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By: Azad Karimi

I think that the future and theater goes to be more related than it is and I think that all will be included and concluded as will as fused to the short movie.


Interview With Tunisian Theatre /Cinema/ TV Actor

Wassim Sbika

By: Azad Karimi


I see humility in the character of Wassim Sbika, that's why I call him Dear friend. He is fifteen years younger than me, but I respect and admire him.
He is praiseworthy. The Arab world should be proud of Tunisia and Tunisia should be proud of its human capital.

Wassim Sbika a cinema-Theatre actor from Tunisia is a young man with huge achievements, but it is not enough because he has a long way for more progress.
He is amazing, Take a look at his artistic background: He has experienced work in Theater, Cinema, Television and Radio.
He is actor and Drama Writer … You have to love dramatic arts to be able to work in all areas of this artistic phenomenon.Lol! Successful activities!
Congratulations dear Wassim! You are Amazing… I recommend you Go on! Go ahead! Be steadfast, move forward with pride and humility and be more successful.
I don’t think my words are fit more than that I wrote down in this introduction on our Interview… I have a suggestion to my reader : Read the Interview and Enjoy it!
I wish Wassim Sbika happiness,success and a long life.

Sincerely yours: Azad Karimi , Vestland- Norway


1- please present yourself ( Name, education, Civil status and...)
My name is Wassim Sbika ,I'm from Tunisia , Im graduated from The High Institute of language Gabes Tunisia ; I have Diploma in Business English administration "2014".
I was selected as the second quality perfermor in the world in the customer service of an international sim operator I'm a theater Actor since 2000 I have been acting on Theaters/Cinema / TV ...


2-What is your artistic specialize?
I'm a Tunisian actor (theater, cinema and tv) I start directing and writing some movie scripts for short and long films since 2019.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?
My passion for art started from my childhood and I started practice in theater at 2000


4- Who was your motivator?
There are so many actor who's motivated me specially Adel Imam , Charli chaplain ..


5- What was your parents reaction?
For my parents they supported me from my childhood till now and they like what I do because they trust what I'm capable to do.


6- When started you such as a professional artist? In 2018 I started as a professional actor/artist passing by different experiences on the tv series / films As an actor, movie director and Scénarist so on as a dialect coach for a long movie that included different actors nationalities


7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as an artist? I'm really happy of my activities also by the feedbacks from peoples I was selected as the best actor in a short movie competition in Nabel- Tunisia "Chacun son court 2" In the first short movie directed & and scenario "script" created by me , Cameraman '' Khairi Ghabghabi'' The short movie name" Death vortex" It's about the drugs addiction.. 2020 February Then the second movie also created by me is "A Quarantine Memorandum" April 2020 When I won the " special festival mention" in My film project festival "India .


8- How you see the view?
... I think that the future and theater goes to be more related than it is and I think that all will be included and concluded as will as fused to the short movie.


9- Can you become one part of the artistic movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?
Yes, I can be a part of the artist movement for motivation in youth or new generation in my country .


10- How can you help our world become a better place to live?
I believe that arts is they way to open-minded and to create new life strategies, I’m also a member on many world new organization such as "sustainable humans" where I share my voice ( English voiceover and a member of organization)to push people's to believe in humanity and whats capable to do.

11- Have you more word to say or a suggest for our readers?
...Everything in this world has a beginning ,there are different struggles we face in our paths to achieve our dreams, all we need is an aim a goal and a strategy to achieve it , I'm still on my first steps and I'm glad to God/ family , friends and followers whom have faith on me and encourage me on every moment , In the last two years I was acting/ directing and creating scenarios and scripts in tv series , movies and theater shows , I was a member of different world organization where I use my voice to encourage others to believe in their selves, also I was a tv and radio host animator .. I'm proud of what I did in the last years for my career and I announce to all the reader's that this is only the beginning .

Thank you Mr. Azad karimi for your kindness and for your amazing interview. Glad to know you.

