellow lion of Venus. This Lion is the manifestation of the power of Enlil. The name of this lion is Ashurlaa. That is the Lion is lying down…Enlil is the son of Anu and stands between the earth and the sky until the earth becomes the place of creation.

His perfume is from the Rosse of the land of Araza and the Viola of the land of Shawa. He witnesses truth and balance and does not lie. The symbol of his testimony on judgment is the cross. He will appear on Wednesday. Wednesday is the middle of the week. The symbol of Wednesday is the bucket of water. The bucket of water is a testimony to the existence of a pure soul in the fountain of water of life. He is the heir of God on earth. He is the spirit of creation. The symbol of his creative power is green. This symbol is in his hand in the plant of Kaltu (Gaall,Setaria viridis) which is the symbol of the particle of creation. He is a symbol of contentment and piety. His contentment is manifested in Jo,Jah(Barley) bread and his piety is manifested in Parrsha(Rye)bread.

He is the symbol of purity, and innocence because the devil has wounded him. The symbol of his innocence is the Red Poppy flower. He is noble and pure. His nobility is manifested in ZandAari horse. ZandAri is a red and black-green horse with a white spot on its forehead.

These names are very familiar and common in Kurdish and their properties are defined based on the culture of Tir and Pak or Kafi.

Pak is paak, kaap, kappa, Kappank, Chaadr, tan, Gawtan, body, Kifar, paanka, khaanka, Khnk, Zand, Jandu, Majdu, Mashtaa, Mazdaa,Zaad, Zawaad... Red and Black.

 Shaami is the same as watermelon. Inside it is red and black. The symbol of the arrow is Khush or Khushatara, which is red and goes in the darkness of night. He is the symbol of Khushayar.

Mung bean is a green grain that grows in Shawana(west) and has a pod and is a symbol of the hidden Maayidarchaaw or Maamitiarshu or Mashiah in Arami-Hebrew or Maasi in Kurdish modern.

Shaadaana (Cannabis) or Shaadanka or Shadaknaaw is a green seed that is a symbol of Zindutaa and has a joyful spirit of life. People of Kur Dilmun use its oil for Anointing and blessing and put it on the forehead, which is the place of karma and the eye of eternity, and this is the symbol of the Mashiah/ Maaydarchaw.

Herodotus says that the Magis( Maazaas or Majidus) used cannabis, they were throwing it on the fire and got intoxicated with its smell.

Of course, he confused cannabis with Peganum harmala because it is dry and has white smoke, and the ancient people of Kur Dilmun believed that this white smoke was a sign of Gaurun soul.

But cannabis contains oil and its oil was extracted. Of course, it is not a secret that marijuana is also made from cannabis leaves. Abraham's tribe has been using olive oil instead of cannabis oil since they settled in Israel.

Because olives are green and oily, and it makes excellent oil. Of course, the anointing oil that Jews and Christians use has other ingredients that I do not know about.

But about Shamama is manifested in Mashiah, I must add that it has eleven red and yellow lines, which is equal to the number of months of the year that the moon is seen in the sky, and the twelfth month is the number of nights of the year in which the moon is hidden. Thirty-six Raaza nights means twelve Raazaan. Ten Razaans equals thirty nights and it is the twelfth month, but two Raazaans remain. That means six nights which are divided between Magruna and Spina.

These six nights are six ropes that connect the scales to the Tir in the two Ppol or poles (Sarko, Kojaa , Qopcha ). These ropes are Kushukh or Kushut, kshta, kshtak or kesh, kaj, kash, Kushu, Kuchu, Kochak. Four of these ropes are found and the other two are missing.

Because when the sun rises on these scales, four of these ropes are exposed to light and the other two facing each other are placed parallel to the sword. These two ropes are part of the axis of the scales of justice and rotate with him. This axis is the same sword.

Look at the hairs around the ears of the Ezidi Kochaks and the Jewish rabbis. Also look at the long handkerchiefs on the end of the Kurdish shirt, which are called Lfka Soraani, and which are also used by Sunni mullas and Geilaani and Nakhshabandi Sheikhs. Take a look at the Safi-Alishahi Kurdish darweshs in Krmaashaan who are Shi'a. Take a look at the Zoroastrian clergies belt and the Christian priests' belt. They all carry the number two symbol. Balance ... Balance scales. In Khorsabad, you will see a painting about this city, which at that time was called Kishe-Sim, and on top of its towers are a pair of ox horns. These horns are the symbol of these celestial rops, but the cows that play the role of scales belong to two sitting cows or Gaachok. These are a male cow and a female cow. The female cow is called Gilukhipa or MaliShipaak/ Gaapa/ LimoZewa/ Maasigull/ Maayjaan/ Maakulle.  Her symbol is the Smll (Cyperus). It is a white cow with red spot.Its taste is sweet. Its symbol is Shoka)Manna) and Milk.

