Italian Actor Davide Artiko

By: Azad akrimi

At the moment i can just telling what i seen in my life to people older than me; I cannot change their minds, but just put an hypothetic different point of view.



Italian Actor Davide Artiko

By Azad Karimi


Honestly, I wanted to write about the famous Italian director Francesco Rosi to introduce the interview with my dear Davide. I had to write about Salvatore Giuliano, whose book I also had, when I was in Kurdistan as a university student, 26 years and 25 years ago.

I changed my mind. I told myself I write about Michelangelo Antonioni. I remember talking to my dear friend, the French actor Sylvain Charbonneau about this film and Antonioni, as well as François Truffaut and Louis Mall a few weeks ago. I regretted, because I told things to Sylvain that if I write the opposite here, he would tarnish my reputation with a comment.

So! I decided to write something to Mr. Lavrov , Russian foreign minister.

He has started speeches against kurds, I dont know why, but I would like to say Pozhaluysta, ne toropites'! milyy! You have occupied Crimea and Abkhazia before the eyes of the world and with the help of Turkey and Iran, you provoked Azerbaijan to go to war, and then you make a joint statement that please do not go to war!

Alexander Pushkin, Anton Chekhov, Rimsky Korsakov and Fyodor Dostoevsky are my dears, but you are not! You and Manouchehr Mottaki former Iranian Foreign Minister and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani are unpleasant. Please free to shut up and take Comrade Lukashenko with you to the exile of Dr. Zhivago and Laura.

Of course, Omar Sharif and Julie Christie are dear to me, but you and Lukashenko are very unpleasant...

I prefer to invite you ,my dear readers to read our interview.

I wish the best and long life for my dear friend Davide. He is nice, honest and cute. God bless you, my friend...


Thank you!



1- Please present yourself: Name, education, Civil status and...

.Hi Azad, I'm Davide , I'm an Italian Actor, living in Milano .

I’m not married yet, 36 years old. I have a degree in marketing and communication, (2009) at Iulm university of Milano. after university , moved abroad, I've done the international school of languages of Kiev , Ukraine. At the moment I speak (keeping my Italian accent) Italian, French, English, Russian and Spanish. (My Arabic is just on a sheet of paper). I've done 3 years at theatre academy in Milano, and then moved again to Rome, for be more focused on cinema acting.


2-What is your artistic speciality?

.I must say the truth, I think that my best artistic speciality is present, one of my dream will be in a TV show, we will see in my personal life , listen to others , is my best gift. Than when they finish, I’m a good story teller.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field?

. I start to study communication and public Relation to improve my knowledge and my skills, but not with the idea to enter in a show and lie events business. First of all I always studied languages, the artistic side of my life starts during university times, a troupe catch me for my look, and i done my first video clip. I was without any idea about how to move, talk, and stay.


4- Who was your motivator?

.My motivator is my heart, no one push me to this career, and during the last 16 years someone told me to give it up, and find a real job. Sometimes people feel themselves so free to judge and gives tips not requested about artistic works, it happen not only to me.

this kind of situations push me again to improve my works, my knowledge and give me force to reach always new people , media and places , and do it better day by day.


5- What was your parent’s reaction?

.After my degree in marketing I moved at 25 , for a years in middle east, EAU, working in marketing field, it was great.

Than I quite my job and as a surprise I’m back to Italy, Saying to my family: "Hi, I'm back, I quit and I will be an artist, so now I have to study acting"


6- When did you become such a professional Artist-Actor-Model?

.I have to say that I was lucky , nice look and face push me in to advertising campaign works, so i start doing it before learning how to do it. as the first time for a music video clip. But have a great look for TV is nutlike to be able to do someone ready for this business. theatre teach me a lot, about voice and how to move me on stage. we are always on a stage .so I don’t have an idea about when , but i just know how I’m feel professional .


7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as an actor-artist?

.I’m happy when WE , because there is no artist without a team, reach a great result, any picture, shooting, video, or short movie I’ve done is the result of good professions working together, i have just to be ready to do my best, there0is not a good job, it must be perfect.


8- How do you see the view about art, acting, modelling and culture?

.I’m feel lucky to have, thanks to my job, to move me abroad, visit places, find opportunities and meeting people from all over the globe, and when I’m back in Italy i see the beauty everywhere, story, art and creativity, but, and I’m sorry to say that, Italian don’t loves enough Italy. Our government cut culture, art, theatre and show every years, our files is always worst cause if no one invest , art become just an hobby, and for a lot of people like me , this is not affordable.

I try to be connect with people with a vision, use my body or my others skills to communicate something. i have to show you one of my last portfolio picture, that show to power of an image , if the image is based on art and culture.



9-Dear Davide! You speak by five languages, Lol! Congratulations. Tell to your readers:

I- what are you doing with this blessing?

.I think to be like a parrot, you first French teacher was an old lady from a village, a good family friend. and in free times she push me to repeat sentences in French. You have to think how French sounds like for a 8 years Italian kid, strange and funny. but now is the language I’m fell more comfortable to talk with

Then comes English, and trust me, i never studied English, as you can see my grammar is not perfect, but I’m a MTV generation, don’t ask me more 


II-How do you use that for your progressing?

Learning languages means not only remember how to put or write some word, means knowing cultures, and people.

I’ve been in more than 40 or 42 countries in my life, from India to America, and all the times I try to explain to younger people how can be better our world if we learn more about others. This helps me to catch all the best thing from everyone and build my own point of view,.

you must consider that I spend around 3 months to understand how a language works , in six month I speak the language, but i never , never , deleted my original Italian accent .is my particular sign . Even if I’m an actor, why pretend to be a fake mother tongue not me.


10- Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generations in your country and so on?

.I would like to teach helps and support young people to find their own place in this small globe.


11- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

At the moment i can just telling what i seen in my life to people older than me; I cannot change their minds, but just put an hypothetic different point of view,

I can talk, discuss and try to change idea to my same age people, cause I think some of them are still young to be better, and of course I can try to teach to younger people how to listen what surround us.

Is a kind of 3 ages approach just if we works clearly, in more directions, in different places we can create new generation of equal rights, opportunities and freedom,


12- Have you more words to say or suggest for our readers?

.Yes, if someone wants more by their own life, trust me, you can reach every point you want...Just take a sheet, and write your point to reach.

And if you can do just one step in your direction, don’t forget others.

Azad, I hope to have done something nice for you and your audience.