Andrea Cutlan, British Alchemist

By: Azad Karimi

The path of enlightenment is a continuous stream of new information that continues to evolve and reveal as we move through this lifetime, so if you feel guided, if you would like to follow the journey then please do get in touch.




Andrea Cutlan, British Alchemist

By Azad Karimi


Creation is amazing, when I think about it, I feel that when the Creator created the creation, I was with the Creator. This is a poetic description but if you open your eyes on facts, you will agree with my poetry-claim.

A few years ago, while I was living in Erbil, the head of the Ezidi administration asked me to translate the tourist brochure of the historical Ezidi religious collection from Arabic into Persian, exactly a few months before the rise of ISIS.

I read it and was thrilled by the striking resemblance of Ezidi religious teachings to the Big Bang theory.

Ezdaism or Ezidism is a new version of Mithraism. This ancient Kurdish religion was attacked by the Sassanid Zoroastrian government in 3 AD and by the Roman Christian Empire in 4 AD.

The basic teachings of this religion about creation and its existential philosophy are based on the confrontation of light and darkness.

Quantum physics today tells us that darkness and light are manifestations of energy.

I read my dear Andreas answers and enjoyed. She explains about energy and says: I also have an ability to understand the energies on our planet and so I also report and translate hence why I say I am an Energetic Forecaster.

It is complex and exciting, amazing, weird and bold.
I wish my dear friend Mrs.Andrea Cutlan ,the best. To me she is the embodiment of creation.

Thank you!

Vestland, Norway


1- Please present yourself (Name, education, job, Civil status and...)
. My name is Andrea Cutlan, I am from London, UK and I am the Creatrix of A Gift

From Gaia


2-what is your cultural specialize?
. My role, service and passion here is the path of enlightenment and through my love of the wholesomeness it brings I chose to create the space called A Gift from Gaia where I share the incredible journey of self-discovery with others who are also seeking the truth to our existence and the healing that it brings. Being a sensitive this means I also have an ability to understand the energies on our planet and so I also report and translate hence why I say I am an Energetic Forecaster.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of culture?
. There was no specific point in which I became interested, as a child I was naturally awake and held the ability or connection to speak with “spirit” and so for me it was at first very normal however it caused adverse reactions in my Father and others who didn’t understand me. This confusion led me to attempt to hide my gift and ultimately brought much shame on me. During my teenage years it became very obvious but also very useful too because I would know when there was danger, or when one of my teachers at school would be in a particularly bad mood which was quite fun and this made my life a whole lot easier! The confusion continued despite this, I didn’t understand why everyone wasn’t the same and this alienated me somewhat.



4- What is an energetic forecaster?
. Energy forecasting is something I enjoy very much, what this means is due to my sensitivity I am able to pick up many streams of energy and translate them for everyone to understand. In my years of learning my gift what I found is that everything within the Universe is part of a movement, in truth there is no separation in anything as we are all One, we move as One and so the planets, our Earth, and our race are actually all behaving within the movement of the ALL. It is now known that we, our race, are now experiencing the Great Awakening as we enter the Great Age of Aquarius and this is evident in the global collapse we are now witnessing in our collective reality. The virus is in truth just the beginning, a reflection of what we have become on this planet and there is of course much more heading in until we learn to harmonise with the energy, with the All, as our ancients gave warning about within the scriptures. Being an energetic forecaster none of what is currently happening is of any surprise, in fact the truth is I was writing about these now times two years ago and began assisting people to change their core frequency so that they can rise above the unconsciousness and prepare to build the new as the old world dissolves. I am very happy to say that teaching people about energy, sharing the ancient secrets of the formless and how it forms in the physical has created a wonderful circle around me of fearless individuals who are fully experiencing peace, love and bliss whilst also witnessing the most miraculous healings within their bodies and in their loved ones. Energy forecasting is just a small piece of the whole in terms of what it is that I share to the world but it is essential to understand when choosing the path of enlightenment, to be able to understand the mechanics of our movements in terms of the collective twists and turns and to fully understand the parameters in which 7,7 billion people get to choose to experience within. That’s a keyword in all of this, “choice”, many people will argue and want to rebel, they want to suggest that nothing controls us, and they are correct as that’s simply a misunderstood belief. Nothing is controlling us, everything is happening from us, in other words we are happening to it, it is not happening to us, but we are One, and ALL is happening from within so therefore we are all experiencing different variations of an internal theme. This is proven in global trends, movements etc.