The bull is called Shubaru,Shwaara, Swaara, Suraka,Warka, khrcha, charkha, kharka, Kaarokh, Khwaakur,Paakur, Paakurr, Korpa, Shurupak or Gaubaru. His symbol is the clove. A Bor or blond cow.Its taste is salty and its symbol Salt and bread.

They are the children of Khatush, Ike Shush, Inge Shaush. He is also called the Standing Cow and the Gapish and Gol Charmu. Its symbol is the Kaneraan or Frankincense tree. The symbol of his scent is the Kokllashk Boswellia.

Gaapa faces south and Gaubaro faces north.. They are in the constellation of Taurus, and Ika Shaaush is the star of Khaatush or Aazaadaan, which symbolizes the point of balance and liberation. This is the point of contact between karma and the eyes of Anu and the spirit of the Mashiah. The place of Mashiah, which is Maami Tiar Shu or Masidar, is the hill of Chawruna or Kharuna.

Mashiah is in Maasidar, meaning the spring of the water of life in Zamuwa. Chawr u Shirin is a green-yellow fish ... It is the manifestation of the creative spirit of this spring in this green and yellow fish. The creative spirit of this fish belongs to Gaurun or the spirit of the cow. Beef fat.

 This cow, Gaurun or Gaiwdad or Kuri Galzu or Khallf i Tarr or the first cow is standing on top of this spring. Its symbol is Pistacia atlantica-kurdica or Gazo ( Gazwan or Qazwaan, Kashpiaan).This cow has been sacrificed by Mahra and its blood and fat are dripping on this pond. It is formed from the combination of Gaurun blood and fat in the spring of two cows. Drops of this blood fell on the ground and two fish appeared. These two white fish are called Qasha. A tree called GoKran or Gaawakran grows between these two cows. Gokran is full of the soul of creating plants. Grows from the Gokran ( Gaalzi, Kaldi, Kalltu, Gaawakran) of the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. The tree of life is the vine.Khawma, Hawma. The pure-resurrected soul that has been freed from the cycle of reincarnation exists in this water ... This soul belongs to Hushidar(Khushatar,Godarz), Hushidarmah(Maamitiarshu,Shamaama, Mashieh), and Zinduta(Sushyans) ... The guardian of the life tree is a white Hawk(gj,turt,Tart) and a golden Falcon (tuj,Hot). The guardian of the roots of this tree is two Qasha-Fish (taall- tursh or bitter-sour). These two fish are known as Parshu and Kashu because of their intense action in protecting the roots of the tree of life. They are the enemies of the Mole Cricket. Mole cricket is a dangerous insect and eats the roots of plants.

The symbol of Parshu is Tursh-sour, meaning Tarsaa and Chatraan. The symbol of Kashu is Taall-bitter, meaning Taar, Arta, and the priest. They speak the truth and that is why people do not like it because people like to hear lies and have fun.

 The guardian of the water of life is a vulture called Humaay.

Humaay does not eat the flesh of the corpse, which is the leaf of the body, but the bone in which the juice of the soul is. So the bone was taken out of his reach and placed in a red jar.

The moon is above the two horns of Gapish or Gaurun and the moon is a symbol of wisdom. Gapish is a white cow that is standing on a fish. The fish is Mudskipper or Gaamaas.Maa-gamas,Azawas. Gaamaas was the symbol of wisdom. He is a symbol of astronomy and alchemy. The Magis were dressing his clothes. The most famous of these was Gaamaas, the son-in-law of Zoroaster. Gaamaas was the guardian of the tree of wisdom, whose roots were in the soil and whose branches were in the sky.

The TirKhush has a salty taste. This arrow goes from east to west, and the Nakhita sword has a sweet taste and goes from heaven to earth. Its category includes Red, sour, Tart-acetic, wheat, salt, Foremilk, red tandoor, Janga Sura or Hornet, Loom, nomadism, and mountains, are belong to Tir and Warahran.

 Sweet and bitter and sharp and bee and milk and Shoka or Manna and wine and green jar and Spindle and city and plain belonging to Naakhita and Rakhsha.

These spirits are eternal and immortal. The spirit of the Mashiah also originates from this spring ...

All this is a summary of the riddle of creation. From now on, everything I write is a supplementary explanations.

