French-Lebanese Photographer Richard Sammour

By: Azad Karimi

Photography is like all arts never die with time or technology revolution. It's a vision that never disappears.



Lebanese Photographe Richard Sammour

By Azad Karimi


My dear friend Richard, a French photographer, was born in Lebanon.Lebanon is a country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, a new country with a very old history. New by the usual definitions of public international law. In ancient Syriac, Hebrew, Egyptian, Greek and Roman texts, the name of this land was Phoenicia.

Phenicia, in ancient Mithraic-Kurdish history, was part of the Shumaami-dar land. I am not talking about Iran as a land whose capital is Tehran or Shiraz, because the land of ancient Persia in Kurdish Mithraic culture is known as Parshang or bright Torch and is the easternmost region of the Medes. That is, Elam, which includes the northern regions of the Persian Gulf or the (Hormoz sea,Basra sea).

Shumaami-dar means cantaloupe region. Cantaloupe is in Kurdish Grrka but the cantaloupe baby or its unripe fruit is called Shamama(Cucumis melo var. dudaim )in Kurdish. Of course, I would like to add that in the book of Sharafnamah, the Lors, who have ethnic domination in the south of Zagros and Elam and Persia are their land. They are called small Lor and big Lor called parts of historical Kurdistan.

The occasion of this name has its roots in Median culture.

Median or Maad culture is related to the movement of the moon and the earth around the sun during a month and is the months of the year and the creation of the seasons of the year and their effects on agriculture, animal husbandry, blacksmithing, lumbering, and jewelry, and their protection organization:The military.

On the night of the fifteenth day of Capricorn, fifteen days after the creation of the land of Manna or the first cow, the celestial hat of the Maad is placed in the sign of Virgo. This yellow and red hat means the origin of creation, that is, fire and earth, soul and body, feeling, and blood and Paat-Zi-Maad, God's represent of creation, sat on the white cow in the Virgo sign.

And Kafok’s Shukh-Maad (Sukhma) or the arched lip’s cloak of the PaatZiMaad with its golden button (Kupja) appears, is placed in the zodiac in the sign of Virgo. When this bow appears, the whole or the crow of the Maad comes and sits on it. He is the messenger of the PaatZiMaad and tells his secrets and news aloud. The secret of PatZiMaad is the creation of man.

PatZiMaad picked up a handful of the soil of creation (ears of Aawazon, Zanaaw, Zaatuni)in the southern valley of  Parishwen. There is the temple of Maarduj(ZuAaw, Zarr-i-tun, Zarrtuni, Zarrnakut-i, Charduni-A).

PaatZiMaad, from the water of this temple with red soil of Zanaa, he made the human and took a celestial reed from the Zanaaw and it is Zarrnai or golden reed. Zarrnaa or Zurrnaa has 7 holes. Now the human was Maad-A because he looked like Maad.

PaatZiMaad blew in Zorna and his heavenly spirit(Zaat)went into Adam's body and revived him, He became Zaat-A, he became like the Maad, he had a soul and began to move. Now he was alive as PaatZiMaad. The spirit of movement(Khum,Khu) in Shaatuni(Shawzuni,Shawazang)tree from the fire of the furnace of Maarduj pool(Shatuni or Char-tun-i) is in the form of *fire Movers* fell on the soul of Zaat-A and he moved. It dissolved in Zaat-A or A-Zaat and his brain became active. Now he is happy because his brain can recognize the world.

Meli-Shewa-ka or Gor maweli, Kawmla and Kaziwa,Kazewa is time of between Paarshew(middnight)and Bayaan(Daybreak). When this border is marked, the black heavenly crow comes and sits on the border and shouts that the sunlight is coming soon and Shamama(Cucumis melo var. Dudaim) becomes Sartarz, meaning that its stalk begins to turn yellow, that is, it reaches the stage of maturity.

When Sartarz happens appears Burnaburiash star. Burnaburiash is: Anahita i ZarrAwzin. Anahita pours the water of life down from her Zarrgoz (golden jar) into the (Duzin,Zindu,Zanaaw) pool of the Life water. When the serpent of creation drinks water with its tongue, it pours the spirit of life into this water.

In Leon sign , happens Zaargun, creates Zarnatuta in his mother (ZarrAwzin) sign.