5-Who was your motivator?
. To answer who was my motivator is a little tricky, the answer would be a few streams of truth in that I am my motivator, my dreams and meditations are my motivator because all that I do, am and share to the world has come from dreams and meditations. I have stayed away from books, mentors and teachings because I understood from a young age that these were all translations based on Ones own frequency. Each person, each teacher holds agenda and this gets mixed in with their teachings and I could feel this. So since my awakenings began I vowed to stay within myself to receive and translate whilst continuously removing any agenda or ego. It was only recently that I chose to come and connect with the world and to my absolute delight I have found others who are singing the same song. To now connect with people who took the same path and say the same things has been the most wonderful mirror of confirmation.



6- What was your parents’ reaction?
. I know longer see my parents as parents, both were highly destructive and yet the most fascinating teachers of unconsciousness. My Father was on the one hand the most loving of the two but detested my gift and my mother was the most outwardly cruel but yet showed my gift off to her friends. It was all rather twisted. I have one parent, and that is my planet.


7- When started you such as a professional Seer?
. I began sharing my gift to the world in 2014; this was when I opened A Gift from Gaia on Facebook



8- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as a Seer?
. I am so blessed to experience and share this gift, I have watched miraculous healings with many, most amazingly my son. He became disabled and was bed ridden for a year, he was closed down to what I share and it was a huge distortion in our relationship. I remember the day very clearly when I sat and cried with him and explained how I am assisting others, sharing the gift of healing and yet my son was creating masses of inauthenticity because he wouldn’t open, he wouldn’t take the keys and heal too. He surrendered, and he now walks and has become fully functional again – this was never supposed to happen in the eyes of his medical doctors and they say outright that he is a miracle and have asked me what is was that I did with him. I get to see this on a daily basis, not just with him but all who work with me. I get to play with miracles every day, who wouldn’t feel blessed!

9- How you see the view, the future of your professionally, culture? You are an energetic forecaster; you should have a opinion...
. How do I see the future? This question is a very BIG one and yes of course I can answer but I feel the best way to share this is to say that the world is about to get lighter in all sense of the words. We have become a global virus and we continue to pollute our planet. This cannot continue and so we are now at a crossroads, we either look at the reflections that the virus has shown us and realise how much we pollute the air, the waters and how we continue to reproduce ourselves unconsciously by birthing more and more or we see the lessons in the virus and cut back now. Travel and tourism are major issues, we have all been grounded for a reason and its time to really address our ways. So, as each new Age enters which is approximately every 2100 years we experience floods, plagues and experiences that cull – think wisely is my guidance!

10- Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?
. In terms of our youth, we have already had a huge turn around with the reflection of the virus. Many of our youth now have zero trust in our governments because of the virus, because of climate change and now with the exam results that were unfairly given during the pandemic. This now leaves a huge space for change in terms of our future governments. One big misunderstanding is that people believe it is the governments that are in control, truth is its actually the other way around, the power IS with the people and our reality responds to our wants, desires and trends. So with such a huge demographic now in zero trust all must now respond to this, what this tells us is our future is now shifting and all must bend to contain that. Remember the governments are only trying to keep order of an out of control sized population, they too are unconscious, and they too are driven by fear. The majority of my work is currently with the parents of these children, therefore I am now assisting in their nest so to speak and providing parents that can reduce the anger and assist them in seeking aligned, conscious solutions.

11- How can you help our world become a better place for living?
. I vow to never stop sharing, that is how I intend to help our world change

12- Have you more word to say or suggestion for our readers?

. Do I have anything more to add? Yes, plenty! The path of enlightenment is a continuous stream of new information that continues to evolve and reveal as we move through this lifetime, so if you feel guided, if you would like to follow the journey then please do get in touch.