Norwegian Singer-Songwriter Kyrre Franck

By: Azad Karimi

I have a very spiritual connection to nature. Everything has soul and everything in nature is my kin. It must be treated with respect.



Norwegian Singer-Songwriter Kyrre Franck

By Azad Karimi


Dear Kyrre has written about himself that he is a member of a shaman community and of course he is a singer and songwriter plus other jobs and works.It is my honor to know him because he is a source of goodness and positive works.

I will not go into details about him because I have asked him many questions and he has answered them completely.

As I wrote Kyrre is a Shaman. The shamans belong to the ancient tribal communities of the world and these communities are scattered all over the world, for example, North-Norway, Mongolia, Russia, Brazil, Africa, Korea, China, and...

The shamans of northern Norway belong to the Sámi community, which is the Norwegian pronunciation of the word Shaman.

They are in northern Norway and have their own local parliament and flag. The foundations of democracy in Norway are strong and developed, and all beliefs, religions, atheism, and shamanism in the country are completely free.

About the shamanism, I can only say that shamans believe in the reincarnation and survival of spirits and that shamanic society believes in the healing spirit of the virtuous dead, as well as plants and objects.

You can read and collect information about shamanism on Wikipedia and other websites.

I prefer you to read my questions and answers of dear Kyrre and enjoy his content.

I wish my dear friend, Kyrre all the best. He is a blessing.


Thank you!




1- Please present yourself (Name, education, Civil status and...)

.I am Kyrre Franck, 47 years old and the founder of Shamanic association of Norway.


2-What is your artistic specialize?

.I work with ceremonies and traditional healing.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field?

.It has always been a part of my heritage, even as a child I knew about it but I didnt have the terms and vocabulary to understand it.


4- Who was your motivator?

.My first motivator was a woman with first name Kristin (Last name withheld for her privacys reason): But later in life I had many motivators and teachers from different nations.


5- What was your parent’s reaction?

.My father rejects to have anything to do with it. My mother was sceptical at first, but these things runs in the family so she has knowledge herself. But didnt choose that as her path.


6- When started you such as a helper, visionary, a creator / initiator?

.There is many answers to that. But my first vision came in 2006 with The Worlddrum. A helper I have been my whole life, but actively since I was 19/20 years old.


7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as a teacher- student?

.This is a description of you: I'm Sometimes a teacher, sometimes a student. Being a teacher can some times be a limiting role. Therefore it is important to understand that one role or position doesnt exclude the other. I often learn much from students. No matter what level of knowledge you have, you can always learn from others. No matter what level they are on.


8- Who is a Visionary?

.A visionary is a person that receives divine inspiration from the Creator or Spiritworld in the form of visions. I would also say that he or she needs to act upon them to be a true visionary. People like this has always existed in all cultures.


9-Who is a helper?

 .A helper has a significant meaning in the Sami culture. He or she is a person who help healing and intermediates with the spiritworld to bring balance to human, animal and nature.


10-Please tell us about a creator/ initiator:

.The creator/initiator terms comes from that I sometimes initiate and creates possibilitys for others to follow their own dreams and visions. A facilitator of sorts. Creator also in the term of what I have been a part of building in my life.


11- How you see the view? What is your prediction for the future of your interesting activities?

.Today the world is divided, there is 2 directions in the world, the mundane and those who seek wisdom and knowledge in traditions and a spiritual relation toowards nature. But I also see an evolvement where science starts to confirm what traditionalists has always known. So my hope is that people will start to have a deeper understanding about the web of life. Maybe some time in the future, these two directions can work together.


12- Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?

.Ah, I do not see my role as one who change the world. But maybe one that can make a small difference for some people. And it will spread on from there


13- How is your relationship with nature?

.I have a very spiritual connection to nature. Everything has soul and everything in nature is my kin. It must be treated with respect.


14- Can explain you about connecting of wisdom and ethics with spirit or soul and inner alchemy?


15-Is the origin of the intellect-wisdom the soul or the body, or both?

.Now this is a very complex question and it may take a whole lifetime or more to understand it. For me the most fundamental reasons is the understanding that everything has soul and that I coexist with the whole of creation. I am not above or below. I am merely a part of it. Since I try to coexist with my brothers and sisters of creation both my ethics and my struggle for wisdom is driven by this understanding. But this is also on a deeper level than the physical. Understanding that I come from a long line of ancestors that had this understanding of coexisting both on a physical, spiritual and imbedded in our very soul. That is why there is a saying up here in the north, that the wisdom is in the blood. Meaning that our collective wisdom comes from ancestors and Creator. In that way intellect and wisdom is both on a physical hereditary level. But also comes from the soul. Through traditions you atune yourself to nature, ancestors and Creation. This again gives the mind and body suceptible to the wisdom. The intellect is our understanding of this wisdom.


16- What is connecting between wisdom, ethics with spiritualist method?

.The methods that we are using is to remember the wisdom and to better understand it. The ethics are a direct cause of knowledge and our understanding of it. When you understand that you are just a part of Creation you also understand that you must live in respect and balance with your brothers and sisters and not create unneceseary harm to them.


17- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

.I am just a human, trying to the best of my abillity to live in balance with creation. Maybe I can influence others in a small way to remember how it was to live in balance with nature and Creation.

18- Have you more word to say or suggest for our readers?