Therefore, I must make it clear that the history of this land is made of seven eras. First, the myth of Ulykumi and the family of Alalu and Kumarbi. The second is the myth of the Anunnaki family and creation.The third is the myth of Gaurun and black and white manifestation. Fourth, the myth of the origin of man and reincarnation in the sixth world or Saturn. The Fifth Genesis of the Kur Dilmun Civilization. Sixth Zi ud Surra and the Great Storm. The seventh, civilization of Guthium-Haatush and the beginning of the recently seven-thousand-year-old Mithraic calendar. Six thousand three hundred and seventy-six years have passed since this calendar.

Therefore, I emphasize that Imam al-Zaman is an unreal story, and if it is true, he did not come from God the Creator of creation but is his enemy and rebels against the order of God. He does not come from the land of the West and the East, but from the depths of the black underground. He comes from the world of Kawaan and is the enemy of KhasrawTash, which is a symbol of resurrection. Khasrawtash manifests in the Mashiah-Shamaama. Because Dumuzid lives underground for six months of the year and comes back to earth in the spring. Because Dumuzid lives underground for six months of the year and comes back to earth in the spring. While he was in the process of reincarnation, he came in the form of a deer lamb in Daun, but Kwan found him and dragged him underground. On the day that an agreement was reached between Inanna and Arshaki Gal to take possession of Dumuzid, this agreement was in Libra, and the spirit of Dumuzid was released from reincarnation and became an eternal spirit. Hence, he is called Khuzruatash or Khasruatash.

Thus Khuzruatash is the sign of the soul of God and Mashiah or Shamaama is his manifestation and is absent and is born at a certain time. According to this, if the Imam of the time of the Shiites was born and has been absent for a thousand years, but he travels the world and gets married and has many children, He is one of the demons of the Cowan group that exists and is absent from view and is always a challenge to God and tries to disrupt the process of creation.

If the Kawaan conquers the world, the Mashiah will be born. Because God has no choice... The birth of the Mashiah will mark the end of the world. The destruction of the world will be the last resort of God to destroy the rule of Kawaan on earth. These are karduni-Universe facts. Therefore, keeping Cowan away from natural immortal powers is a logical solution.

Who would love to help kawân or Kawaan? Helping Kawaan is basically a dangerous action because it speeds up the process of his coming to power. This is a great betrayal and crime. Ask yourself why should the world be destroyed? A world created and built by human suffering and effort. A world that with all its difficulties is very beautiful. Why let the ignorant come and dominate the world? Why should we serve their deadly and destructive evil desires like zombies? Rest assured that serving them is a mockery of the heritage of eternal wisdom. How can we be so unfair and ungrateful?

There is an Iranian organization in the United States called NIAC. I call it Nayak. It was founded by former Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. The head of this organization was initially a person named Houshang Amir Ahmadi. He is working hard for the current government of Iran and the United States to have a relationship. After him, a Zoroastrian man named Trita Parsi became the head of this organization. He lived in Sweden but now lives in the United States. According to what I have heard, in the years after the revolution 1979, the mullah government usurped his father's property because they were Zoroastrians. They immigrated to Europe and years later, to reclaim his family property, Trita Parsi agreed to lobby for the Islamic Republic of Iran's influence in the United States. In my logic, Nayak is Na-Yak: the enemy of unity. Because Nayak is engaged in division and betrayal between Iranians and Americans.

He caused many members of the Iranian regime in the United States to enter government politics. One of the tasks of this person was to thwart the efforts of those who had fled the Iranian regime and wanted it to change or change its behavior. Trita Parsi was a good cover for the program because she was not a Muslim and no one tell him that he is lobbying for the Iranian regime because of her Shiite religion.

Thus, he is fiercely hostile to the Iranian opposition and at the same time sought to attract people who could influence US policy toward Iran.

He is one of those who are working hard against Jews, Kurds, Iranian Republicans and monarchists, and other real Iranian opposition. He supports and employs precisely the reformists who are an integral part of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He hates the writings of people like me because he constantly denies us. He considers himself the representative of Zoroastrians. But it never is. He represents himself and others who have an interest in the survival of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This dangerous regime that seeks to dominate the world ... The doctrinal basis of this regime is a fictional story called Imam Zaman and its political basis is the Shiitism domination of the world and the justification of these actions in one word: They consider Iran and the world as booty and a source of plunder. Unfortunately, some foreign superpowers like China and Russia support it, and governments like Turkey, Qatar, the Taliban, and others use this regime, and you see the situation in the Middle East, which is in a lot of trouble.

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