Mexican Musican Enrique Guzman

By: Azad Karimi

I am really thankful I can live doing what I love. I really enjoy being on stage and getting to travel and to sing with people from all over the world. Is just a great feeling and it doesn’t even feel like a job.



Mexican Musican


Enrique Guzman

By Azad Karimi



I honestly say: I love Mariachi...Lol!

Mariachi is a genre of Regional Mexican music that dates back to at least the 18th century.

But I should focous on my interview with Enrique ...He is a Tenor Opera artist.

Please let me come back to my brain! And I press on my mind for reminding of my information about Opera :1. Baritone 2. Tenor 3.Soprano but I’m sure they were four types...So I should go to our leader Wikipedia:

What are the 4 different voice ranges in opera?

Oh! I mixed as usual!

Wikipedia says: Soprano, Mezzo- Soprano ,Contralto, Countertenor, Tenor, Baritone ,Bass

These seven ranges are the vocal classes of opera singers.For example Maria Callas was a Mezzo-Soprano vocal range and Pavarotti was a Tenor vocal range.

Enrique Guzman is a Tenor vocal range.I prefer to deliver our interview to dear readers.Enjoy!



Thank you



  1. Please present yourself (Name, education, job, Civil status and...)

.I am Enrique Guzman, mexican tenor. I am a professional opera singer. I am living in Mexico City but I’m originally from the north of Mexico, specifically from Monterrey.


  1. What is your artistic specialize?

.I sing professionally and I specialize in Bel canto repertoire, mostly music from Rossini.


  1. When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

.I have sung since I was a little kid, but I started getting interested in becoming a singer when I was around 16 years old. At the beginning I wanted to be a pop singer/songwriter and in order to do so I started taking guitar lessons and composed my own songs. After several years I decided to improve my vocal abilities and I started taking singing lessons with a Mexican baritone, and that’s when I discovered I had potential to sing opera, and after months studying I fell in love with the genre.


  1. Who was your motivator?

.Mostly my first singing coach because at the beginning not a lot of people believed in my talent or possibilities, but my teacher always encouraged me to pursue a career and believed in me. He taught me everything!


  1. What was your parent’s reaction?

.They refused when I decided to study music, so I needed to get a “normal” degree before I pursued what I really wanted. When I started taking singing lessons they didn’t really believe I was going to be able to make it, but after several years they showed they were proud of me after all.


  1. When started you such as a professional artist?

.It has been a slow process. I spent more than 7 years studying and practicing before I was hired in my first professional gig. After that I have been living from the music, and have sung in several professional companies in Mexico and in other countries as well.


  1. Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as an artist?

.Yes, I am really thankful I can live doing what I love. I really enjoy being on stage and getting to travel and to sing with people from all over the world. Is just a great feeling and it doesn’t even feel like a job.


  1. How you see the view, the future of art, music and culture? You are an artist; you should have a opinion...

.Being an opera singer we can say that the genre is not one of the most popular ones in the moment, but every single performance I have I notice that there’s a lot of young people interested in it, so I am really hopeful that every time new public will be interested in our art. At the same time with social media diffusion it’s easier to make people be in touch with the music, so I always try to “spread the word” as much as I can.


  1. Can you become one part of the artistic movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?

.Yes, I guess I can, and every time I meet new singers in need of advice or support I always try to give them some help, as my teacher once gave it to me.


  1. How can you help our world become a better place to live?

I think that the music feed the soul, and I always try to express my love through my voice, I hope that helps, at least a little bit, to make this a better world.


  1. Have you more word to say or suggestion for our readers?

.Thanks so much for your attention and the one advice I can give is to always pursue your dreams, it may not be easy and sometimes it requires lots of sacrifices, but if something makes you happy it’s worth working on achieving it.