Thank you Azad Karimi ,Norway

Wassim Sbika's CV
Wassim Sbika , 08/02/1990
Théâtre :
Child's Theater:
* The wisdom of a teddy bear
* Solidarity of friends
* The last tree
*the beauty and the Beast
+ Victory
Adult theater:
* The water for walking to the locomotive ..
* Jazz Al Hilaliya
+ On the mountain, my love, on the mountain Presenter
Radio Tunisian

Gm muzicana TV

Screen play:

-Last Trip الرحلة الأخيرة
-Impersonality مجهول
- Valley Stone حجر الواد
- Death Vortex دوامة الموت
-Impression إنطباع
- Pathophobia الرهاب المرضي
- Bad friends أصحاب السوء
- A Quarantine Memorandum " مذكرات الحجر الصحي

short films:

Actor + Assistant Director)
shock (Actor + Assistant Director)
Death Vortex (Screenplay + Actor + Director)

Best Actor Award 2020 Short Film Festival
Chacun son court 2

Bad friends (Written and directed by + Actor)

A Quarantine Memorandum (Script and directing)

Spécial mention MFP 2020


Publicity: ISIE 2019 : Tunisian Election publicity As main actor Abida publicity
Films: Rebelote
Oh people
Series: Maestro Choureb 2
Spy 00Z
The two leaders
El Harka Dakyos & Maltose
Voice Over : Arabic- English- French

وسيم سبيكة 30 سنة متحصل على الاجازة التطبيقية في اللغة والحضارة الأنجليزية : اختصاص أنجليزية الأعمال . _المرتبة العالمية الثانية في جودة الإتصال والتواصل "Lyca_mobile" _أحسن ممثل في مهرجان الأفلام القصيرة بمنزل بوزلفة _مدقق لغوي و مدرب لهجات في الفيلم المصري : يا عالم "من رواية شرف_لصنع الله إبراهيم ¶التكوين: مسرحي منذ سنة 2000 مسرح: _مسرح الطفل: *حكمة دبدوب *تضامن الأصدقاء *الشجرة الأخيرة *جميلة والوحش +الإنتصار مسرح الكبار: *الماء لماشي ل القاطر.. *الجازية الهلالية + في الجبل يا حبيبي في الجبل مقدم برامج راديو تونسي برنامج شابو ليك Gm muzicana TV :برنامج خنار _مسلسلات : مسلسل : مشاعر المايسترو شورب 2 زنقة الريح "مسلسل تاريخي ليبي" الزعيمان"مسلسل تاريخي ليبي" الجاسوس دقيوس ومقيوس 2020 الحرقة أفلام الطويلة Rebelote مشكي و عاود يا عالم Oh people أفلام قصيرة: سليمان ممثل+مساعد مخرج) صدمه (ممثل+مساعد مخرج) دوامة الموت (سيناريو+ممثل+إخراج) جائزة أحسن ممثل 2020 مهرجان الأفلام القصيرة Chacun son court 2 ولاد السوء (سيناريو وإخراج+ ممثل) . مذكرات الحجر الصحي ( سيناريو وإخراج) Spécial mention MFP 2020 (INTERNATIONALE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL) أفلام وثائقية ثورة العربان فيلم روائي طويل: الإشهار _ ومضة تحسيسية حول الانتخابات التشريعية والرئاسية -ومضات تجارية كتابة السيناريو -الرحلة الأخيرة Last Trip -مجهول Impersonality -حجر الواد Valley Stone -دوامة الموت Death Vortex -إنطباع Impression -الرهاب المرضي Pathophobia -أصحاب السوء Bad friends مذكرات الحجر الصحي- A Quarantine Memorandum *Voix_off : اللغات: عربية-أنجليزية_فرنسية -عضو في "مجموعة الدوبلاج العربي " -ترجمة ودوبلاج فيلم "آيلا بنت الحرب" -برنامج على إذاعة شموخ العربية"عالم الحيوان"

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