Kamil Olejnik French- Polish Screenwriter - Director - Editor

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By: Azad Karimi

A good director must be creative, must know how to unite, anticipate and adapt. Capturing all the energies of a shoot to put them at the service of a common goal: the film


Kamil Olejnik

French- Polish Screenwriter - Director - Editor

By Azad Karimi

Carol and Kamil Olgenik, Olgenik brothers from France. Their parents immigrated to France 40 years ago. Karol was a child and Kamil was born there, in France.

The Czech writer Milan Kundera, Dr. Shapur Bakhtiar, the last prime minister of Iran in the monarchy, Dr. Ghasemlou the Kurdish leader, had also left their country and lived in France like the Olgenic family.

France the land of The Spirit of The Law and The Lumière brothers that presented the Cinematograph to humanity. I prefer to cut my introduction here and read Kamil words .
I wish dear Kamil Olejnik more success and progress in artistic and personal life.
Azad Karimi, Vestland, Norway

1- Please present yourself (Name, education, Civil status and...)

My name is Kamil Olejnik, I am 38 years old. I was born in Suresnes in 1982. I graduated in 2006 from 3is, a film school.

2-What is your artistic specialize?
I am a screenwriter and film director. I also work as an editor on other fiction projects.

3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?
I've always wanted to do a creative job, as far back as I can remember. The idea of working in the cinema germinated in me as a teenager. I've always been a big movie buff, a movie buff. Tell a story with images, sound. It has always been obvious.

4- Who was your motivator?
I have always regretted not having had a mentor with whom to learn the trade. But I have always shared this passion with my brother, who is now my actor on our projects.

5- What was your parents reaction?
I don't want to answer this question

6- When started you such as a professional artist?
During my studies, I was able to start shooting films in super 16mm, documentaries, cinematographic tests, experiments between image and sound. I then took part in a lot of filming as a technician.Everything interested me the light, the shooting the editing. I have multiplied the short films, the clips. Quite naturally, I wrote and directed the logical continuation of my insatiable and jack-of-all-trades journey.

7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as an artist?
I believe that it is in the essence of the human being to express oneself through a medium that draws on his emotions and his experience. It is an activity that fills me with fulfilment. The greatest satisfaction for me is to manage to embark an audience with a character that does not look like him at all. Make people laugh, cry, move the empathy that one can feel for a "foreigner".

8- How you see the view? Cinema future...
I do not know. I have no certainty. I am an eternal seeker even if cinematographic creation always pushes us to more creativity, more originality, the codes change, the cinema is being formatted more and more, and keeping the freedom to write is really complex. What will cinema look like in the future? But the question to ask is above all what humanity will look like in the future!

9- Can you become one part of the artistic movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?
I regularly intervene in schools with children on workshops to introduce them to the cinema professions.
It is a very enriching experience. Generations follow one another, mentalities sometimes change, but we are always so moved by a Charlie Chaplin film!

10- How can you help our world become a better place to live?
Gandi said: be the change you want to see in the world. But it is so true ... Everyone in their place, in their own sphere, in the most banal of everyday relationships, to seek peace and harmony. No more no less.

11- I would like to know more wbout your political experiences ,and how that impacted on your artistic activities , you come from Poland and we remember what happened in Poland in during the Soviet period ...
I was born in France, and therefore, I only knew Poland under Soviet occupation through the words of my parents. I wake up every morning with the satisfaction of being able to live in a country where it is still (almost) possible to say what we think.

  1. You have a artist brother, he is director. Tell me about your projects اand achievments.
    We are in the process of finishing the post production of our latest short film "Echo". We are at the end of the day, but the events of this year have made us fall a little behind. Currently, we are writing a feature film script, our second.

13- What are the criteria for a good film?
What is a good movie? What is great music? Beauty is in the beholder. From the moment a film hypnotized me for two hours, the director has met his bet. Arouse the mystery, embark on the story of a character with whom we create an intimate relationship, or we are able to vibrate with it, and react to all the dilemmas that will arise for it. A good film is a good story and a good cast. Nothing else!

14-What do you think are the characteristics of a good director?
A good director must be creative, must know how to unite, anticipate and adapt. Capturing all the energies of a shoot to put them at the service of a common goal: the film

15- Have you more word to say or a suggest for our readers?
Wake up! The interview is over , with pleasure Azad, thank you for your interest in our work.

Kamil Olejnik

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