Afghan cabinet maker Sardaar-Mihemed Razizade

By: Azad Karimi

The new generation must be invested, this is a costly investment. But I cannot because I am in a recession. I have to pay my workers. At the moment this is an impossible thing.




Afghan cabinet maker Sardaar-Mihemed Razizade

By Azad Karimi


One day I woke up and turned on the radio, I heard terrible news: Taliban group destroyed Buddha statues with Katyusha rocket!

These statues are reminiscent of a time when Afghans were Buddhists. Before Islam.

Afghanistan has an interesting history. The country is known for the Pamir Plateau, the Dari language, and tribal diversity.

Dari is the source of classical literature in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Persia.

What we know as Iran is a multicultural and multilingual country of which Persia is only a part.

Dari, the regional language of Ghazni, was chosen as the class language of the aristocracy in the Sultan Mahmud period. The dialect of the Ghazni region was close to other dialects close to it in Khorasan, and the people of those areas understood it.

The Dari language did not have a colloquial influence in the land of Persia, ie the Shiraz region, but those who liked to write poetry also learned Dari along with Arabic and the Qur'an. Their sources were the poems of poets kept in the Ghazni Library for few centuries ago.

Basically, the Dari language did not reach Kurdistan. But if a Kurdish, Shirazi, or Tabrizi scholar mastered Arabic in addition to his mother tongue, it was because of the education system of the time, which considered Arabic a sacred language. But if they also learned Dari, it would be a natural thing. People interested in science and literature had access to books in different languages. In addition to Kurdish, Kurdish scholars were fluent in Greek and Syriac. And when Al-Mamun Abbasid Caliph, ordered the massacre of the Mandaeans and Mehranis of Kurdistan and destroyed the great library of  (Haran), this language lost its scientific and written unity and did save folklore literature Kurdish language from cultural destruction. Of course, in order to destroy a language field, the people of that region must be expelled or they must be massacred. Of course, this has happened a lot in the last five hundred years in Anatolia, Zagros, and Mesopotamia.


But in the end, these people have survived and have their own language and oral and written literature, as well as their own lands. However, the hegemonic and chauvinist ideas in the four countries around Kurdistan, with their insane behavior, dream of the complete annihilation of the Kurds, Kurdistan, and the Kurdish language and culture.

Afghanistan has given great people to world culture like Jalaal ad-Dīn Muhammad Rumi(Balkhi), Nasser Khosrow, Pir-e Harat and ...

Unfortunately, Afghanistan is still in the dark of war, insecurity, and hopelessness due to war and insecurity and its traditional and violent religious context.

The wounds on Afghanistan's body are very deep, wounds that have been inflicted on the country since the time of internal tyranny and the domination of the Soviet army and the Taliban and terrorism.

Unfortunately, due to linguistic and religious dispersion and tribal prejudices, a practical solution to the country's countless problems has not been found. The interventions of Iran and Pakistan have further aggravated the situation in this country.

Extremist religious and terrorist elements such as al-Qaeda and ISIS, which emerged in the Arab countries of Iraq and Syria, are now being found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran after the defeat, which has made the situation more dangerous and complicated.

What is certain is that Afghanistan is complex and messy and now it is going to get more complicated because the situation in Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq, and Syria is deteriorating in every way and it is not clear what will happen.

I wish success and happiness to my dear friend, Sardar. God bless him and his family and his country.



Thank you!



1-Please present yourself (Name, education, Civil status, and...)

.My name is Sardar Mihemed son of Gholam Hazret. I studied until the ninth grade.


2 .What is your specialize?

. I am Cabinet maker, Specialization in cabinet making and baby service.


  1. 3. When and how did you become interested in this field of work?

.I had to start because I had to, there was no other way.


4-Who was your motivator?

. My motivation was myself, I had to learn a job ...


5-What was your parents’ reaction?

. My poor parents used to say: My son! You dropped out of school because of the collapse of Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban; You have to find a job to make your future better...


6-When started you such as a professional craftsman-designer?

. I have been working professionally for twelve years.


7 -Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as an artisan?

. I am happy about my work and activities, but it has long been declining in Afghanistan due to construction insecurity,


8-How see you the view about your work-art?

. My vision for the future is good and positive, but in our country, nothing is respected.


9-Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so then?

. Yes, I can! The new generation must be invested, this is a costly investment. But I cannot because I am in a recession. I have to pay my workers. At the moment this is an impossible thing.


10-How can you help our world to become a better place for living?

. The world can be helped through humanity, work, and hard work.

 But in Afghanistan, security is completely below zero, which means there is no security.


11- Have you more words to say or suggest for our readers?

. I have a message of health and happiness for the readers. Thank you.

Sincerely, Sardar Razizade