Spanish Musican Miguel Jaubert

By: Azad Karimi

The artistic panorama worries me a lot, we have reached a point where the technical level of the artist is valued more than the emotional and interpretive level and this is dangerous.



Spanish Musican Miguel Jaubert

By Azad Karimi

The ignorance of mankind is endless. The level of ignorance is not the same in individuals and in societies. One thing is more dangerous than ignorance: pretending to be ignorant. For what is called expediency. That is, to deny an issue because it is to the detriment of others to disclose it. That is, to sacrifice a victim again, so as not to jeopardize the interests of others who have committed this heinous crime.

For example, in Kurdistan-Iran and in the city where my paternal family lives, women are being killed in recent months. The last case happened in the last one or two days. But more catastrophic is denial, justification, and belittling. I wrote a while ago that the murder of women by husbands, brothers, and fathers in Kurdistan is related to so-called honor killings or Namousparezi. But following the murder of a woman in( Sna) Sanandaj, an official in Sanandaj has stated that the Sanandaj killings are not related to the phenomenon of Namousparezi...

He is Kurdish, and it is interesting that he grew up in that culture. So everything he says about this topic is a lie.

What happens is that in terms of quantity and time, it relevant to one thing: honor killings or by Kurdish language: Namousparezi!

He negligently thinks that several women should be killed every day under this pretext so that this situation takes the form of a phenomenon!

Murder disturbs the peace and social order. The tribal system, especially in Kurdistan-Iran, has been destroyed, so to speak, the chief of the tribe decides and punishes is not exact. So why does this happen and happen again? The answer is fixed in social norms that they do not want to disappear. Like Iran's civil and criminal laws, which are based on religion. But more painful than these laws is the non-implementation of laws designed to serve the interests of women. These rules are very rare but they are not enforced either.

Of course, the economic and political frustrations of Kurdish men, overwhelm many of them in inner anger that, in cases such as honor killings, also drowns women and daughters in the family.

In other parts of Iran, because men do not have this weakness, they behave much more dangerously. The scope of their criminal behaviour also extends to society. Of course, the implicit support of religious-conservative people gives more impudence and self-confidence to guilty men. Of course, a new phenomenon called Gasht-e- Ershad has emerged, which harasses women everywhere and treats them violently under the pretext of protecting the principles of Islam. They have even crossed the borders of Kurdish honor(Namousparezi) and beat women in front of their husbands. Terrible images of this are being published on the streets of non-Kurdish Iranian cities such as Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, and other cities. Unfortunately, the situation of women in Iran is very bad, and in Turkey, the women's murder rate is also very high.

In the West, sometimes, women are killed by men and husbands, and their number does not fall into the category of Namousparezi and women's right to property by men because the law provides penalties for murder and does not treat a woman like a commodity bought by her husband.

However, man or woman is a complex creature. I wish the man could reach a stage of intellectual development that would free himself from the cage of dangerous and backward thoughts and turn the world into a safe place to live.

I wish success and happiness to my dear friend Miguel. God bless him and his country.


Thank you!



1- Introduce yourself (name, studies, marital status, and ...)

.My name is Miguel Jaubert. Higher degree in Cello in Tenerife with Juraj Janosik, a postgraduate course in Barcelona with Lluis Claret and London with Raphael Wallfisch.


2-what is your artistic specialty?

.I am a self-taught guitarist, professional cellist, and composer.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

.My foray into music comes from a very young age. When I was three years old, I was among the musicians of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra (my baptismal godparents) in rehearsals, my mother violinist and grandfather founder and violinist of the same orchestra. With this family situation, I could hardly choose another profession other than music.


4- Who was your motivator?

.My motivators: art, guitar, composing and cello and many many musicians have also influenced my career: but guitarist John Mclaughlin and cellist Yo-Yo Ma They make the difference


5- What was the reaction of your parents?

.My parents were always by my side, supporting me both in my jazz-rock days as a guitarist and later as a cellist. In addition, public institutions gave me scholarships to continue my postgraduate studies in Barcelona and London.


6- When did you start as a professional artist, musician?

.A very difficult question to answer. I would say that I have been very lucky because of my career with so many changes. But my main axis has been to compose. My instruments have helped me to compose and make multiple forays into completely different platforms, I have belonged to the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra as a cellist, I have composed for theater, dance, jazz-rock group, audiovisuals, short films ... And lately it seems that fate has smiled on me and I have won some important awards in Japan, Moscow, and Los Angeles.


7- Are you grateful and happy about your activities as an artist?

.I cannot thank life for the gift it has given me, so many changes and so many opportunities to experiment with music and with so many marvelous musicians. and now with new technologies with musicians from other parts of the world. Happy and grateful.


8- How do you see the view?

.The artistic panorama worries me a lot, we have reached a point where the technical level of the artist is valued more than the emotional and interpretive level and this is dangerous.


9- Can you be part of the artistic movement of motivation in the youth or new generation in your country and so on?

.There is a children's Orchestra in my city called Orchestra Sinfónica Miguel Jaubert with which I have been closely linked, it was created by my father and was born as a result of a family project in multiple conversations in my house. A children's orchestra for children. I like challenges and music and art has no age. It rejuvenates the spirit to be able to experiment and renew. It is convenient for all of us, artists, it is our commitment to life and art: it is the only way to share, contribute, and grow.


10- How can you help our world to become a better place to live?

.I like to share my feelings every time I play, when I compose and when I teach. Art is the power of communication and communication makes people sincere and genuine and these people create a better world. And this chain is the commitment of the artists.


11- Do you have any more words to say or any suggestions for our readers?

.Let us put art as an indispensable discipline for our society and our world will be another: then it will change! Thank you: Miguel Jaubert