French Painter Sebastien Coueffic

By: Azad Karimi

My work is oriented around oil painting on canvas although I also work on paper with watercolour or drawing. The drawing being more reserved for studies.



French Painter Sebastien Coueffic

By Azad Karimi


I start about Sebastian's favourite art style: Neo-Impressionism.

Wikipedia writs about Neo-Impressionism:

“Post-Impressionism (also spelled Postimpressionism) is a predominantly French art movement that developed roughly between 1886 and 1905, from the last Impressionist exhibition to the birth of Fauvism. Post-Impressionism emerged as a reaction against Impressionists' concern for the naturalistic depiction of light and colour. Due to its broad emphasis on abstract qualities or symbolic content, Post-Impressionism encompasses Les Nabis, Neo-Impressionism, Symbolism, Cloisonnism, Pont-Aven School, and Synthetism, along with some later Impressionists' work. The movement was led by Paul Cézanne (known as father of Post-impressionism), Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, and Georges Seurat.[1]

The term Post-Impressionism was first used by art critic Roger Fry in 1906.[2][3] Critic Frank Rutter in a review of the Salon d'Automne published in Art News, 15 October 1910, described Othon Friesz as a "post-impressionist leader"; there was also an advert for the show The Post-Impressionists of France.[4] Three weeks later, Roger Fry used the term again when he organized the 1910 exhibition, Manet and the Post-Impressionists, defining it as the development of French art since Manet.

Post-Impressionists extended Impressionism while rejecting its limitations: they continued using vivid colours, often thick application of paint, and real-life subject matter, but were more inclined to emphasize geometric forms, distort form for expressive effect, and use unnatural or arbitrary colour.(From Wikipedia)

Sebastian is a young artist with long time for developing and progress his artistic activities. I personally like Impressionism, because the painter's eyes, like the shutter of a camera, seek to capture the moment. I love this artistic behaviour.

I love the variety of colors in this style; full of freshness and life.

This young artist and other young people are talented in human capital. They should be used to make life more beautiful.

I wish Sebastian more success. He is a worthy young artist.

Thank you!




1- Please present yourself (Name, education, Civil status and...)

.My name is Sébastien Coueffic I am 25 years old I live in Lorient in France. I graduated from the higher national diploma of plastic expression which corresponds to the degree of master 2 with practical mention of painting. I am also a plastic arts teacher in an arts workshop.


2- What is your artistic specialize?

.My work is oriented around oil painting on canvas although I also work on paper with watercolour or drawing. The drawing being more reserved for studies.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

. I have always been interested in art from a young age, finally after studying architecture I decided to lean towards painting and the fine arts in general after 5 years of study my practice s 'was developed has become much more consistent in my life.

4- Who was your motivator?

. I have a common thread which is the search for an exoticism. In relation to a use of colors which approaches the movement of the post-impressionists then fawns, I gladly quote Gauguin, Matisse, Bonnard, Sérusier, who are masters for me. My themes are therefore oriented towards a search for new pictorial and artistic forms. Today I am obviously citing David Hockney as a great contemporary influence, but also Peter Doig, Kehinde Wiley, Combas


5- What was your parent’s reaction?

.My parents always supported me in this practice, that's research to varying degrees, but I was surrounded by a form of culture


6- When started you such as a professional artist-painter?

.During my fine arts studies I had the opportunity to exhibit to start meeting professionals but it was really when I left the school education system that I was able to really develop my art and go to galleries to go to digital online platform and we met more and more people but anyway there is no secret you have to work

7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as an artist?

.Yes I am very happy with my career and still I am only at the beginning I have the chance to have a professional activity which is also in education and culture so finally I really bathe in an artistic basin which allows me to develop quietly but surely

8- How you see the view for art, painting and future of culture?

.I think that in the future art will become even more democratized, but also that we will return to fundamentals, perhaps movements will clearly emerge and thus bring together new artists around practices built with a movement of associated thought. Today we are bathed in a flow of chaotic images which is very conducive to very diverse forms of creation, but perhaps we need to rediscover an art which today makes sense to paint our time.

9- Can you become one part of the artistic-cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?

. When we take the great artists of the 20th and 19th centuries as an example, some wanted to be a leader in their movement but others acted quite naturally. They simply continued to practice doing what they liked while having a keen eye, critical thinking, on their work and on the history of art. It was later that we really perceived the weight of their influence I really like the work of Édouard Manet, in his time, Manet received a lot of criticism and it was much later that we saw modernity of Manet's work in his painting but also in his mind on the vision he gave to see this 19th century society in France and Europe. So I think you just have to keep doing what you love, but with a critical eye on your work and your thinking, always work on yourself.

10- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

. I do not think I am someone who can improve the world in a substantial way, but it is a collective work; it is a work of fraternity where everyone must get down to it. at my level at the level of an artist for example and well it must convey a positive thought, and perhaps an observation of the nature of the people it is a philosophical work but if each one puts its stone to the building one can everything make the world a better place depends on each one but all of us too

11- Have you more word to say or suggestion for our readers?

. Empower yourself to do what you love with the people you love but does it well.