American- Colombian Painter Nicolas Mejia

By: Azad Karimi

To be thankful for others and by being a good person, with myself, with nature, and with my surroundings.



American- Colombian Painter Nicolas Mejia

By Azad Karimi


Although Nicolas is from Colombia, these days political issues are forcing me to write analytical articles as an introduction to my interviews about other lands.

Venezuela is a country in Latin America and has good relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The rulers of both countries pursue their Islamic and communist utopias in their dreams. They have created an imaginary paradise in their minds.

In this imaginary paradise, only one sound is heard: Rough and ruthless monotonic.

In this imaginary paradise or utopia, the radical ideas of political Islam according to the Shi'a tradition of the radical ideals of post-Soviet communism are immortal and uncriticizable laws.

But these men and women of government in Iran and Venezuela have registered large sums of national wealth in their own names. And in principle, an organ called the Court of Financial Accounts and Inspection is not effective in these countries.

The interesting thing is that these two countries have an oil economy... And what happens if one-day oil-Petroleum loses its effectiveness?

This question must be answered by the advisers of the leaders of Iran and Venezuela. Interestingly, these consultants are sometimes identified as having studied in capitalist countries. They bring the experiences of the capitalist economy to their authoritarian system and make it survive but these crazy politicians deceive their people with anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist slogans.

 They do not explain to their people that capitalism and imperialism are not necessarily the same and any ideology that thinks of expansionism is an imperialist phenomenon. One can be an imperialist theocratic system; one can be an imperialist communist system. One can be an imperialist capitalist system.

Conquering the gates of others, victory, conquest, and gaining honor is imperialism.

Let me start with the kings of the Kurdish nation and then Persia and the Turks and the Arabs of Greece and Rome, Byzantium, Europe, India, China, and Japan.

The first Kurdish emperor, Kiyaksar or Goodarzsha, laid the foundations of historical imperialism with the conquest of Nineveh in 612 BC. He was the grandfather of Queen Mandana. Queen Mandana is the mother of Cyrus the Great. Cyrus the Great was also an imperialist emperor. After him, Alexander the Great of Macedonia, and after him the Roman emperors and consuls, and later Byzantium, Omar, the Umayyad kings, etc, and now that communist China is increasingly thinking of dominating the world's economic resources.

There is a lot to say, but I prefer to turn to the answers-interview with my good friend Nicholas and before concluding this introduction, I would like to mention the Kurdish singer, composer, and songwriter from Malatya, Turkish Kurdistan, who died on October 16th, 2000, twenty years ago in Paris, the capital of France. Rest in Peace. 

He has a song called Karwan/ Caravan in Kurdish which is extremely beautiful. I share the link for you to listen to:


I wish my dear friend Nicolas the best with success and progress.


Thank you!




1- Please present yourself (Name, education, Civil status, and...)

.My name is Nicolas Mejia but I go by the a.k.a of Salin, during my education I have been indifferent academies in places like Bogota, New York, Germany, and Spain. These are the places where I been harvesting knowledge and improving my techniques


2-what is your artistic specialization?

. I usually draw with Charcoal and use paper or canvas as surface, and for painting, I preferred Oil painting or acrylics over canvas or wood panels.


  1. When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

.I become interested, while I was in school, I was always doing tattoo drawings on notebooks, and painting myself …so I guess my interest in painting and drawing grew more and more…therefore I register in local workshops and started form there!…. I guess this was my first step in the arts.


4- Who was your motivator?

.Mmm I think a lot of people in different aspects and moments of my life! from Picasso to Ru Paul!


  1. What was your parent’s reaction?

They were always supportive, and willing to help me in everything I ever needed


6- When started you such as a professional artist?

.Well around 8 years ago, I started my commitment to the field, Getting more dedicated, and willing to learn.


7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as an artist?

.Yes, I’m super thankful and happy, for doing what I love the most….


8- How you see the view?

.Wide open, with tons of possibilities.


9- Can you become one part of the artistic movement for motivation in youth or the new generation in your country and so then?


10- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

.To be thankful for others and by being a good person, with myself, with nature, and with my surroundings.


11- Have you more words to say or suggest for our readers?