Israeli Singer-Guitarist & Songwriter Noam Pasternak

By: Azad Karimi

I think that in the near future, and actually it's happening in these days - music will be just a commercial thingy. A way to sell you some food, cloth, washing-machine. Those kind of stuff. I hope I'm wrong.


Israeli Singer-Guitarist & Songwriter Noam Pasternak

By Azad Karimi


Human is a social unit and finding a place in the community requires effort, perseverance, and will.

All three of these attributes are related to human personality. These are beyond instinct and are influenced by human character and man's personality goes back to his past and his background, because these are man's experiences, and certainly our experience and teachings from the past play a central role in our will to make a decision that will lead to a change in our lives.

It is related to the type of upbringing: family, educational environment and community, and self-education on our knowledge of ourselves and the base and role we can play in society.

It is very important for a human being to know herself at the beginning of her youth and to define for herself a role in the human environment as a healthy and useful member of society and to strive for its realization. Giving hope, motivation, and encouragement, and financial support in this way are definitely essential. Naturally, the human spirit is rebellious and rebellious, but it is good that societies use this spirit of human rebellion to cultivate creative human beings in all fields.

For this purpose, the material investment must be made. The areas of human life are very wide and there is a lot of room for progress. Naturally, the competition is intense too.

Noam, For example, the character you are reading his interview here, is a young Israeli artist. He is young, energetic, and positive and healthy, and not contaminated with alcohol and drugs.

He has defined life for himself in an interesting way and has drawn his future for himself. I congratulate him, as well as the country of Israel, which has a worthy youth like him. He is the pride of Israel and other peoples because he is human capital.

I wish my dear friend Noam success and happiness.He is a blessing.


Thank you!




1- Please present yourself: (Name, education, Civil status, and...)

. Noam Pasternak.


2-What is your artistic specialize?

. Singer&Guitarist&Songwriter


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

. Since I remember myself, I had the ability to memorize full melodies after hearing it for a single time - and in their original key - the thing is though - that they sometimes got stuck in my head haha. Music has always touched me in a special way that it may be a bit hard to explain - it made me see colors and landscapes blending - plus shivers in my body. But actually Iv'e started to play an instrument (the guitar) only at 14 - when my old brother bought me my first classical guitar on a rainy day that I'll never forget.


4- Who was your motivator?

. My motivator as a beginner were famous guitar players like Slash from GNR and Joe Perry from Aerosmith. Today I'm getting my inspiration from everything around - may it be the weather, listening to my emotions, the people around me, stories that Iv'e heared of. Everything to anything can give me some insights - even street cats.


5- What was your parent’s reaction?

. My mother who passed away 6 years ago was a painter so she kind of understood my songs and my desire to play the guitar all day long, but she also insisted me to learn something in the academia for my future. Both of them didn't really want me to be a musician, but it wasn't my choise - it chose me like they say


6- When started you such as a professional musician and Guitarist?

. I've been played with bands and accompanied various singers during my career but it's only in the recent years that Iv'e got the courage&self faith to sing and play all by myself - my original stuff.


7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as a musician?

. It depends. Sometimes yes, but sometimes not so much as it's tough to make a living when you base your income on those art fields. But at the end of day, nothing feels better than a guitar string under you finger.


8- What is music culture? What is music logic?

. Music culture is changing throughout the years and about music logic? Hmm I don't think I'm smart enough to answer that question. Yet

9- Why does some melody become immortal?

. Great question. It can be catchy n' simple that people can sing along to it and sometimes maybe it's just a pure luck.


10- How you see Music, art, and culture from your perspective? I mean your prediction for the future of music!

. Unfortunately, I think that in the near future, and actually it's happening in these days - music will be just a commercial thingy. A way to sell you some food, cloth, washing-machine. Those kind of stuff. I hope I'm wrong.


11- Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?

. Maybe. I've got lot of ideas to bring to the table and some catchy guitar riffs, but I can't force people to listen to my things yet haha.


12- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

. Il try to paint it with my notes and bring some happy moments to other people lives. That would be my humble contribution.


13- Have you more words to say or suggest for our readers?

. Never try to be someone else. You are you - and that's the most beautiful thing in the world. Work hard to bring the best version of yourself out there You can find my music on my Youtube channel Noam Pasternak and on my FB fanpage.