ما 916 مهمان و بدون عضو آنلاین داریم

Azad Karimi

I bring facts or reasons which is the so-called ancient Kurdish culture from Ezdi texts and then interpret them with the scientific facts or parameters of this period so that they can be easily understood by the people of this period.


History of Kurdistan


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By Azad Karimi


Kurdistan is a part of an ancient civilization land located in the area of the Mazdaa or Marutaash civilization (MarkhuzTaaus, KhuzruaTaaus). Khuzrua, the living soul, appears in the form of a sacrificial white cow and is killed by a Taaus or Sheshki, which is the manifestation of the light of the new  crescent moon, and the creation of living begins with the shedding of the blood of this cow.

The reason why I obsessively start the history of this field of civilization from the Kurdistan region is the fact that basically, the history of Mazdaa civilization starts from Kurdistan and then spreads around itself until the heart of Europe in ancient Rome and the borders of Takharistan and Uyghuristan in China... and it is the only religion of Islam that stops the spread of this religion with its violent and militant nature and by burning scientific/religious texts of Mazdaism and the killing of its clerics and scholars and the destruction of fire temples and the imposition of heavy taxes on the people of Mazda, makes this a secret religion.

Undoubtedly, the history of Kurdistan begins from the beginning of the emergence of light and darkness in the universe. These writings are not the imagination or the presentation of racial and political theories. Therefore, all the words of these writings have been written according to the logic and principles of truth and high human morality with the aim of serving humanity. Certainly, as a Kurd, I have a duty to try to keep alive the name, history, and culture of the people of Kurdistan but I say frankly that my writings to serve our people are not based on cultural theft and falsification of the truth, so I personally pledged to write honestly, because this is both in the service of the people of Kurdistan and in the service of humanity because the people of Kurdistan are part of human society, and in this period of human history, the fate of the survival of culture and the existence of all peoples of the world are interconnected. If I lie, I have betrayed the people of Kurdistan and I have oppressed human society. Because my spirit and character are far from oppression, lying and betrayal, I present these writings in English so that the rest of the people, even the people of Kurdistan, will be forced to translate and read them. This is both beneficial and strengthens human culture as well as motivates scholars to try to learn English and facilitate cultural exchanges between them through this language and another benefit is that it strengthens the sense of truth-seeking among scholars and the educated. Because a society with naive and lazy intellectuals becomes miserable. The fate of Nazism in Germany and chauvinism in Iran and fascism in Turkey is instructive.

Another issue that is very ugly is the culture of fabricating the matching of facts with current realities. We must accept that the truth of a subject or event does not necessarily correspond to what exists now, because in a historical process tens and hundreds of other events have occurred to give rise to the present situation. This means the law of causality. That is, all historical events that have happened have their reason. Even if a rock falls from the sky to the ground, we must look for the cause. If a miracle happens, we must examine its cause in the context of the logic of events at the Time called human history. Therefore, the issue of myths, which leads to the emergence of a phenomenon called man, must be examined in the same logical context of historical events. Time does not stop, so we are amazed by reading the billion figure for the history of creation, because our minds do not yet really know to be the subjectivity of time and he imagines only the reality of the occurrence of events from the counting of the year and is astonished and afraid of large and long figures.

Myths, as I have written and published before, are part of the historical truth of the real events of human culture. They are super ancient, but when we think about them and they come to our mind, it is as if we have lived in their time and experienced their existence because if we look closely, all our behavioral characteristics can be a manifestation of the truth of their existence and they have other powers that we lack, such as immortality and eternality but why did they suddenly disappear from human history?

Where are they? where do they live? Why have they ended their presence on this planet or do they just do not want to show themselves and they have successors to communicate with us through them and continue to control the affairs of this part of the universe?

But the history of the myths (Diroki Chirwaan) in the Kurdish language does not end all at once on the planet. Myths or Chirwaans and their actions, good or bad, play a direct role in the creation of the existential history of the people of the planet in this part of the universe. What makes their existence believable and pleasant is the similarity of their actions and decisions with us humans. This has caused religious fanatics to criticize them and use these topics to reject them completely. Because they see purify only their God and their prophets and saints and consider their God and prophets and saint's decisions right and complete.

But all human notions are relative.

Therefore, religious fanatics criticize and reject the myths based on their ideas of the word sanctity and infallibility, which is a relative matter and cannot be considered and believed. The generalization of the relativism of their mental subjects to the Absolute is utterly futile, and the complete embodiment of their prejudice and limitation of their mental range in understanding other concepts is beyond their mental form. This mental form of theirs is shaped by their religious and ideological teachings, they do not accept a world outside their mental world and we have always witnessed tensions and ideological conflicts caused by this kind of view throughout history.

But how did the Chirwaans(myths)delegate their role to their successors? Why did they decide to end their phenomenal presence on earth? But the question is, how did myths come about? Are they part of the creation process?

