Italian MezzoSoprano Sarah M’Punga

By: Azad Karimi

I became a professional musician very early when I was 16, but he always considered me in work in progress. For me, the professional musician must always progress and never stop.



Italian MezzoSoprano  Sarah M’Punga

By Azad Karimi


It would be a dream for there to be a unique world movement where all young emerging artists would take hands and help each other.

What a beautiful dream! Viva Sarah!

The question is, to what extent can governments work to make this dream a reality? To what extent can the role of international organizations such as UNESCO open the closed doors to this amazing dream?


The manifestation of international cultural harmony is crystallized only in UNESCO, which is a UN affiliate and unfortunately, the decisions and political influence of governments and countries on it have neutralized its active performance because UNESCO's decisions are selective and political, which is why many countries and even nations without an independent government are dissatisfied with UNESCO's performance.

On the other hand, some countries are trying to propagate their ideologies in other countries by using international legal loopholes. Like what Iran is doing in Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Turkey is doing also similar things in Chechnya, Mosul, and Kirkuk in Kurdistan-Iraq.

Using the material poverty of the people of those areas, these countries try to statistically change these people's cultural and ethnic manifestations.


For example, in the 1990s, the Turkish government infiltrated northern Iraq (Kurdistan) and, with material aid to a minority of several thousand Turkmen, encouraged the hungry Kurds to reap the material benefits of the Turkish government by changing their nationality from Kurdish to Turkmen....Of course, the hungry Kurds did not think that this change of nationality would become a reason for the Turks' political and military intervention in Kurdistan... So much so that the leader of one of the Turkmen parties said on Nawroz (Nowruz,Newroz) this year that Nowruz is an ancient celebration of the people of Central Asia! ... Of course, this is a baseless and worthless claim.

But my point is that in the absence of a committed, active, dynamic, and responsible international cultural organization, people like the leaders of Iran, Turkey, and the like take the podium and become cultural theorists.

I believe that the need for cultural exchanges is inevitable despite all the political tensions in different parts of the world. So I think Sarah's wish will come true, which was quoted in the first sentence of this introduction.

I wish success and happiness to dear Sarah.


Thank you!





1- Please introduce yourself: Name, education, marital status and…

.My name is Sarah M'Punga and I am an Italian but also African artist. My training was classical, I studied at the high school of classical literature and at the University of foreign languages and of Music where I graduated with top marks.


2- What is your artistic specialty?

.I am a singer, normally I sing opera in many important theaters around the world such as the Arena di Verona in Italy. In my last projects, CROSSOVER DUETS and CROSSOVER DUETS IN CHRISTMAS with the tenor Stefano Secco, I sang crossover repertoire, for me it was a really wonderful experience.


3- When and how did you start to be interested in these fields of art?

. I have always loved art in all its expressions. I approached art at a very young age, 4 years old, with classical ballet; I continued with the study of piano and solfeggio where I achieved the inferior completion and later artistic singing.


4- Who was your motivation?

.I have always taken great solace from listening to music and found that it had the same positive effect on many people. Over time I realized that even playing or singing gave me the same regenerating effect and so I decided to commit myself to learn the difficult art of the musician, with a mission: to communicate my emotions with people through 'my art'.


5- What was your parents' reaction?

. My parents didn't immediately understand the importance that art had for me, but I was always serious in my studies so they let me study Music, Singing, and Classical Ballet, becoming more and more proud of me.


6- When did you become a professional musician, singer?

.I became a professional musician very early when I was 16, but he always considered me in work in progress. For me, the professional musician must always progress and never stop.


7- Are you grateful and happy for your activity as a singer?

.I am very thankful that God gave me these gifts, and I think I was also lucky to be able to make Singing my profession. Now is a very difficult time for all forms of art because they are all stopped but I believe that the power of Music will save us.


8- How do you see the point of view on art, music and culture?

. Art in general, music, and culture are fundamental parts of every civilization and I believe that it will always be so fortunately even if there is a deep crisis that affects the world in general and this can not be denied that has a negative impact on art but also on all culture.


9- Can you become part of the cultural movement for the motivation of young people or new generations in your country and so on?

.I would like that and for me, it would be a dream for there to be a unique world movement where all young emerging artists would take hands and help each other.


10- How can you help our world to become a better place to live?

.I believe that not I, but all of us who practice art can fuel this sacred fire of art and culture and this can be of great help to all people.


11- Do you have any other words to say or suggest to our readers?

. I want to say thank you to all those who follow me and who will follow me, you are very important to me because art is Communication and without the audience, this wonderful exchange is not possible.