American Artist Rick McCoy

By: Azad Karimi

I am ready and willing to become part of the movement to encourage, empower and employ all generations in the fields and expressions of their choosing as avenues to let the world know what's inside them.



American Artist Rick McCoy

By Azad Karimi


I read all the answers of my good friend Rick. They are interesting and beautiful in their own way but in his last words, an interesting feeling sparked in me due to the nostalgia of the beautiful song that I like.

I love this song very much and it is an emotional memory for me .... Years pass, our face and head hair turns white and wrinkles invade our forehead and face, but emotional memories will always be with us, Oh! Yes!.. some are clearer and some are more fade... but these are all our experiences because they have influenced us and made our moments.

Anyway, I would like to introduce this song and pay tribute to its singer Elvis Presley and dedicate it to my dear friend Rick.



Dear friends! I ask you to pay attention to the text of Rick's interview.

I wish my good friend Rick success and happiness.


Thank you!





1- Please present yourself: (Name, education, Civil status and...)

.My name is Rick McCoy, I live in southern California, United States.  I have a current Certified Medical Assistant credential through NCCT. I have an Associates Degree from Alaska Bible College in Alaska. I am a United States Citizen with ties to Scotland, France, England and Native American ancestry. 


2-What is your artistic specialize?

.My Artistic specialty is Modeling fashion and clothing design with interests in athletic, casual, and formal wear. I also aspire to advertise for established brand name products in commercial spots and print advertisements. I am also willing to participate in theater production, film and movies in roles of acting and directing. I would like to try presentation and speech making skills to audiences about valued products and services.  



3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

 . I became interested in these parts of the entertainment industry and marketing when I was in high school. At that time I was following clothing trends and design projections for products such as cars and home interiors. I have had aspirations to be a model and walk on runway projects since early high school years.


4- Who was your motivator?

. Some of my motivation came from my peers. Most of it came from designers and fashion moguls of the day such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klien.  I also took ideas and fashion looks from a store chain that existed back in the late 80s early 90s called JeansWest. 



5- What was your parent’s reaction?

. My mom passed before I reached high school, my dad wasn't determined either way. He did not have money to spend on clothes or to invest in current trends so my last two years of high school I worked summers to purchase clothing I desired. My dad never rejected my aspirations but he did not strongly encourage them either.


6- When started you such as professional musician?

. I am currently in the process of building my portfolio, profile and reputation in the modeling industry. I have done numerous photo shoots that are presented online through Instagram and some of my Facebook posts. I have yet to gain a professional contract with a management team or agency. However I am open to considering any legitimate proposals. *instagram rick.mccoy.372



7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as musician?

.Yes! I am very grateful to be in an environment so close to Los Angeles and Hollywood where these aspirations can take form and become reality. It has been a terrific journey and I am thrilled to develop my love affair with the camera, filming crews and audiences wherever I present. 


8- What is music culture? What is music logic?

. I see the view of art culture and fashion in the viewpoint of we are all artistically creative in some form or another. Some of us are painters, some are dancers, others are builders, some are singers, still others sculpt and design. In my thinking it all flows from a place of creativity. anything that becomes an expression of an idea or emotion within a person to the outside world can be considered artistic expression and creative communication. Therefore there is tremendous value in each person's expression of what's inside of them be it ideas or emotions.


9- Why does some melody become immortal?

. Yes, I am ready and willing to become part of the movement to encourage, empower and employ all generations in the fields and expressions of their choosing as avenues to let the world know what's inside them. Drawing from my experience as a father, a teacher, and a support professional I feel I am highly experienced in focusing on assisting others find ways to creatively and liberally express the artist inside them. 

10- How can you help our world become a better place to live?


. First off I think I can assist our world by using the platform I am given to raise awareness, acceptance and appreciation for all the creative arts. I think it is important to recognize and validate the creative genius that lies in the soul of every being on the planet. Each one of us has a unique ability to creatively color this world and bring a light, even a fire, of passion for those around us to see by.


11- Have you more words to say or suggest for our readers?


. If I could, I would take the time to look everyone in the eye and encourage them to believe in the power and creative genius inside of them. I have found that when I take the time to really look and listen to others, they feel validated and accepted, and from this find the courage to reach out with their own expressions and touch their world in amazing ways. I would say keep trying, keep moving forward, keep striving, keep reaching out. It is never in vain.  Our value is not defined by economic acceptance, our value is defined by the very fact we are breathing oxygen.