I bring facts or reasons which is the so-called ancient Kurdish culture from Ezdi texts and then interpret them with the scientific facts or parameters of this period so that they can be easily understood by the people of this period.

First of all, the Ezdis are the remnants of the ancient Kurdish Mithraic religion. However, their savior, Sheikh Adi, split from the Mandaeans in the twelfth century and reinterpreted the teachings of the ancient religion, and introduced them to his followers. Sheikh Adi's followers later attributed themselves to his successors, Sheikh Sharaf al-Din and Sheikh Izz al-Din.

Sheikh Adi named Lalesh, an ancient Mittani temple in Atrush/Shekhan, as the holiest site of Ezdi. These cities are a part of the Duhok area is located in Kurdistan and are mentioned in the books of the Old Testament.

In Kurdish, religious Arabic names change, so Sheikh Sharafuddin is pronounced as Sharfadin and Sheikh Izz al-Din is pronounced as Sheikh Ezdin. Therefore, they introduce themselves as Ezidini and Ezdi. In the late eighteenth to early twentieth centuries, Western scholars from Europe, the United States, and Russia traveled to the Middle East to explore archeology, genealogy, and linguistics, and, unfortunately, they faced a lack of linguistic and cultural information of the people of the Middle East, especially the Kurds.  So they turned to the Qur'an and Islamic-Arabic texts, Turkish religious legend, legends, and finally Ferdowsi's Shahnameh. Other sources for this research include the history of Herodotus and Strabo and the Old Testament. Unfortunately, these researchers lived in a time when human resources, knowledge, and attitudes were very limited, especially in the Middle East. Of course, many of these researchers also deviated from the truth-seeking or they were forced to accept the limitations and write something that was far from the truth.

Also, it must be admitted that the discovery of cuneiform and hieroglyphics and their reading were very complex and difficult, and it took years to translate many of these ancient texts that were scattered from the Zagros to the west of the Sinai Peninsula. Therefore, the need to re-read the history of the Middle East is very necessary because it is necessary to remove many intentional and inadvertent historical ambiguities so that future generations, instead of studying science and progress and serving their society and human society, do not engage in false racial theories and are not killed in endless wars.

In any case, the followers of Sheikh Adi call themselves Ezdi or Ezidi, and non-Kurdish historians also call them Yazidi because they did not ask the Kurds why they call themselves Ezdi... They thought that these non-Muslims Kurds had fallen in love with Yazid son of Mu'awiyah for unknown reasons. The Yazid is a hated figure in Shiite history because Hussein killed the son of Ali Ibn Abi Talib. Also, these scholars called the Kurdish Yaarsaani practices of Ali-Allahi because they remained on the ancient Kurdish religion and were followers of El, Yal, or Enlil, and the similarity of these two names, Ali and Eli, made these stories for this religious group of Kurdistan.

Of course, the Ezidis and Yarsanis were silent about this because they knew that the reopening of their religious secrets, destroys them because the rulers, the mullas, the muftis, and their fanatical followers do all their attempts to fall on the path of Paradise and in this way so they do not spare any action and effort, even killing and burning and destruction of others.

The myth of Ezdi's creation in the Mashafa Rash says about the particle that it was a soul and says about its origin and explosion, also, the myth talks about the creation of the universe and man, which is part of this process.

This process is in line with the Big Bang theory, Of course, this is not only in line with the Big Bang theory but also in a way that proves it. and we're not talking about that, but one thing is missing-ignoring, and that is the nature of the soul.

Texts about Mahrutash (the king Peacock or Malik Taaws in Ezdi culture) or Mahr in Kurdish provide interesting information about his creation.

Mahr is a Chirwaan or myth. He is the greatest figure in Kurdish mythology because he is the messenger of light. But why does this mission make him a high-ranking official?

The story of his birth begins with a spark from a rock. He enters the creation process with this spark. So he is the product of energy. This energy is manifested materially by creating a spark that carries light and heat but he is born in a dark cave because the darkness is the carrier of static energy, which we call potential, and when the ability to produce kinetic energy is stimulated, the dynamism of motion is manifested, which is the source of creation. But the energy that comes from the darkness is limited, that is, it is temporary and it ends, and the question is how to make the energy permanent and endless? It was the secret of immortality. Current scientific theories say that energy is infinite and changes from one form to another. But this definition is the essence of dynamism and motion, not the answer to the riddle of the immortality of an energy source.

What is the nature of the soul of the particle in the creation section of the book of Mashafaa Rash Ezdi? This Bible( Mashafaa Rash) has no answer, but the myth of the birth of Mahr or the King Taaus has the answert says of Maher or Mitraash that when he goes on the earth, he is in the constellation of Sagittarius with another Chiraan called Tir(Tur, Sur, Ur, Hur, or Shur) whose manifestation is Laasher (Laashurla, Sharzalaa) in the constellation of Sagittarius. Mahrutash fights with Tir in the depths of a lake and defeats him and catches the fiery chariot of Tir and they move towards the sun and join it. Where is this lake?

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