French Actor-Hand Model Chris Zastera

By: Azad Karimi

Yeah, I am really thankful and as happy as I was telling you because it's so much fun and I meet a lot of interesting and nice people that's really the best job of my life.



French  Actor-Hand Model Chris Zastera

By Azad Karimi



How important is money to you? How much is it valuable to you? Basically, how important is money in our lives? Or how valuable is money to us humans? ... Another question ... is money equally important and valuable? Which  is more?


Whatever your answers, it shows a truth: we can not remove money from life ... So what is undeniable in human culture is an influential factor.


Of course, there are other factors in our lives that are as influential as money but money is a very important and very influential factor and can overshadow the influence of many other factors.

That alone is not enough to prove that money is the first efective factor in the lives but we can use the credit and value of money to build a prosperous society.


How to make money is another story but I can say that if the level of our human culture reaches such a level that we think of social solidarity, the proper production, distribution and use of money will find its true value and importance.


Please read my interview with Chris to find out why I talked about money ... Chris wrote about money and this led me to choose this interesting theme for the introduction and write about it.

I wish happiness and success to Chris, my dear friend.

Thank you!




1- Please present yourself: Name, education, Civil status and...

. My name is Chris, Education: I did after baccalaureate. I did business school which is called European business school. I am not married, not children, So I am single and what else!


2-What is your artistic speciality?

. Actually I am actor and model, and hand model too.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

. That became quite late, I was interested in being a model when I was young, then I did my business career in fashion and uh real estate, and then I became an actor and model just by chance uh because uh I had an opportunity to play in a short movie and the result was quite good for everybody so I decided to begin a new career at 44 if I can remember, and that was quite late to begin but uh I’m doing quite good so I’m happy about this choice and it's a really fun job.



4- Who was your motivator?

. Just not doing all the same things all the time not being a cop all the time or so change varied the role that is really fun to me I was a Drag-Queen recently I was a Zombie, a Vampire so it's always very fun to have a new costume, new make-up new role, have fun and meet people and yeah that's quite motivating anyway and of course money at the end.


5- What was your parent’s reaction?

. Well, at 44 my parent's reaction: my father is already dead and my mother is encouraging me and she likes to see me on TV from time to time.


6- When did you become such a professional artist, Cinema Actor?

. I still am still becoming a professional artist because I consider that I am really really small even if I do a lot of different stuff um so it's just on the process I would say.


7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as Cinema Actor?

. Yeah, I am really thankful and as happy as I was telling you because it's so much fun and I meet a lot of interesting and nice people that's really the best job of my life.


8- How do you see the view about art, culture, Cinema? What is your prediction for the future of these two fields of art?

. Well, what is the prediction of the future anyway, how is this society is going on with masks all over the world; it's not very fun. But now is the new platforms, Netflix and uh all the other ones there are lots even for culture and society and advertising, the need of images and video is so getting always bigger so I think there is work anyway, as long as we have electricity, there will be movies and video.


9- Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generations in your country and so on?

. Well, I hope but I don't think a lot of youth know me I am not famous at all and yeah maybe one day but I am trying to give advice to the young people and the beginners around me, so it's okay.


10- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

. I just became impressed these last few days after seeing a really good documentary on Netflix called The Game Changers... So that's already helping my plan and I hope that if I am getting like influence, I will, anyway, I will use it to influence in a good way.


11- Have you more words to say or suggest for our readers?

. Well, Just live the moment and enjoy your life and um if you don't like it then change for something you like.


Note: This interview by Laura Miller has been converted from an oral file to a written text.