Spanish musician Lluis Martinez Ten

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By: Azad Karimi

I'm a cello player, music teacher and i work trough musictherapy with elderly people. I like to play in many music stiles, from classical to pop, modern music, Indian music.



Spanish musician Lluis Martinez Ten
By Azad Karimi

I love music, kinds of music styles. I knew about emotional music impact but when I read about * Music Therapy* by dear Lluis answers, I found the importance of music and its therapeutic application.
It was so wonderful about Lluis, his parent's role in progress and educate of him...They prepared their shy child to going in to the world with its complexities. What is this Complexity?
I certainly mean social and human relations.
They chose music for him. He was a shy boy; sure, he had an internal world. He broke the walls of his internal world to open the one way for going to the World, external world. Now we know him such as a musician with his Instrument, Cello...He helps people who need emotional help.
It is success!
Congratulation to Lluis,my dear friend from Spain, Valencia city...
I remember a TV series Under title of Ramón y Cajal . I was 8 years old and Iranian Channel 1 TV published its.

Santiago Ramon y Cajal was a Spanish neuroscientist, pathologist, and histologist specializing in neuroanatomy and the central nervous system.
The most famous distinction he was awarded was the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1906, together with the Italian scientist Camillo Golgi "in recognition of their work on the structure of the nervous system"....

Peace of mind is vital in creating a healthy and dynamic community.People suffering from neurological damage need care.These injuries are either physical and external or psychological and internal.
In these cases, doctors like Ramon y Cajal treat the patient or
psychologists recommend that people like Lluis, treat patients with their artistic and musical expertise.
I wish Lluis Martinez Ten a long life with happines and success.
God Bless you my friend, Lluis!

Azad Karimi. Vestland, Norway




1- please present yourself ( Name, education, Civil status and...)

My name is Lluis Martinez Ten. I'm from Spain, I live in Valencia with my partner. Valecnia it's a city in the east cost of Spain, very sunny and beautiful.


2-what is your artistic specialize?

I'm a cello player, music teacher and i work trough musictherapy with elderly people.

I like to play in many music stiles, from classical to pop, modern music, Indian music...

All of them have it's own richness and beauty. I feel it's very beautiful to have the possibility to play in very different ways and music expressions.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

I started just as a play, my mum signed my up in a music school and i started to study at 8 years old. Years later, when i was 16 i started to feel music in a more deep way and i started to consider music as my future job.


4- Who was your motivator?

I was a very shy boy, so i didn't speak to much with others...So i started to express trough the cello playing all that i was keeping in my inner world. It became very easy to express feelings with the cello, and it started a very deep relationship with the music.

I always felt music as a vehicle to inspire people, a way to make feel the most deep inside them. Every time i play it's something very sacred and deep for me...full of joy, peace and depth.


5- What was your parents reaction?

My parents always encourage and support me, my mum was the one most interested in my music education.

At 20 years old i started to play some concerts in classical orchestras.


6- When started you such as a professional artist?

also i started to teach cello in the music school where i began my music studies.



7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as an artist?

Working with music and have the possibility to inspire others trough it it's a blessing. I receive many messages from people thanking me for the music i play, that's a big joy and a privilege for me...

I also work trough music therapy with elderly people and it's one of the biggest joys of my live. Seeing how they change, feeling better, happy, peaceful and full of joy during the classes it's one of the most beautiful things i ever experienced.


8- How you see the view?

Life is always here, and from here, from this very moment we can inspire the others being the change we want to see in the world. Your attitude, and presence can inspire the people who get in touch with you in a very powerful way. That kind of change is the most profound for me, the change that comes from your own example.


9- Can you become one part of the artistic movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?

Yes, as I said we can be a beautiful example and inspiration for every being we get in touch in the most amazing way.


10- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

I feel music is a universal language, very powerful and direct to the heart. Music can reach every human being without speak one word in the most beautiful way. All my intention when i play is to inspire others to feel the love they are, the presence that its within them, the peace that is already inside their own being...


11- Have you more word to say or suggestion for our readers?

Thank you for this beautiful opportunity, Love and Joy for everyone.