Therefore, Khatozin is the Ized of celestial and underground waters. She is the mother of groundwater (Duzin) and celestial waters of Toshtaar( Ishaar or Shaare). Therefore, she is the mother of nature and helps to develop civilization by giving water to creation elements. The manifestation of Shaare's encounter with Duzin is the creation of a circular motion in the source of creation, which appears in the body of the Karduni Charkh (wheel), and this motion force, moves the mill of Mardaas(Tamarchin).

As the Mardaas mill moves, the earth moves, and the position of the creation farm changes relative to the moon, the sun, and the sky, thus appearing day, night, and season and moon shape was different every night and its place was different every day, and its attraction to the earth and its effects and... This is the Khrrati Gawhare or wisdom of the or the gem and in this wisdom, the man was created in four material (Cheshta) and three Zaat( spiritual tastes), and two tendencies( Spinta, Ngrisa)and one origin (Maash-tu).

But I would love to clear a most important: Gewbaar or Gewhar is manifested in the sphere of the moon, and on the head of the cow of creation, is placed between its horns.

Mardaas or Maarduka is circled on the cow's head and around the moon. That is why he is called Chamartu, which means is squatted. Maardaas means ready for attack in the Sickle shape and Maarduka means is squatted. It is an Ajduhaak: it is moves and it strikes. His fiery bite is caused by cow brain water or hot  Golcharmu spring water. This water comes from the Golcharmu brain, which is the source of thought and movement.

As I wrote earlier, he is a Maar-Taaws (Snake-peacock). He is the manifestation of the process of creation from south to north. From tail to head. There are two horns on her head on which a Shaat(crown) is placed and a Chid sun-shadow surrounds it.


When we say sacrificial white bull, Gol-Charmu means the white sacrificial cow on which the squat snake is sitting.

A-pis or Khipa is Gol-Charmu. This is the same as the ancient Egyptian ox. Apis means the first cow. In ancient kurdish culture he is Agum, Agio, Gicha, Maacha, Maahaa and Maagaa.

And how similar these words are to Maya and Machupicchu.

Until now, everyone believed that the sphere on the head of the Egyptian A-pis belonged to the symbol of the sun. But this is not the case, that sphere belongs to the moon and everything that belongs to it applies to the Gawbaara i Shuruppaak too.

 As for the Maya and Machupicchu, I must say that the same adventure has a repeat of the A-pis story in ancient Egypt and the also Shuruppak Gaubaara, in my hometown of Saqez, Kurdistan. Because Machu Picchu, if translated into Kurdish, means the expression of the crown, which is the same as the wisdom of the crown or the cowboy. Both are places of observation and astronomical research. Please also, add the pyramids of ancient Egypt.

Were our ancestors related or did other people of another human race have lived on Earth before us?

I wrote a lot and it took a lot of energy, but I like to share this with my friends.For me, exploring the realm of civilization, man, culture, and worldview are more interesting than anything.

In the end, I wish my dear friend Richard Sammour success, may God make him successful. As I wrote, Egypt and Kurdistan are connected through the Shaam (the Levant), which has many gardens, orchards, and farms, and is located in western Maad. Our field of civilization is very wide and it is very enjoyable to study. The Kurds, the Hebrews, the Syriacs, and the Arabs all originated from the same culture, and more interestingly, Europe, as well as the ancient Latin American civilizations, are in this realm.

What a wonderful world!


Thank you!




1- please present yourself ( Name, education,job, Civil status and...)

. Richard Sammour a Lebanese fine art photographer and cinematographer. Studied a l'institut de la photographie à Paris et emc école supérieure d'images à Paris.

 2-what is your artistic specialize?

. I'm a conceptual photographer and I work as a DOP director of photography.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

. I'm in love with arts since I was a child. I read a lot of articles and magazines and videos.


4- Who was your motivator? . My life experiences pushed me to show my sufferings through arts


5- What was your parents reaction?

.my parents believed in me.


6- when started you such as a professional artist, photographer?

. I'm a photographer since 2001 as an amateur and a professional photographer since 2009.


7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as an photographer?

. I'm satisfied as an artist and proud for what I present as photos.


8- How you see the view ,the future of art, photography, culture? You are an artist , you should have a opinion...

. Photography is like all arts never die with time or technology revolution. It's a vision that never disappears.


9- Can you become one part of the artistic-cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?

. Maybe one day.


10- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

. By keeping religions away and believe in each others as people and cultures.


11- Have you more word to say or suggestion for our readers?

. See more arts every day every single minute that you find.